Samsung patents granted on 15 December 2015

154 US patents granted on 15 December 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D745,757 Robot cleaner
2 D745,592 Lens for camera
3 D745,591 Adapter for camera lens
4 D745,590 Lens for camera
5 D745,581 Door guard for refrigerator
6 D745,579 Refrigerator handle
7 D745,578 Refrigerator handle
8 D745,577 Refrigerator handle
9 D745,567 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
10 D745,565 TV receiver display with an animated graphical user interface
11 D745,563 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
12 D745,562 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
13 D745,561 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
14 D745,560 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
15 D745,556 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
16 D745,555 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
17 D745,554 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
18 D745,552 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
19 D745,549 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
20 D745,545 Display screen with animated graphical user interface
21 D745,544 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
22 D745,543 Display screen with animated user interface
23 D745,542 Display screen or a portion thereof with a graphical user interface
24 D745,541 Display with graphical user interface
25 D745,540 Display screen with graphical user interface
26 D745,531 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
27 D745,530 Graphic user interface for a display screen or a portion thereof
28 D745,529 Portable electronic device with graphical user interface
29 D745,528 Portable electronic device with graphical user interface
30 D745,519 Monitor for computer
31 D745,518 Monitor for computer
32 D745,514 Electronic device
33 D745,513 Electronic device
34 D745,512 Electronic device
35 D745,511 Electronic device
36 D745,510 Electronic device
37 D745,499 Electronic device
38 D745,498 Electronic device
39 D745,497 Electronic device
40 D745,488 Speaker
41 D745,485 Telephone
42 D745,482 Television receiver
43 D745,481 Television receiver
44 D745,384 Box for washing machine
45 9,215,777 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
46 9,215,740 Method and apparatus for generating control packet
47 9,215,737 Method and apparatus for managing connection identification in pairing
48 9,215,703 Method of transmitting scheduling request in mobile communication system and terminal apparatus for the same
49 9,215,681 Method and apparatus for performing Discontinuous Reception operation by connected mode User Equipment in a mobile communication system
50 9,215,680 Method and apparatus for performing discontinuous reception operation by connected mode user equipment in a mobile communication system
51 9,215,668 Apparatus and method for controlling uplink power in a wireless communication system
52 9,215,665 Uplink transmission power control in multi-carrier communication systems
53 9,215,650 Uplink control method and apparatus in wireless communication system
54 9,215,628 Method for processing radio link failure report and method for adjusting mobile parameter
55 9,215,521 Earphone system for mobile devices
56 9,215,518 Electronic device having microphone device
57 9,215,490 Apparatus, system, and method for controlling content playback
58 9,215,443 Method for changing play mode, method for changing display mode, and display apparatus and 3D image providing system using the same
59 9,215,438 Intermediate image generation apparatus and method
60 9,215,426 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
61 9,215,404 Apparatus and method for receiving two modes of broadcasts using one tuner in set-top-box
62 9,215,399 AV signal storage method and apparatus and television having broadcast stream storage function
63 9,215,398 Display apparatus for displaying video input through various ports
64 9,215,389 Image pickup device, digital photographing apparatus using the image pickup device, auto-focusing method, and computer-readable medium for performing the auto-focusing method
65 9,215,370 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same to increase continuous shooting speed for capturing panoramic photographs
66 9,215,360 Camera module having shield can
67 9,215,352 Pixel clock generator, digital TV including the same, and method of generating pixel clock
68 9,215,348 Method of selecting a workform having redefined attribute information in an image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus for performing the method
69 9,215,299 Cover member engaging device and portable terminal with battery cover engaging structure using the same
70 9,215,284 Method and apparatus for providing service based on component using personal network
71 9,215,271 Method and apparatus for executing application of mobile device
72 9,215,179 SDN-based network sharing method and apparatus for supporting multiple operators
73 9,215,119 Application of sequence hopping and orthogonal covering codes to uplink reference signals
74 9,215,117 Amplitude shift keying demodulator and communication apparatus including the same
75 9,215,044 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving the hybrid-ARQ ACK/NACK signal in mobile communication system
76 9,215,042 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving packet data in a wireless communication system using hybrid automatic repeat request
77 9,215,036 Methods and apparatus to identify the accessibility of base stations in communication systems
78 9,215,017 Computing system with decoding sequence mechanism and method of operation thereof
79 9,214,993 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving channel related information
80 9,214,976 Display apparatus
81 9,214,960 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in communication/broadcasting system
