Samsung patents granted on 15 March 2011

82 US patents granted on 15 March 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D634,359 Laser complex
2 D634,324 LED monitor
3 D634,323 LED monitor
4 D634,302 Speaker
5 7,908,541 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving signal in a communication system
6 7,908,540 Method of transmitting ethernet frame in network bridge and the bridge
7 7,908,502 Interface card, network device having the same and control method thereof
8 7,908,466 Method and apparatus for booting a microprocessor system using boot code stored on a serial flash memory array having a random-access interface
9 7,908,425 Method and device for performing cache reading
10 7,908,341 Digital broadcasting receiver having destination arrival information notification function and notification method using the same
11 7,908,139 Apparatus and method of reducing noise by controlling signal to noise ratio-dependent suppression rate
12 7,908,105 Measurement system for correcting overlay measurement error
13 7,907,980 Magnetic levitation sliding structure
14 7,907,922 Receiver without phase locked loop frequency synthesizer and receiving method using the same
15 7,907,915 Apparatus and method for adaptively changing uplink power control scheme according to mobile status in a TDD mobile communication system
16 7,907,913 Apparatus and method for determining beamforming vector in a codebook-based beamforming system
17 7,907,912 Apparatus and method for eliminating multi-user interference
18 7,907,864 High voltage power controlling apparatus of image forming apparatus including multiple DC power supplies
19 7,907,783 Apparatus and method of matching symbols in a text image coding and decoding system
20 7,907,733 Method for managing traffic encryption key in wireless portable internet system and protocol configuration method thereof, and operation method of traffic encryption key state machine in subscriber station
21 7,907,693 Semiconductor device, a parallel interface system and methods thereof
22 7,907,686 Demodulating device and method in orthogonal frequency division multiple access communication system
23 7,907,682 Apparatus and method for initial fractional frequency offset estimation in a broadband wireless access communication system
24 7,907,627 Wireless communication method following DCF rule
25 7,907,597 Method and apparatus for providing voice and data services in a mobile communication system with various overlapped access networks
26 7,907,581 Method and system for supporting multi mesh operation modes using single Wi-Fi interfacing
27 7,907,573 TSTD apparatus and method for a TDD CDMA mobile communication system
28 7,907,569 Media independent handover (MIH) terminal, MIH server, and method of vertical handover by the terminal and the server
29 7,907,556 Apparatus and method for controlling mobile terminal in data communication system
30 7,907,538 Method and apparatus for controlling parameters of wireless data streaming system
31 7,907,511 Apparatus and method of reconstructing amplitude-clipped signal
32 7,907,488 Write once disc, disc drive therefor, and method of managing disc defect considering compatibility with rewritable disc drive
33 7,907,469 Multi-port memory device for buffering between hosts and non-volatile memory devices
34 7,907,467 Resistance semiconductor memory device having three-dimensional stack and word line decoding method thereof
35 7,907,454 Method of verifying programming operation of flash memory device
36 7,907,452 Non-volatile memory cell programming method
37 7,907,441 Data management method and mapping table update method in non-volatile memory device
38 7,907,437 Resistance variable memory device and method of writing data
39 7,907,392 Plasma display device and coupling boss therefor
40 7,907,391 Display device having a detachable base part
41 7,907,373 Electrostatic discharge circuit
42 7,907,327 Electrophoretic display device and operating method of the same
43 7,907,294 Apparatus to print print data when colors contained in cartridge are insufficient and method thereof
44 7,907,235 Dual liquid crystal display (LCD)
45 7,907,233 Backlight assembly, liquid crystal display apparatus having the same and device for forming a particle interceptor in the backlight assembly
46 7,907,227 Liquid crystal display
47 7,907,219 Digital TV and control method thereof for saving power consumption
48 7,907,216 Display apparatus and control method thereof to selectively decrease a processing time of an image signal
49 7,907,214 Display apparatus and control method of the same
50 7,907,173 Apparatus and method for controlling noise caused by vibration in camera module for mobile device
51 7,907,126 Touch screen display device and method of manufacturing the same
52 7,907,108 Source driver circuits and methods providing reduced power consumption for driving flat panel displays
53 7,907,107 Display device and driving apparatus
54 7,907,106 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
55 7,907,026 Broadband voltage controlled oscillator and method for generating broadband oscillation frequency
56 7,907,011 Folded cascode operational amplifier having improved phase margin
57 7,906,908 Plasma Display Panel (PDP)
58 7,906,907 Plasma display panel (PDP)
59 7,906,900 White organic light emitting device
60 7,906,898 Organic light emitting device with increased luminescence
61 7,906,896 Organic light-emitting diode display device with porous polymer heat insulating member
62 7,906,895 Organic electroluminescent display device using electrode surface reforming layer
63 7,906,841 Wafer level incapsulation chip and encapsulation chip manufacturing method
64 7,906,785 Vertical type nitride semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
65 7,906,773 Phase change memory device
66 7,906,423 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
67 7,906,397 Methods of fabricating nonvolatile semiconductor memory devices including a plurality of stripes having impurity layers therein
68 7,906,361 Photodetector using nanoparticles
69 7,906,243 Accelerated testing method of rapidly evaluating lifespan of fuel cell
70 7,906,227 Indene derivative compound and organic light emitting device comprising the same
71 7,906,206 Organic insulator composition comprising high dielectric constant insulator dispersed in hyperbranched polymer and organic thin film transistor using the same
72 7,906,169 Organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
73 7,905,961 Linear type deposition source
74 7,905,756 Method of manufacturing field emission backlight unit
75 7,905,651 Diffusively reflective film, method of manufacturing the same, light guiding module, backlight assembly, and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
76 7,905,625 Fluorescent lamp, backlight assembly having the same and method of assembling the same
77 7,905,618 Backlight unit
78 7,905,617 Backlight unit
79 7,905,571 Waste ink container, waste ink storing apparatus and inkjet printer including the same
80 7,904,983 Method of controlling a multi-tub washing machine
81 7,904,982 Washing machine having steam generator and method for controlling the same
82 7,904,980 Washing machine and method for controlling the same