Samsung patents granted on 14 July 2009

107 US patents granted on 14 July 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D596,218 Digital camera
2 D596,217 Digital camera
3 D596,214 Digital camera
4 D596,213 Digital camera
5 D596,197 DVD player
6 D596,182 Modem
7 D596,176 Portable terminal
8 D596,152 Portable telephone
9 D596,149 Set top box
10 7,562,312 3-dimensional graphical user interface
11 7,562,277 Data transmitting/receiving system and method thereof
12 7,562,183 Flash memory system and data writing method thereof
13 7,562,111 Multi-processor architecture with high capacity I/O
14 7,562,007 Method and apparatus for recognizing language input mode and method and apparatus for automatically switching language input modes using the same
15 7,561,942 Apparatus and method of controlling mobile body
16 7,561,941 Ambulatory robot and method for controlling the same
17 7,561,933 Apparatus and method for processing audio signal and computer readable recording medium storing computer program for the method
18 7,561,898 Apparatus and method for registering wireless terminals with access point through wireless network
19 7,561,896 Method and system for origination signaling in a wireless network
20 7,561,885 Positioning system and method using mobile Internet signal
21 7,561,862 Automatic selection of compensation value to reduce IM2 product in mixed signal output
22 7,561,800 Optical burst switching system and method using duplicate burst transmission
23 7,561,745 Method and system for generating input file using meta representation on compression of graphics data, and animation framework extension (AFX) coding method and apparatus
24 7,561,650 Method and apparatus for correcting asymmetric waveform level in consideration of asymmetric error after the decimal point
25 7,561,636 Digital predistortion apparatus and method in power amplifier
26 7,561,628 Apparatus and method for cell acquisition and downlink synchronization acquisition in a wireless communication system
27 7,561,623 Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor
28 7,561,581 Method of allocating IP address and detecting duplication of IP address in an ad-hoc network environment
29 7,561,550 Method and apparatus for scheduling user equipment in a soft handover region for uplink packet transmission
30 7,561,498 Optical pickup actuator having aberration correcting mechanism and method of assembling the same
31 7,561,497 Optical pick-up actuator and method, and reproducing and/or recording apparatus with same
32 7,561,488 Wordline driving circuit and method for semiconductor memory
33 7,561,486 Flash memory devices with flash fuse cell arrays
34 7,561,479 Semiconductor memory device having a develop reference voltage generator for sense amplifiers
35 7,561,475 Flash memory controller
36 7,561,467 Flash memory device using program data cache and programming method thereof
37 7,561,427 Plasma display panel
38 7,561,426 Display module
39 7,561,396 Apparatus for monitoring open state of the secondary terminals of a current transformer
40 7,561,381 Base member and hard disk drive having the same
41 7,561,376 Servo track writer and a chuck thereof
42 7,561,375 Assembly and method with drive damper
43 7,561,373 Bias compensation method and appropriate bias force profile generation method, recording media and hard disk drive
44 7,561,368 Hard disk drive having improved head stability at low temperature and method of applying current to a head of the hard disk drive
45 7,561,364 Method and apparatus for controlling disc drive using counter-electromotive force
46 7,561,358 Multi-register read channel optimization
47 7,561,347 Subminiature optical system
48 7,561,292 Network scanner and method of organizing and maintaining network scanning system
49 7,561,240 Common electrode on substrate having non-depressed surface portion overlapping opening in pixel electrode on opposite substrate and depressed portion partially overlapping edge of the pixel electrode
50 7,561,232 Reflective-transmissive type liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
51 7,561,215 Method and apparatus for wirelessly controlling devices peripheral to AV device
52 7,561,201 Method for operating a digital photographing apparatus using a touch screen and a digital photographing apparatus using the method
53 7,561,149 Impulse driving method and apparatus for LCD
54 7,561,148 Plasma display panel driving method
55 7,561,124 Display device and driving method thereof
56 7,561,093 Analog-to-digital (AD) converter using resonance frequency shifting and voltage detecting device thereof
