Samsung patents granted on 15 June 2010

121 US patents granted on 15 June 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D617,966 Radio beacon for robot vacuum cleaner
2 D617,882 Body shower panel
3 D617,813 Blu-ray disk home theater system
4 D617,797 Stylus pen
5 D617,760 Mobile phone
6 D617,757 Mobile phone
7 D617,756 Mobile phone
8 D617,754 Mobile phone
9 D617,751 Mobile phone
10 7,739,710 Method for registering and displaying digital multimedia broadcasting channels in a mobile terminal with a function for receiving digital multimedia broadcasting
11 7,739,582 Error correction method for high density disc
12 7,739,578 Recording and/or reproducing method, recording and/or reproducing apparatus, and computer readable recording medium storing program for performing the method
13 7,739,535 System including an operating speed detection apparatus, an operating speed detection apparatus and method thereof
14 7,739,502 Localization determination process for 1394 serial bus
15 7,739,491 Method using access authorization differentiation in wireless access network and secure roaming method thereof
16 7,739,414 User interface conversion system and method capable of supporting various devices
17 7,739,411 Method and system for content synchronization and detecting synchronization recursion in networks
18 7,739,276 Method, system, and medium for retrieving photo using multimodal information
19 7,739,107 Voice signal detection system and method
20 7,738,911 Apparatus and method for using a rotating key on a mobile terminal
21 7,738,908 Method and apparatus for adaptive open-loop power control in mobile communication system using TDD
22 7,738,894 Method and system for performing media storage service in push-to-talk over cellular network
23 7,738,888 Apparatus and method for controlling transmission power for mobile terminal
24 7,738,869 System and method for controlling idle mode in a broadband wireless access communication system
25 7,738,850 Broadcasting signal processing apparatus and control method thereof
26 7,738,842 Apparatus for protecting receiver circuit in time division duplexing wireless communication system
27 7,738,841 Systems, methods and apparatuses for high power complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) antenna switches using body switching and external component in multi-stacking structure
28 7,738,835 Apparatus and method for frequency reuse to avoid interference between relay station and mobile station in multi-hop relay system
29 7,738,812 Image forming apparatus
30 7,738,786 Camera lens assembly for portable terminal
31 7,738,777 DVD-audio disk, and apparatus and method for playing the same
32 7,738,742 Information storage medium storing graphic data and apparatus and method of processing the graphic data
33 7,738,716 Encoding and decoding apparatus and method for reducing blocking phenomenon and computer-readable recording medium storing program for executing the method
34 7,738,714 Method of and apparatus for lossless video encoding and decoding
35 7,738,697 Color transformation method and apparatus with minimized transformation errors
36 7,738,663 Light-weight key distribution scheme in wireless network
37 7,738,603 Decision feedback equalizer and method used in digital television receiver
38 7,738,589 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception capable of improving a receiving performance and a signal processing method thereof
39 7,738,581 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system capable of improving receiving and equalizing performance and signal processing method thereof
40 7,738,576 Communication system for transmitting and receiving a communication signal having an intra-guard-interval
41 7,738,564 Filter for eliminating discontinuity of block-based encoded image, and method thereof
42 7,738,544 Apparatus and method for measuring received signal strength indicator, and recording medium storing program embodying the same method
43 7,738,512 Display device using demultiplexer
44 7,738,505 Synchronization method and system for transmitting voice data in a mobile communication system
45 7,738,464 Method for providing service based on service quality and an accounting method in a mobile communication system
46 7,738,420 Apparatus and method for allocating subchannel and power in communication system, and transmitting apparatus
47 7,738,419 Apparatus and method for controlling reverse rate in mobile communication system
48 7,738,395 Communication system for improving data transmission efficiency of TCP in a wireless network environment and a method thereof
49 7,738,353 Recording medium, method and apparatus for reproducing data on the recording medium, and method and apparatus for recording data on the recording medium
50 7,738,334 Optical recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus, and recording/reproducing method
51 7,738,311 Semiconductor memory devices having optimized memory block organization and data line routing for reducing chip size and increasing speed
52 7,738,309 Semiconductor memory device having fuse circuits and method of controlling the same
53 7,738,299 Erase discharge control method of nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
54 7,738,298 Flash memory device
55 7,738,297 Method and apparatus for controlling two or more non-volatile memory devices
56 7,738,293 Apparatus and method of memory programming
57 7,738,278 Magnetic memory device using magnetic domain motion
58 7,738,277 Semiconductor memory device, memory device support and memory module
59 7,738,208 Data recovery through eliminating adjacent track interference
60 7,738,194 Optical component and method of manufacturing the same
