Samsung patents granted on 15 April 2014

192 US patents granted on 15 April 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D702,760 Multifunction printer
2 D702,756 Case for camera
3 D702,753 Portable beam projector
4 D702,742 Door for refrigerator
5 D702,740 Shelves for refrigerator
6 D702,734 Blu-ray disk player
7 D702,733 Blu-ray disk player
8 D702,731 Portable electronic device with a graphical user interface
9 D702,726 Display screen portion with icon
10 D702,671 Portable electronic device
11 D702,665 Dock for mobile communication terminal
12 D702,664 Dock for mobile communication terminal
13 D702,663 Docking audio
14 D702,661 Mobile phone
15 D702,660 Mobile phone
16 D702,658 In-vehicle infotainment device with a touch display that can move up and down
17 8,701,203 Computer system and method of controlling the same
18 8,701,188 Method of intrusion detection in terminal device and intrusion detecting apparatus
19 8,701,178 Method and system for managing mobility of access terminal using proxy mobile internet protocol in a mobile communication system, and method for allocating home address of access terminal for the same
20 8,701,151 Method of downloading terrestrial DMB data using multi-download algorithm and an apparatus thereof
21 8,701,143 Method and apparatus for supporting mobility in DVB-H CBMS system
22 8,701,123 Apparatus and method for transmitting events occurring in a controlled device to a control device in a web based system
23 8,701,100 Print controlling device, image forming system and method for upgrading
24 8,700,989 Method and apparatus for transmitting XHTML-print document in mobile device
25 8,700,974 Memory system controller having seed controller using multiple parameters
26 8,700,889 System and method of sharing web page that represents health information
27 8,700,887 Register, processor, and method of controlling a processor using data type information
28 8,700,881 Controller, data storage device and data storage system having the controller, and data processing method
29 8,700,810 Semiconductor devices capable of dividing endpoint into majority of sub-endpoints
30 8,700,794 Channel adaptive video transmission method, apparatus using the same, and system providing the same
31 8,700,733 Method and apparatus for executing application of mobile device
32 8,700,697 Method and apparatus for acquiring RUI-based specialized control user interface
33 8,700,672 Method of processing tag information and client-server system using the method
34 8,700,467 Apparatus and method for providing cell-based advertisement broadcast service in broadband wireless communication system
35 8,700,356 Apparatus and method sensing motion
36 8,700,100 Headset, operating method and system thereof, and portable terminal supporting the same
37 8,700,097 Method and system for controlling dual-processing of screen data in mobile terminal having projector function
38 8,700,064 Method and system for device discovery in a wireless video area network
39 8,700,043 Apparatus and method for connecting radio link in wireless communication system having private network cell
40 8,700,017 System and method for transmitting and receiving an event message
41 8,699,957 Transmission/reception apparatus and method for channel estimation using packet data control channel in FDMA communication and system using the same
42 8,699,951 Method for performing bluetooth communication in wireless terminal
43 8,699,915 Photosensitive body unit and image forming apparatus including the same
44 8,699,913 Image forming apparatus
45 8,699,912 Developing cartridge and image forming apparatus having the same
46 8,699,859 Information storage medium including application for providing metadata, and apparatus for and method of providing metadata
47 8,699,845 Method and apparatus for reproducing discontinuous AV data
48 8,699,822 Method and apparatus for blending images
49 8,699,816 Method and apparatus for enhancing detail based on noise elimination, and method and apparatus for calculating noise weight
50 8,699,802 Information storage medium storing graphic data and apparatus and method of processing the graphic data
51 8,699,750 Image processing apparatus
52 8,699,661 Apparatus and method for imaging breast
53 8,699,643 Apparatus and method for receiving a signal
54 8,699,605 Method and apparatus for receiving in multiple-input multiple-output system
55 8,699,585 Transmitters for loop-back adaptive pre-emphasis data transmission
56 8,699,584 Digital broadcasting transmission and reception system, and a signal processing method using turbo processing and turbo decoding
57 8,699,577 Method and apparatus for interpolating image
58 8,699,576 Method of and apparatus for estimating motion vector based on sizes of neighboring partitions, encoder, decoding, and decoding method
59 8,699,574 System and method for boundary motion vector correction in motion compensated frame rate
60 8,699,568 Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor
61 8,699,495 Method of performing tunnel signaling over IP tunneling path and apparatus using the method
62 8,699,421 Method and system for wireless communication using channel selection and bandwidth reservation
63 8,699,391 Methods for power headroom reporting, resource allocation, and power control
64 8,699,308 Test recording methods for an information storage medium
