Samsung patents granted on 14 October 2008

105 US patents granted on 14 October 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D578,526 Electronic diary
2 D578,525 Notebook computer
3 D578,524 Notebook computer
4 D578,523 Notebook computer
5 D578,502 Portable telephone
6 D578,499 Cellular phone
7 D578,490 Light-emitting diode
8 D578,336 Microwave-ovenproof vessel
9 7,437,745 Disc roller position-changing apparatus and disc player having the same
10 7,437,743 Optical disk drive
11 7,437,737 Method for commonly controlling device drivers
12 7,437,433 Method for batch registration of integrated digital loop carrier subscriber using program loaded data of exchange, and element management system server for the same
13 7,437,395 FFT operating apparatus of programmable processors and operation method thereof
14 7,437,287 Apparatus and method for voice recognition and displaying of characters in mobile telecommunication system
15 7,437,241 Navigation system for restrictively outputting warning and warning generating apparatus and method for restrictively outputting warning in a navigation system
16 7,437,226 Method of constructing artificial mark for autonomous driving, apparatus and method of determining position of intelligent system using artificial mark and intelligent system employing the same
17 7,437,186 Sliding module for sliding-type portable terminal and sliding-type portable terminal using the same
18 7,437,178 Cell reselection method for receiving packet data in a mobile communication system supporting MBMS
19 7,437,118 Image forming apparatus with printing medium guide
20 7,437,116 Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
21 7,437,114 Heating roller and image fixing apparatus using the same
22 7,437,108 Developing roller for electrographic apparatus including a base rubber, a conductive polymer, a conductive carbon black and a binder resin and electrographic apparatus containing the developing roller
23 7,437,098 Image forming apparatus having reduced image errors from driving unit and method of manufacturing same
24 7,437,094 Image forming apparatus having a gap regulating mechanism to regulate a gap between a photosensitive drum and a developing roller
25 7,437,091 Method for controlling temperature of heat roller and image forming apparatus based on the same
26 7,437,076 Data transmission method in gigabit ethernet passive optical network
27 7,437,056 Combination system and copy error preventing method thereof
28 7,437,054 Apparatus and method for controlling reverse-play for digital video bitstream
29 7,437,020 Digital image processing device and method
30 7,436,908 UWB transceiving apparatus and method for dynamically reducing interference
31 7,436,904 Data recovery apparatus and method for decreasing data recovery error in a high-speed serial link
32 7,436,888 Method and apparatus for redundant image encoding and decoding
33 7,436,860 Method of advertising DNS server address and routing method thereby
34 7,436,825 Method and apparatus for distinguishing between services of all frequency bands and specific frequency band
35 7,436,813 Method and system for acquiring time synchronization between base stations in a broadband wireless access communication system
36 7,436,806 Apparatus and method for symbol mapping TFCI bits for a hard split mode in a CDMA mobile communication system
37 7,436,803 Apparatus and method for determining a soft handover in a CDMA mobile communication system
38 7,436,768 Method, apparatus and computer program for transmitting a packet
39 7,436,758 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving pilot pattern set to distinguish base station in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication system
40 7,436,744 Optical memory device
41 7,436,730 Method and device for controlling internal power voltage, and semiconductor memory device having the same
42 7,436,711 Semiconductor memory device
43 7,436,704 Non-volatile memory devices and method thereof
44 7,436,693 Phase-change semiconductor memory device and method of programming the same
45 7,436,668 Plasma display apparatus
46 7,436,654 Plasma display module
47 7,436,624 Pole base loading apparatus and main chassis for magnetic recording/reading device
48 7,436,578 Electrophoretic display and manufacturing method thereof
49 7,436,574 Frequency tunable resonant scanner
50 7,436,565 Laser scanning device
51 7,436,479 Thin film panel for preventing stitch defect
52 7,436,474 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
53 7,436,473 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