82 9,214,946 Phase locked loop circuit
83 9,214,925 Clock gated circuit and digital system having the same
84 9,214,887 Apparatus and method for driving voice coil motor
85 9,214,856 Power factor correction device
86 9,214,818 Wireless power transmission system, and method of controlling transmission and reception of resonance power
87 9,214,698 Secondary battery including a fixing part on the inside of the can with a defined distance between the fixing part and the electrode assembly
88 9,214,670 Positive electrode material for lithium battery, positive electrode prepared from the positive material, and lithium battery including the positive electrode
89 9,214,658 Battery pack
90 9,214,651 Secondary battery
91 9,214,647 Organic light emitting diode device
92 9,214,646 Display apparatus including distance separator
93 9,214,638 Material for organic electroluminescent device and organic electroluminescence device including the same
94 9,214,606 Method of manufacturing light-emitting diode package
95 9,214,569 Memory device
96 9,214,564 Thin film transistor and organic light emitting diode display having minimal overlap of gate electrode by source and drain electrodes
97 9,214,559 Graphene-transferring member, graphene transferrer, method of transferring graphene, and methods of fabricating graphene device by using the same
98 9,214,530 Methods of forming semiconductor devices including a stressor in a recess
99 9,214,517 Semiconductor device using 2-dimensional electron gas and 2-dimensional hole gas and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
100 9,214,509 Display device
101 9,214,503 Organic light emitting display panel including a protective spacer and method of manufacturing the same
102 9,214,499 Organic light emitting display device
103 9,214,484 Image sensor packages
104 9,214,478 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
105 9,214,441 Semiconductor package including stacked memory chips
106 9,214,411 Integrated circuit devices including a through-silicon via structure and methods of fabricating the same
107 9,214,409 Semiconductor device
108 9,214,403 Stacked semiconductor package
109 9,214,401 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
110 9,214,382 Semiconductor devices including air gap spacers
111 9,214,381 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
112 9,214,374 Semiconductor devices including stress relief structures
113 9,214,349 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
114 9,214,343 ZNSNO3/ZNO nanowire having core-shell structure, method of forming ZNSNO3/ZNO nanowire and nanogenerator including ZNSNO3/ZNO nanowire, and method of forming ZNSNO3 nanowire and nanogenerator including ZNSNO3 nanowire
115 9,214,278 Multilayered ceramic electronic component and board for mounting the same
116 9,214,257 Organic electrolyte for magnesium batteries and magnesium battery using the organic electrolyte
117 9,214,245 E-fuse structure of semiconductor device
118 9,214,244 Method of reading data stored in fuse device and apparatuses using the same
119 9,214,207 Apparatus and method for data decoding
120 9,214,206 Method of testing non-volatile memory device and method of managing non-volatile memory device
121 9,214,202 Input buffer and memory device including the same
122 9,214,197 Secondary memory device and electronic system employing the same
123 9,214,163 Speech processing apparatus and method
124 9,214,129 Display apparatus
125 9,214,116 Display panel having a transparent subpixel connected to a first gate line with a first transistor and a second gate line adjacent to the first gate line with a second transistor and a display apparatus having the same
126 9,214,109 Mother substrate of organic light emitting display device
127 9,214,106 Photo sensor, display device including the same and driving method thereof
128 9,213,932 Communication system using wireless power
129 9,213,883 Method and apparatus for processing depth image
130 9,213,598 Nonvolatile memory device and method of operating the same
131 9,213,479 Method and apparatus for displaying image
132 9,213,432 Mobile device and method for operating the same
133 9,213,347 Low-dropout regulator, power management system, and method of controlling low-dropout voltage
134 9,213,312 Holographic 3D printing apparatus and method of driving the same
135 9,213,296 Image forming apparatus
136 9,213,285 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
137 9,213,213 Three-dimensional image display apparatus
138 9,213,212 Lens panel, method for manufacturing the lens panel, display apparatus having the lens panel, display panel, a method for manufacturing the display panel and a display apparatus having the display panel
139 9,213,209 Liquid crystal display
140 9,213,205 Liquid crystal display having multiple pixel regions for improved transmittance
141 9,213,203 Three-dimensional image display
142 9,213,201 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
143 9,213,040 Microfluidic cartridge for separating target molecules, and separator and method of separating target molecules using same
144 9,213,032 Use of LRIG1 as a biomarker for identifying a subject for application of anti-c-Met antibodies
145 9,213,031 Use of Cbl as biomarker for identifying subject suitable for treatment with anti-c-Met antibody
146 9,213,029 Method for diagnosing breast cancer by detection of polymeric immunoglobulin receptor in vesicles isolated from patients
147 9,212,909 Method of manufacturing inertial sensor
148 9,212,844 Drain hose assembly and refrigerator including the same
149 9,212,841 Refrigerator
150 9,212,378 Method of amplifying DNA from RNA in a sample
151 9,212,241 Optical film and display device including same
152 9,211,512 Microfluidic apparatus and method of enriching target cells by using the same
153 9,211,105 Image indicator provision in an ultrasound system
154 9,211,076 Method and device to measure biosignal