65 8,699,274 Flash memory device and operating method for concurrently applying different bias voltages to dummy memory cells and regular memory cells during erasure
66 8,699,241 Switching mode power supply
67 8,699,234 EMI noise shield board including electromagnetic bandgap structure
68 8,699,136 Method and apparatus for adjusting position of optical element
69 8,699,120 Display apparatus
70 8,699,095 Scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the same
71 8,699,082 Apparatus to control printing density in image forming device and method thereof
72 8,699,071 Image forming apparatus and method of forming an image thereof
73 8,699,002 Laser irradiation device and method of manufacturing organic light emitting diode display device using the same
74 8,698,996 Flexible substrate for display device and display device using the same
75 8,698,994 Liquid crystal display device including anti-corrosion layer
76 8,698,993 Flat display panel, mother substrate for flat display panel, and method of manufacturing the flat display panel
77 8,698,991 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
78 8,698,990 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
79 8,698,985 Optical film for reducing color shift and LCD device having the same
80 8,698,974 Receiving module, manufacturing method of the same, and liquid crystal display with the same
81 8,698,972 Liquid crystal display device
82 8,698,968 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display using the same
83 8,698,965 Robot
84 8,698,951 Camera module
85 8,698,950 Device and method for controlling a camera module in a mobile terminal to reduce power consumption
86 8,698,947 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
87 8,698,937 Terminal and image capturing method thereof
88 8,698,936 Digital image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
89 8,698,929 Image sensor, method for operating thereof, and image pick-up device having the same
90 8,698,879 3D display apparatus and 3D display method thereof
91 8,698,869 Method and apparatus for controlling intra-refreshing in a video telephony communication system
92 8,698,856 Spoke recovery in a color display using a most significant bit and a second-most significant bit
93 8,698,853 Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display
94 8,698,851 Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
95 8,698,849 Display device and driving method with feedback control
96 8,698,834 Method and apparatus for selectively reducing color values
97 8,698,790 Power driver, driving method of the same, and organic light emitting display device including power driver
98 8,698,789 Display apparatus including sub-light source groups
99 8,698,787 Method for generating a gamma voltage, driving circuit therefor, and display device
100 8,698,768 Touch screen panel and display device having the same
101 8,698,767 Touch screen panel
102 8,698,763 Touch panel
103 8,698,759 Method and apparatus of providing haptic effect using a plurality of vibrators in a portable terminal
104 8,698,754 Keypad for electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
105 8,698,739 Input apparatus following task flow and image forming apparatus using the same
106 8,698,733 Electrophoretic display and method for driving the same
107 8,698,722 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
108 8,698,628 Electronic shelf label system and method for driving the same
109 8,698,593 Chip resistor and method of manufacturing the same
110 8,698,588 Transformer
111 8,698,587 Transformer
112 8,698,586 Transformer and flat panel display device including the same
113 8,698,459 Battery pack and method of controlling the same
114 8,698,458 Battery pack having boosting charge function and method thereof
115 8,698,395 Organic light emitting display with organic capping layer having a specific refractive index
116 8,698,317 Methods of fabricating package stack structure and method of mounting package stack structure on system board
117 8,698,311 Package substrate and semiconductor package including the same
118 8,698,304 Multi-chip package with spacer for blocking interchip heat transfer
119 8,698,301 Semiconductor packages including a plurality of upper semiconductor devices on a lower semiconductor device
120 8,698,300 Chip-stacked semiconductor package
121 8,698,284 Nitride-based semiconductor substrates having hollow member pattern and methods of fabricating the same
122 8,698,281 Nonvolatile memory devices that use resistance materials and internal electrodes
123 8,698,265 Image sensor including a light shielding pattern
124 8,698,259 Method and system for providing a magnetic tunneling junction using thermally assisted switching
125 8,698,251 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
126 8,698,246 High-voltage oxide transistor and method of manufacturing the same
127 8,698,239 Semiconductor devices having asymmetric doped regions and methods of fabricating the same
128 8,698,238 Semiconductor devices and methods of forming the same
129 8,698,221 Capacitor that includes dielectric layer structure having plural metal oxides doped with different impurities
130 8,698,215 Transparent thin film transistor, and method of manufacturing the same
131 8,698,189 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
