Samsung patents granted on 15 August 2006

79 US patents granted on 15 August 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE39,237 Interpolation method for binary image
2 D526,674 Digital camcorder
3 D526,663 MP3 player
4 D526,642 Wireless earphone
5 D526,636 Cellular phone
6 7,093,186 Apparatus and method for generating codes in communications system
7 7,093,185 Apparatus and method for generating codes in communication system
8 7,093,184 Apparatus and method for generating codes in a communication system
9 7,093,181 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving error detection information in a communication system
10 7,093,178 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a CDMA mobile communication system
11 7,093,085 Device and method for minimizing puncturing-caused output delay
12 7,093,076 Memory system having two-way ring topology and memory device and memory module for ring-topology memory system
13 7,093,057 Display apparatus and method
14 7,092,979 Random data generator and scrambler using the same, and method therefore
15 7,092,925 Intelligent portable communications device and operation method for the same according to user’s schedule
16 7,092,747 Sliding/swing-type portable digital communication apparatus
17 7,092,734 IOTA software download via auxiliary device
18 7,092,680 Replaceable sub-housing and interchangeable mobile telephone terminal using the same to be used both as flip-type terminal and bar-type terminal
19 7,092,661 Liquid electrophotographic image forming apparatus having a liquid carrier depositing unit
20 7,092,659 Discharge methods and systems in electrophotography
21 7,092,648 Method of controlling an amount of toner charging in an electrophotographic image forming apparatus and apparatus using the same
22 7,092,420 Submount of semiconductor laser diode, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor laser diode assembly using the submount
23 7,092,396 Asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) based delay adaptive scheduling apparatus adaptive according to traffic types and method thereof
24 7,092,366 Radio network controller in IMT-2000 asynchronous system
25 7,092,347 Optical pickup apparatus having disk thickness deviation correction and method therefor
26 7,092,336 Recording medium for storing version information for maintaining recording and/or reproducing compatibility, and method and apparatus for managing the same
27 7,092,329 Physical identification data addressing method using wobble signal, wobble address encoding circuit, method and circuit for detecting wobble address, and recording medium therefor
28 7,092,327 Recording medium for storing linking type information and method of processing defective area using the same
29 7,092,325 Method of arranging optical pickup system and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus having the arranged optical pickup system
30 7,092,324 Apparatus and method for stabilizing operation of disc driver in section for setting mode conversion
31 7,092,308 Portable data storage apparatus
32 7,092,299 Memory devices, systems and methods using selective on-die termination
33 7,092,298 Methods of erasing a non-volatile memory device having discrete charge trap sites
34 7,092,289 Efficient redundancy system for flash memories with uniformly sized blocks
35 7,092,283 Magnetic random access memory devices including heat generating layers and related methods
36 7,092,237 Printed circuit board with embedded capacitors therein, and process for manufacturing the same
37 7,092,236 Multilayer chip capacitor
38 7,092,201 Tape deck mechanism with main cam gear moving sub-deck, pole base loading unit, brake unit and main sliding memeber
39 7,092,147 Broadband light source
40 7,092,146 Method and apparatus for controlling a SOA-MZI wavelength converter
41 7,092,141 Actuator for tilting reflecting mirror of digital micromirror device for digital light processing type projection
42 7,092,136 Laser scanning unit
43 7,092,048 Liquid crystal display device
44 7,092,047 Thin film transistor substrate for liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
45 7,092,037 Method of converting color temperatures in image display device using contents description metadata of visual contents and system using the same
46 7,091,934 Method and apparatus for controlling address power for a plasma display panel
47 7,091,758 Power-on reset circuit, semiconductor integrated circuit device including the same and method for generating a power-on reset signal
48 7,091,751 Low-power and low-noise comparator having inverter with decreased peak current
49 7,091,744 Input termination circuits and methods for terminating inputs
50 7,091,741 Input buffer capable of reducing input capacitance seen by input signal
51 7,091,669 Light emitting panel and light emitting apparatus having the same
52 7,091,666 Organic electroluminescent device
53 7,091,660 Polymer organic light emitting diode
54 7,091,578 Bipolar junction transistors and methods of manufacturing the same
55 7,091,567 Semiconductor device including air gap between semiconductor substrate and L-shaped spacer and method of fabricating the same
56 7,091,548 Analog capacitor having at least three high-k-dielectric layers, and method of fabricating the same
57 7,091,540 Recess transistor (TR) gate to obtain large self-aligned contact (SAC) open margin
58 7,091,485 Methods and systems for measuring critical dimensions of fine patterns using scanning electron microscope pictures and secondary electron signal profiles
59 7,091,459 Cooking apparatus
60 7,091,454 Heating apparatus for cooking and method for controlling the same
61 7,091,125 Method and apparatus for structuring electrodes for organic light-emitting display and organic light-emitting display manufactured using the method and apparatus
62 7,091,117 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
63 7,091,102 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having a capacitor with a hydrogen barrier spacer on a sidewall thereof and integrated circuit devices formed thereby
64 7,091,090 Nonvolatile memory device and method of forming same
65 7,091,074 Method of forming a gate oxide layer in a semiconductor device and method of forming a gate electrode having the same
66 7,091,072 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
67 7,091,055 White light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
68 7,091,054 Manufacturing method for emitter for electron-beam projection lithography
69 7,090,953 Organophotoreceptor with a charge transport compound having an epoxy group
70 7,090,821 Metal oxide powder for high precision polishing and method of preparation thereof
71 7,090,717 Air purifier
72 7,090,570 Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and methods using a polishing surface with non-uniform rigidity
73 7,090,470 Apparatus and method for preventing a piston and valve collision in a linear compressor
74 7,090,376 Power supply module for lamp tube assembly
75 7,090,359 Scrolling unit, color illuminating system, and projection system using the scrolling unit
76 7,090,328 Wet-type wiping apparatus of inkjet printer and maintenance apparatus having the same
77 7,089,947 Apparatus and method for cleaning a semiconductor wafer
78 7,089,752 Refrigerator and defrosting method thereof
79 7,089,649 Method of estimating a thermal pole tip protrusion for a head gimbal assembly