Samsung patents granted on 14 December 2010

113 US patents granted on 14 December 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D629,170 Vacuum cleaner
2 D629,167 Vacuum cleaner
3 D629,023 Handle for refrigerator
4 D628,992 Clip for stacking speakers
5 D628,991 Clip for stacking speakers
6 D628,989 Wireless headset
7 D628,978 MP3 player
8 D628,974 Mobile phone
9 D628,961 Charger for vacuum cleaner
10 7,854,010 Method and apparatus for searching rights object and mapping method and mapping apparatus for the same
11 7,853,896 Three-dimensional motion graphical user interface and apparatus and method of providing the same
12 7,853,878 System and method for the control of image processing and storing devices
13 7,853,840 Semiconductor memory device and methods thereof
14 7,853,732 Method and device for controlling slave devices with master device
15 7,853,729 Method and apparatus for self-diagnosing of a single device that includes internal USB host and USB client
16 7,853,720 Method for domain name system spoofing in local network system
17 7,853,642 Network system and control method for recognizing variable IP address as fixed IP address
18 7,853,372 System, apparatus, and method of preventing collision of remote-controlled mobile robot
19 7,853,301 Sliding module for double sliding-type portable communication terminal
20 7,853,262 Method and system for allocating resources in a communication system
21 7,853,223 Self-biased receiver system using a multi-fed antenna
22 7,853,203 Method and system for selecting a relay station in a communication system using a multihop relay scheme
23 7,853,187 Image forming apparatus with supply unit having high applied voltage
24 7,853,177 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus having transparent toner and printing method thereof
25 7,853,093 System, medium, and method encoding/decoding a color image using inter-color-component prediction
26 7,853,091 Motion vector operation devices and methods including prediction
27 7,853,087 High-speed binary image compression method
28 7,853,023 Method and apparatus to reproduce expanded sound using mono speaker
29 7,853,013 Cryptographic method and system for encrypting input data
30 7,852,961 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception devices capable of improving a receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
31 7,852,878 Apparatus and method for supporting establishment of network address of communication apparatus
32 7,852,821 Signalling method of detecting hidden incumbent system in cognitive radio environment and channel fractioning method used to enable the method
33 7,852,816 Apparatus and method for packet transmission scheduling in wireless ad-hoc network
34 7,852,813 System and method for acquiring cell in a frequency overlay communication system
35 7,852,797 Apparatus and method for providing relay link zone information in a multi-hop relay Broadband Wireless Access communication system
36 7,852,738 Method of improving sensitivity of electric field sensor, storage apparatus including electric field sensor, and method of reproducing information of the storage apparatus
37 7,852,706 Circuit and methods for eliminating skew between signals in semiconductor integrated circuit
38 7,852,703 Semiconductor memory device and layout structure of sub-word line control signal generator
39 7,852,698 Voltage supply device and nonvolatile memory device having the same
40 7,852,694 Semiconductor memory device for reducing precharge time
41 7,852,682 Flash memory device and program method of flash memory device using different voltages
42 7,852,666 Nonvolatile memory using resistance material
43 7,852,648 Power supply control apparatus and method of using the same
44 7,852,641 Power supply apparatus having multiple outputs
45 7,852,548 Electrophoretic display apparatus
46 7,852,547 Electro-wetting display panel and method of manufacturing the same
47 7,852,535 Apparatus and method for converting color data using color gamut extension
48 7,852,534 Apparatus and method for creating preview image of object
49 7,852,533 Method and apparatus for adjusting color of image
50 7,852,528 Image reading apparatus including auto document feeder
51 7,852,523 Scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the same
52 7,852,506 Method and apparatus to manage print jobs using labeling
53 7,852,451 Manufacturing method of liquid display device having touch screen function
54 7,852,446 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
55 7,852,444 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel usable with the liquid crystal display
56 7,852,442 Liquid crystal display
57 7,852,437 Display device
58 7,852,428 Liquid crystal display
59 7,852,426 Liquid crystal display
60 7,852,419 Liquid crystal display panel having wide viewing angle
