Samsung patents granted on 14 March 2006

54 US patents granted on 14 March 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,013,391 Apparatus and method for secure distribution of mobile station location information
2 7,013,165 Antenna array apparatus and beamforming method using GPS signal for base station in mobile telecommunication system
3 7,013,159 Power control method for a mobile station
4 7,013,131 Method for transmitting/receiving caller image information in mobile telecommunications system
5 7,013,130 Mobile terminal having bookmark function and method for quickly executing the bookmark function
6 7,013,106 Liquid electrophotographic image-forming apparatus having anti-wraparound device for developer removal
7 7,013,103 Developer-supplying system of image forming apparatus
8 7,013,061 2×2 optical switching apparatus using photonic crystal structures
9 7,013,031 Fingerprint sensor using a piezoelectric membrane
10 7,012,994 Emergency calling via a cable modem
11 7,012,955 Method and apparatus for direct sequence spread spectrum receiver using an adaptive channel estimator
12 7,012,946 Photonic crystal-based resonant cavity and resonator
13 7,012,941 Laser module
14 7,012,881 Timing and frequency offset estimation scheme for OFDM systems by using an analytic tone
15 7,012,847 Sense amplifier driver and semiconductor device comprising the same
16 7,012,834 Writing driver circuit of phase-change memory
17 7,012,824 Voltage converting method and voltage converting apparatus using large electrolytic condenser
18 7,012,821 Flyback converter with synchronous rectifier
19 7,012,787 Head suspension assembly for hard disk drive
20 7,012,785 Method and apparatus for head slider and suspension reducing air flow turbulence about the slider when accessing a rotating disk in a disk drive
21 7,012,742 Gain-clamped semiconductor optical amplifier using Raman amplification principle
22 7,012,741 Wideband amplifier with erbium-doped fiber
23 7,012,670 Method and apparatus for adjusting a photo-exposure time
24 7,012,664 Display panel and liquid crystal display including signal lines
25 7,012,662 Transflective LCD with twist angle less than 90 degrees and 4 compensation films
26 7,012,593 Glove-type data input device and sensing method thereof
27 7,012,575 Deceleration module integrated with rolling device for automatically extending/retracting antenna and automatic antenna extending system using the same
28 7,012,573 Wide band antenna
29 7,012,565 Method of receiving GPS signal in a mobile terminal
30 7,012,443 System used to test plurality of DUTs in parallel and method thereof
31 7,012,335 Semiconductor device wiring and method of manufacturing the same
32 7,012,325 Ultra-thin semiconductor package device and method for manufacturing the same
33 7,012,284 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
34 7,012,266 MEMS-based two-dimensional e-beam nano lithography device and method for making the same
35 7,012,239 Silicon optoelectronic device and image input/output device using the silicon optoelectronic device
36 7,012,229 Vacuum cooking apparatus and cooking method using the same
37 7,012,222 Method and apparatus for controlling a heat source
38 7,012,219 Cooking apparatus and method of controlling the same
39 7,012,156 Preparation method of methacrylic acid
40 7,012,113 Polyolefin resin composition for wheel cover of an automobile
41 7,012,031 Photoresist pattern, method of fabricating the same, and method of assuring the quality thereof
42 7,011,992 Method of fabricating a thin film transistor using dual or multiple gates
43 7,011,918 Polymeric charge transport compositions for organophotoreceptors
44 7,011,917 Organophotoreceptor with charge transport material having bis(9-fluorenone) azine groups
45 7,011,912 Method of designing and manufacturing reticles for use in a photolithographic process
46 7,011,911 Mask for polycrystallization and method of manufacturing thin film transistor using polycrystallization mask
47 7,011,700 Antibacterial colorant and ink composition comprising the same
48 7,011,416 Projection television
49 7,011,414 Highly efficient projection system and color scrolling method therefor
50 7,010,942 Drum type washing machine
51 7,010,934 Icemaker
52 D517,042 Portable terminal
53 D517,039 Portable telephone
54 D517,038 Portable telephone