132 8,698,179 Cathode for organic light emitting device and organic light emitting device using the cathode
133 8,698,177 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
134 8,698,170 Display device with spacer between two substrates
135 8,698,169 Organic light emitting diode display
136 8,698,167 Light sensor and display apparatus having the same
137 8,698,162 Gallium nitride based semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
138 8,698,159 Panel structure including transistor and connecting elements, display device including same, and methods of manufacturing panel structure and display device
139 8,698,158 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and display apparatus having the same
140 8,698,147 Organic light emitting display device comprising a metal diffusion medium layer and method of manufacturing the same
141 8,698,146 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
142 8,698,145 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
143 8,698,144 Display device with improved sensing mechanism
144 8,698,130 Organic light emitting display with pixels having different shapes and manufacturing method thereof
145 8,698,122 Silicon nanowire comprising high density metal nanoclusters and method of preparing the same
146 8,698,092 Method and apparatus for motion recognition
147 8,698,089 Photo detecting pixels and X-ray detector including the same
148 8,697,585 Crystallization method of amorphous silicon layer
149 8,697,583 Oxidation-promoting compositions, methods of forming oxide layers, and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
150 8,697,580 Method of forming patterns for semiconductor device
151 8,697,579 Method of forming an isolation structure and method of forming a semiconductor device
152 8,697,570 Semiconductor device including contact plug and method of manufacturing the same
153 8,697,568 Semiconductor chip including a plurality of chip areas and fabricating method thereof
154 8,697,535 Thin film transistor substrate and method for fabricating the same
155 8,697,524 Methods of manufacturing vertical semiconductor devices
156 8,697,519 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device which includes forming a silicon layer without void and cutting on a silicon monolayer
157 8,697,498 Methods of manufacturing three dimensional semiconductor memory devices using sub-plates
158 8,697,494 Method of manufacturing a flip chip package and apparatus to attach a semiconductor chip used in the method
159 8,697,484 Method and system for setting a pinned layer in a magnetic tunneling junction
160 8,697,468 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
161 8,697,455 Monitoring test element groups (TEGs) for etching process and methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
162 8,697,433 Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) module and multiple PCR system using the same
163 8,697,339 Semiconductor device manufacturing methods
164 8,697,320 Phenol compounds and positive photosensitive resin composition including the same
165 8,697,318 Method of forming photomasks and photomasks formed by the same
166 8,697,317 Exposure apparatus for forming a reticle and method of forming a reticle using the same
167 8,697,308 Solid oxide electrolyte, solid oxide fuel cell including the solid oxide electrolyte, and method of preparing the solid oxide electrolyte
168 8,697,307 Solid oxide fuel cell stack
169 8,697,286 Anode active material, anode including the anode active material, method of manufacturing the anode, and lithium battery including the anode
170 8,697,282 Negative active for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing the same, and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
171 8,697,281 Battery assembly
172 8,697,280 Electrode active material, method of preparing electrode active material, electrode including electrode active material, and lithium secondary battery including electrode
173 8,697,276 Secondary battery with enhanced ability to prevent leakage
174 8,697,275 Rechargeable battery having an extendable case region
175 8,697,272 Secondary battery having an insulating member
176 8,697,268 Secondary battery
177 8,697,265 Protection circuit module for secondary battery and battery pack having the same
178 8,696,944 Metal pattern composition and method of forming metal pattern using the same
179 8,696,921 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
180 8,696,920 Method of fabricating case for portable electronic device
181 8,696,815 Thin film deposition apparatus
182 8,696,576 Ultrasound system and method for providing change trend image
183 8,696,566 Method for analyzing stress based on multi-measured bio-signals
184 8,696,185 Light emitting module and light providing assembly having the same
185 8,696,175 Light emitting diode and lens for the same
186 8,695,965 Image forming apparatus
187 8,695,936 Supporting device for display apparatus
188 8,695,811 Hybrid porous structured material, membrane including the same, and method of preparing hybrid porous structure material
189 8,695,428 Single input multi-output surface acoustic wave device
190 8,695,382 Washing machine
191 8,695,144 Autonomous cleaning machine
192 8,695,139 Washing machine including a bubble generator and control method thereof