61 7,852,418 Display apparatus including multiple storage electrodes having specific shapes
62 7,852,401 Photographing apparatus and photographing method for exposure control during continuous photographing mode
63 7,852,328 Data input method and apparatus, and liquid crystal display device using the same
64 7,852,327 Display apparatus and control method thereof
65 7,852,322 Portable computer
66 7,852,309 Scan driver and organic light emitting display device having the same
67 7,852,308 Source driver and driving method thereof
68 7,852,295 Plasma display device and method of driving the same
69 7,852,286 Data driver and organic light emitting display device using the same
70 7,852,166 Relaxation oscillator for compensating system delay
71 7,852,121 Domino logic circuit and pipelined domino logic circuit
72 7,852,016 Light emitting apparatus and control method therefor
73 7,852,003 Plasma display panel having dimension relationship between width of electrodes and barrier rib pitch
74 7,851,992 Organic light emitting diode display
75 7,851,920 Wire structure, method for fabricating wire, thin film transistor substrate, and method for fabricating thin film transistor substrate
76 7,851,878 Magnetic memory device and method of fabricating the same
77 7,851,864 Test structure of a semiconductor device and semiconductor device
78 7,851,859 Single transistor memory device having source and drain insulating regions and method of fabricating the same
79 7,851,835 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
80 7,851,808 Nitride semiconductor light emitting diode
81 7,851,802 Poly-crystalline thin film, thin film transistor formed from a poly-crystalline thin film and methods of manufacturing the same
82 7,851,740 Portable body fat measurement device, method, and medium, using side-view light sources
83 7,851,706 Flexible printed circuit and manufacturing method thereof
84 7,851,393 Glass composition for low temperature sintering, glass frit, dielectric composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same
85 7,851,372 Composition for removing an insulation material, method of removing an insulation layer and method of recycling a substrate using the same
86 7,851,354 Semiconductor memory device having local etch stopper and method of manufacturing the same
87 7,851,327 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including forming a single-crystalline semiconductor material in a first area and forming a second device isolation pattern on a second area
88 7,851,304 Nonvolatile memory device and fabrication method
89 7,851,287 Method of fabricating Schottky barrier FinFET device
90 7,851,280 Organic electroluminescent display and method of fabricating the same
91 7,851,259 Stack-type semiconductor package, method of forming the same and electronic system including the same
92 7,851,256 Method of manufacturing chip-on-chip semiconductor device
93 7,851,245 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
94 7,851,231 Method of fabricating field emission array type light emitting unit
95 7,851,151 HNF-1.alpha. gene including novel single-nucleotide polymorphism, protein encoded by the HNF-1.alpha. gene, and polynucleotide, microarray, kit, and method for diagnosis of MODY3
96 7,851,125 Mask pattern for semiconductor device fabrication, method of forming the same, and method of fabricating finely patterned semiconductor device
97 7,851,090 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery using the same
98 7,851,086 Electrode material for a lithium secondary battery, lithium secondary battery, and preparation method for the electrode material for a lithium secondary battery
99 7,851,078 Secondary battery with a shock absorbing portion
100 7,850,943 Method of preparing cadmium sulfide nanocrystals emitting light at multiple wavelengths, and cadmium sulfide nanocrystals prepared by the method
101 7,850,937 Catalytic system for removing carbon monoxide, and processor and fuel cell system using the same
102 7,850,873 Polymer electrolyte and fuel cell employing the same
103 7,850,748 Burner for fuel reformer of fuel cell system
104 7,850,743 Jelly-roll type electrode assembly and secondary battery including the same
105 7,850,500 Method of fabricating organic light emitting display
106 7,850,449 Heat treatment equipment
107 7,850,360 Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display having the same, and method thereof
108 7,850,357 Optical guide bar, line light source device, surface light illumination device, and display apparatus
109 7,850,340 Display apparatus
110 7,850,336 Light emitting module and display device having the same
111 7,850,297 Image forming apparatus
112 7,850,087 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
113 7,849,555 Robot cleaning system and dust removing method of the same