61 7,738,189 Side emitting lens, and backlight unit and liquid crystal display including the same
62 7,738,066 Display device having counter-twisting liquid crystal areas and method of operating and manufacturing the same
63 7,738,059 Thin film transistor panel having passivation layer overlapping TFT with color filter and black matrix formed on passivation layer where black matrix partitions color filter
64 7,738,051 Portable display device
65 7,738,013 Systems and methods for power conservation in a CMOS imager
66 7,738,004 Display apparatus to display a picture according to an input video signal and control method thereof
67 7,738,003 Display device for shifting location of pixels and method thereof
68 7,737,963 Liquid crystal display having gray voltages with varying magnitudes and driving method thereof
69 7,737,957 Touch sensitive display device and driving apparatus and method thereof
70 7,737,954 Pointing device for a terminal having a touch screen and method for using the same
71 7,737,939 Display driver IC and display driving method for supporting various driving modes
72 7,737,938 Driving circuit for LCD backlight
73 7,737,927 Organic light emitting display device and driving method
74 7,737,921 Driving device and method of plasma display panel by floating a panel electrode
75 7,737,919 Plasma display and driving method thereof
76 7,737,918 Method for controlling address power on plasma display panel and apparatus thereof
77 7,737,913 Flat panel display device and portable display apparatus using the same
78 7,737,911 Display apparatus
79 7,737,891 Array antenna system
80 7,737,748 Level shifter of semiconductor device and method for controlling duty ratio in the device
81 7,737,710 Socket, and test apparatus and method using the socket
82 7,737,687 Fluxgate sensor having conbzr magnetic core and fabrication method thereof
83 7,737,660 Hybrid battery and full charge capacity calculation method thereof
84 7,737,631 Flat panel display with repellant and border areas and method of manufacturing the same
85 7,737,627 Fluorene-based compound and organic electroluminescent display device using the same
86 7,737,620 Light emission device, method of manufacturing electron emission unit for the light emission device, and display device having the light emission device
87 7,737,618 Display apparatus
88 7,737,540 Stacked semiconductor devices and signal distribution methods thereof
89 7,737,529 Printed circuit board with film capacitor embedded therein and method for manufacturing the same
90 7,737,527 Phase change material containing carbon, memory device including the phase change material, and method of operating the memory device
91 7,737,512 Integrated circuit devices having uniform silicide junctions
92 7,737,485 Non-volatile memory cells including fin structures
93 7,737,456 Multiple reflection layer electrode, compound semiconductor light emitting device having the same and methods of fabricating the same
94 7,737,448 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacture thereof
95 7,737,445 Contact portion of semiconductor device, and thin film transistor array panel for display device including the contact portion
96 7,737,435 Organic semiconductor composition comprising oligomer compounds, composition for patterning organic semiconductor layer comprising the same, organic semiconductor thin film using the same and organic electronic device employing the thin film
97 7,737,429 Nitride based semiconductor device using nanorods and process for preparing the same
98 7,737,038 Method of fabricating semiconductor device including planarizing conductive layer using parameters of pattern density and depth of trenches
99 7,737,033 Etchant and method for fabricating electric device including thin film transistor using the same
100 7,737,029 Methods of forming metal interconnect structures on semiconductor substrates using oxygen-removing plasmas and interconnect structures formed thereby
101 7,736,989 Method of forming semiconductor device
102 7,736,970 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having capacitor
103 7,736,963 Method of forming a gate structure for a semiconductor device and method of forming a cell gate structure for a non-volatile memory device
104 7,736,952 Wafer packaging method
105 7,736,925 Method of fabricating nitride-based semiconductor laser diode
106 7,736,924 Multiple reflection layer electrode, compound semiconductor light emitting device having the same and methods of fabricating the same
107 7,736,844 Overlay mark and method of forming the same
108 7,736,838 Methods for forming pattern using electron beam and cell masks used in electron beam lithography
109 7,736,812 Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery
110 7,736,810 Separators for winding-type lithium secondary batteries having gel-type polymer electrolytes and manufacturing method for the same
111 7,736,809 Rechargeable lithium ion battery
112 7,736,804 Anode active material, method of manufacturing the same, and lithium battery using the same
113 7,736,800 Can type lithium secondary battery
114 7,736,797 Rechargeable battery and method of manufacturing the same
115 7,736,793 Secondary battery with collector plate and electrode package thereof
116 7,736,784 Injection nozzle assembly and fuel cell system having the same
117 7,736,782 Proton conductive solid polymer electrolyte and fuel cell
118 7,736,527 Siloxane polymer compositions and methods of manufacturing a capacitor using the same
119 7,736,397 Method for manufacturing capacitor embedded in PCB
120 7,736,050 Fluid mixing device using cross channels
121 7,735,976 Inkjet printhead using non-aqueous ink