Samsung patents granted on 15 April 2008

98 US patents granted on 15 April 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D566,721 Display panel with a generated image for a PDA
2 D566,720 Display panel with a generated image for a PDA
3 D566,719 Pop-up window and user interface for display on a television receiver
4 D566,710 Data transmitter
5 D566,694 Headset
6 D566,677 Mobile phone
7 D566,676 Mobile phone
8 D566,675 Mobile phone
9 D566,673 Portable telephone
10 D566,672 Mobile phone
11 D566,671 Portable phone
12 7,360,145 Information storage medium on which drive data is recorded, and method of recording information on the information storage medium
13 7,360,126 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects using temporary defect management information (TDFL) and temporary defect management information (TDDS), and disc having the TDFL and TDDS
14 7,359,950 Method for managing network when master disappears
15 7,359,744 Body surface bio-potential sensor having multiple electrodes and apparatus including the same
16 7,359,732 Method of exchanging data securely between a mobile terminal and a memory card
17 7,359,722 Apparatus and method for deleting a text message received in a mobile communication terminal
18 7,359,688 Device and method for displaying a status of a portable terminal by using a character image
19 7,359,682 Apparatus and method for improving efficiency of power amplifier operating under large peak-to-average power ratio
20 7,359,667 Device for heating fusing and pressure roller using inductive-heat in a fusing device for an image forming apparatus
21 7,359,658 Tension adjuster of belt of image forming apparatus
22 7,359,656 Image forming apparatus having guide unit
23 7,359,638 Optical source generator for wavelength division multiplexing optical communication systems
24 7,359,637 Self-healing passive optical network
25 7,359,625 Recording medium with content stream data recorded thereon, recording apparatus, and reproducing apparatus therefor
26 7,359,573 Contrast compensation apparatus and method thereof
27 7,359,529 Image-detectable monitoring system and method for using the same
28 7,359,519 Method and apparatus for compensating for nonlinear distortion of speaker system
29 7,359,431 Channel estimation apparatus and method in digital communication system
30 7,359,425 Ultra-wideband transmitter and receiver, and ultra-wideband wireless communication method
31 7,359,408 Apparatus and method for measuring and compensating delay between main base station and remote base station interconnected by an optical cable
32 7,359,366 Uplink ranging system and method in OFDMA system
33 7,359,357 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving broadcast data using outer-coding
34 7,359,352 Apparatus and method for processing data call in private wireless high-speed data system
35 7,359,346 Apparatus for controlling data transmission/reception between main system and remote system of BTS in mobile communication system
36 7,359,345 Signaling method between MAC entities in a packet communication system
37 7,359,301 Method of and apparatus for recording data on an optical recording medium
38 7,359,298 Optical pickup device for writing information to an optical disk
39 7,359,280 Layout structure for sub word line drivers and method thereof
40 7,359,273 Semiconductor memory device having layout for minimizing area of sense amplifier region and word line driver region
41 7,359,266 Precharge circuit and method employing inactive weak precharging and equalizing scheme and memory device including the same
42 7,359,264 Semiconductor memory device
43 7,359,245 Flash memory device having multi-level cell and reading and programming method thereof
44 7,359,242 Semiconductor memory device with small number of repair signal transmission lines
45 7,359,240 Flash memory device with multi level cell and burst access method therein
46 7,359,159 Actuator for hard disk drive having a reinforced structure
47 7,359,141 Servo control method, apparatus using the same, and recording medium having program for executing the method
48 7,359,140 Method and apparatus of acceleration-based track seeking servo control of disk drive
49 7,359,013 Display capable of selectively displaying two-dimensional and three-dimensional images
50 7,358,967 Plasma display panel and method of driving the same
51 7,358,947 Liquid crystal display having gray voltages and driving apparatus and method thereof
52 7,358,938 Circuit and method for driving pixel of organic electroluminescent display
53 7,358,933 Electron emission display and driving method thereof
54 7,358,916 Polarization diversity antenna system
55 7,358,827 Process-insensitive self-biasing phase locked loop circuit and self-biasing method thereof
56 7,358,816 Variable gain amplifier
57 7,358,811 CMOS variable gain amplifier for controlling dB linear gain
58 7,358,810 Buffer amplifier
59 7,358,786 Control signal generator, latch circuit, flip flop and method for controlling operations of the flip-flop
60 7,358,774 Output driver circuit with pre-emphasis function
61 7,358,685 DC-DC converter having protective function of over-voltage and over-current and led driving circuit using the same
62 7,358,671 Plasma display panel having indented sustain electrode
63 7,358,670 Plasma display panel design with minimal light obstructing elements
64 7,358,669 Plasma display panel having electromagnetic wave shielding layer
65 7,358,668 Green phosphor for plasma display panel (PDP)
66 7,358,667 Plasma display panel
67 7,358,662 Organic electroluminescent device using mixture of phosphorescent material as light-emitting substance
68 7,358,659 Monolithic white light emitting device having nitride cladding layers and passive layer
69 7,358,633 Linear vibration motor using resonance frequency
70 7,358,622 Distributed power generation system using a fuel cell and a method of controlling the same
71 7,358,588 Trench isolation type semiconductor device which prevents a recess from being formed in a field region
72 7,358,557 Capacitor for semiconductor device and method of forming the same
73 7,358,541 Flip-chip light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
74 7,358,534 Thin film display transistor array substrate for a liquid crystal display having repair lines
75 7,358,533 Electronic device, thin film transistor structure and flat panel display having the same
76 7,358,524 Nanowire device and method of fabricating the same
77 7,358,468 Complex home appliance and method of controlling and installing the same
78 7,358,375 Low molecular weight conjugated nitrogen compounds and devices fabricated using the same
79 7,358,190 Methods of filling gaps by deposition on materials having different deposition rates
80 7,358,155 Scribe-line structures and methods of forming the same
81 7,358,142 Method for forming a FinFET by a damascene process
82 7,358,137 Memory devices including barrier layers and methods of manufacturing the same
83 7,358,126 Dual damascene structure and methods of forming the same
84 7,358,124 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
85 7,358,123 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
86 7,358,104 Contact portion of semiconductor device, and thin film transistor array panel for display device including the contact portion
87 7,358,014 Electrophotographic organophotoreceptors with novel charge transport compounds
88 7,357,999 Nanocomposite electrolyte membrane and fuel cell employing the same
89 7,357,878 Etchant, and method for fabricating a thin film transistor subtrate including conductive wires using the etchant and the resulting structure
90 7,357,645 Plasma display device with grounding module
91 7,357,586 Image forming apparatus including a paper feeding cassette
92 7,357,559 Liquid crystal display and assembly thereof
93 7,357,510 Projection-type 3-D image display device using single projector
94 7,357,499 Inkjet print head with multi-functional structure
95 7,357,231 Door damper and electronic appliances having the same
96 7,357,144 Contamination control apparatus, management system and related methods
97 7,357,143 Regulator and gas supply method using the same
98 7,356,877 Caster