57 7,560,994 Systems and methods for cascode switching power amplifiers
58 7,560,976 Method of operating a semiconductor device and the semiconductor device
59 7,560,974 Generation of back-bias voltage with high temperature sensitivity
60 7,560,968 Output driver capable of controlling a short circuit current
61 7,560,864 Plasma display panel having slanted electrodes embedded in dielectric partition walls
62 7,560,805 Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
63 7,560,796 Capacitor and capacitor array
64 7,560,768 Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
65 7,560,765 Nonvolatile memory device and method of fabricating the same
66 7,560,764 SONOS memory device having curved surface and method for fabricating the same
67 7,560,759 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
68 7,560,746 Light emitting diodes and display apparatuses using the same
69 7,560,745 LED package and backlight assembly for LCD comprising the same
70 7,560,712 Ion implanter with etch prevention member(s)
71 7,560,681 Image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
72 7,560,580 Organic-inorganic metal hybrid material and composition for producing organic insulator comprising the same
73 7,560,394 Nanodots formed on silicon oxide and method of manufacturing the same
74 7,560,386 Method of manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
75 7,560,383 Method of forming a thin layer and method of manufacturing a non-volatile semiconductor device using the same
76 7,560,374 Mold for forming conductive bump, method of fabricating the mold, and method of forming bump on wafer using the mold
77 7,560,359 Methods of forming asymmetric recesses and gate structures that fill such recesses and related methods of forming semiconductor devices that include such recesses and gate structures
78 7,560,353 Methods of fabricating memory devices with memory cell transistors having gate sidewall spacers with different dielectric properties
79 7,560,349 Semiconductor device and gate structure having a composite dielectric layer and methods of manufacturing the same
80 7,560,344 Semiconductor device having a pair of fins and method of manufacturing the same
81 7,560,332 Integrated circuit capacitor structure
82 7,560,331 Method for forming a silicided gate
83 7,560,319 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
84 7,560,317 Method of forming single crystalline silicon layer, structure including the same, and method of fabricating thin film transistor using the same
85 7,560,316 Thin film transistor panel and manufacturing method thereof
86 7,560,207 Organic photoreceptor and electrophotographic image forming apparatus including the photoreceptor
87 7,560,198 Photo-mask having exposure blocking region and methods of designing and fabricating the same
88 7,560,195 Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising the same
89 7,560,192 Rechargeable lithium ion battery
90 7,560,184 Proton-conducting electrolyte and fuel cell using the same
91 7,560,181 Fuel cell system and method of operating the same
92 7,560,057 Method for producing molding compound resin tablet for wavelength conversion, and method for manufacturing white light emitting diode by using the production method
93 7,560,054 Carboxylic ester dispersant and sulfide phosphor paste composition having same
94 7,560,042 Ferroelectric thin film and device including the same
95 7,559,970 Method for producing metal nanoparticles and metal nanoparticles produced thereby
96 7,559,965 Cyclonic separating apparatus for vacuum cleaner which is capable of separately collecting water from dust
97 7,559,964 Dust separating apparatus
98 7,559,963 Cyclone dust-collecting device and vacuum cleaner having the same
99 7,559,824 Chemical mechanical polishing devices, pad conditioner assembly and polishing pad conditioning method thereof
100 7,559,712 Image forming apparatus having a guide member to guide paper
101 7,559,709 Iris diaphragm device, diaphragm driving device and camera unit including the same, and diaphragm control method
102 7,559,683 Backlight assembly, light guiding plate including plurality of discontinuously formed prisms
103 7,559,618 Scanning type inkjet image forming apparatus
104 7,559,550 Paper-discharging apparatus used with an image-forming device
105 7,559,342 Flexible hose and vacuum cleaner having the same
106 7,559,277 Ink pattern printing apparatus, method of forming ink pattern using the printing apparatus and method of manufacturing liquid crystal display
107 7,559,112 Passage conversion valve assembly for a vacuum cleaner