54 7,436,468 Liquid crystal display having an LED and a thermal conductive sheet
55 7,436,467 Display device with grounding protrusion
56 7,436,457 Analog/digital signal processor and analog/digital signal processing method
57 7,436,426 Laser scanning apparatus and image forming device having the same
58 7,436,390 OSD (on screen display) multi cursor display method and apparatus
59 7,436,381 Source line repair circuit, source driver circuit, liquid crystal display device with source line repair function, and method of repairing source line
60 7,436,374 Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
61 7,436,264 Charge supply apparatus and method in frequency synthesizer
62 7,436,240 Capacitance multiplier
63 7,436,214 Pseudo differential current mode receiver
64 7,436,204 Apparatus and method for determining on die termination modes in memory device
65 7,436,199 Stack-type semiconductor package sockets and stack-type semiconductor package test systems
66 7,436,198 Test pattern of semiconductor device and test method using the same
67 7,436,146 Stepping motor speed control method and apparatus suitable for the same
68 7,436,117 Organic electroluminescence device with an absorbent for moisture and oxygen, and method for manufacturing the same
69 7,436,111 Electron emission device
70 7,436,108 Red phosphor for plasma display panel and plasma display panel including phosphor layer formed of the red phosphor
71 7,436,078 Line layout structure of semiconductor memory device
72 7,436,049 Lead frame, semiconductor chip package using the lead frame, and method of manufacturing the semiconductor chip package
73 7,436,047 Wafer having scribe lanes suitable for sawing process, reticle used in manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing the same
74 7,436,017 Semiconductor integrated circuit using a selective disposable spacer
75 7,436,014 Method of fabricating storage capacitor in semiconductor memory device, and storage capacitor structure
76 7,436,001 Vertical GaN-based LED and method of manufacturing the same
77 7,436,000 Two dimensional light source using light emitting diode and liquid crystal display device using the two dimensional light source
78 7,435,996 Nanowire light emitting device and method of fabricating the same
79 7,435,992 Active matrix type organic electroluminescent display device and method of manufacturing the same
80 7,435,934 Optical pickup apparatus which is compatible with multiple types of media
81 7,435,914 Tape substrate, tape package and flat panel display using same
82 7,435,911 Printed circuit board including embedded capacitor and method of fabricating same
83 7,435,872 Role of p62 in aging-related disease
84 7,435,811 Method for preferentially removing protein over nucleic acids using physical as well as chemical means of removal of the protein
85 7,435,784 Method of ethylene polymerization for producing products having various properties with high productivity and a tubular reactor used therefor
86 7,435,678 Method of depositing noble metal electrode using oxidation-reduction reaction
87 7,435,673 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having metal interconnect structures therein
88 7,435,666 Epitaxial growth method
89 7,435,657 Method of fabricating transistor including buried insulating layer and transistor fabricated using the same
90 7,435,654 Analog capacitor having at least three high-k dielectric layers, and method of fabricating the same
91 7,435,644 Method of manufacturing capacitor of semiconductor device
92 7,435,634 Methods of forming semiconductor devices having stacked transistors
93 7,435,629 Thin film transistor array panel and a manufacturing method thereof
94 7,435,520 Electrophotographic developing agent
95 7,435,468 Multi-layer structure and method of drawing microscopic structure therein, optical disc master and method of fabricating the same using the multi-layer structure, and optical disc manufactured using the optical disc master
96 7,435,352 Method of forming solder resist pattern
97 7,435,301 Cleaning solution of silicon germanium layer and cleaning method using the same
98 7,435,019 Security camera
99 7,434,979 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
100 7,434,958 Lamp fixing member, backlight assembly having the same and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
101 7,434,924 Ink cartridge and wet-type electrophotographic image forming apparatus having the same
102 7,434,801 Versatile paper feeding device of image forming apparatus
103 7,434,589 Wafer cleaning apparatus with anticipating malfunction of pump
104 7,434,333 Washing machine
105 7,434,293 Vacuum cleaner