Samsung patents granted on 15 May 2012

103 US patents granted on 15 May 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,383 Method for sharing hybrid resources in a wireless independent network, a station for the method, and a data format for the method and the station
2 D659,920 Vacuum cleaner
3 D659,732 Camcorder
4 D659,692 Tablet computer
5 D659,691 Mobile phone case
6 D659,680 Speaker
7 D659,677 Speaker
8 D659,675 Speaker
9 D659,664 Mobile phone
10 D659,637 Battery charger with stand
11 8,181,266 Method for moving a rights object between devices and a method and device for using a content object based on the moving method and device
12 8,181,198 Broadcast receiving apparatus and method for providing widget service thereof via available channel or virtual channel
13 8,181,193 Disk chucking device for alignment of the rotational center of a disk with the center of the disk chucking device
14 8,181,097 Apparatus and method for decoding signal in a communication system
15 8,181,088 Apparatus and method for recording and/or reproducing data on an information storage medium using padding information, and the information storage medium
16 8,181,087 Apparatus and method for recording and/or reproducing data on an information storage medium using padding information, and the information storage medium
17 8,180,988 Method and system for authenticating storage device connected through intermediate converter
18 8,180,976 Programming non-volatile memory devices based on data logic values
19 8,180,939 Memory devices implementing clock mirroring scheme and related memory systems and clock mirroring methods
20 8,180,929 Method for managing logical address and device thereof
21 8,180,853 Method and apparatus for transmitting data in a peer-to-peer network
22 8,180,827 Method and apparatus for associating graphic icon in internet virtual world with user’s experience in real world
23 8,180,797 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
24 8,180,764 Apparatus, method and medium for transmission and/or reception of digital content based on time or location information
25 8,180,709 Method and device for consuming rights objects having inheritance structure in environment where the rights objects are distributed over plurality of devices
26 8,180,565 Method for exchanging messages in a navigation system using visible light communications
27 8,180,416 Sliding-type mobile communication terminal
28 8,180,387 Method, terminal, and system for establishing PoC group session in PoC system
29 8,180,353 Routing method and system for mobile ad-hoc network
30 8,180,348 System and method for fast network reentry in a broadband wireless access communication system
31 8,180,340 Method for saving files in mobile communication terminal
32 8,180,312 Receiver architecture for minimizing use of external bandpass filter between low-noise amplifier and first mixer
33 8,180,290 Wireless communication method for preventing communication interference and cut-off in one-to-multi wireless communication
34 8,180,282 System and method for controlling power in a communication system
35 8,180,241 Power control method and apparatus to heat a heating roller
36 8,180,201 Storage medium storing interactive graphics stream activated in response to user’s command, and reproducing apparatus for reproducing from the same
37 8,180,196 Optical recording/reproducing apparatus and data recording method thereof
38 8,180,195 Memory structures and methods for video codec
39 8,180,003 Apparatus and method for generating per stream channel quality information in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communication system
40 8,179,982 Transmitting additional information in the headers of encapsulating data packets in mobile/handheld (M/H) DTV signals
41 8,179,980 Robust DTV signals that can overcome burst errors up to 1040 bytes or more in length
42 8,179,949 Correlation method and signal processing method of CDMA receiver using mapping
43 8,179,938 Light-emitting element capable of increasing amount of light emitted, light-emitting device including the same, and method of manufacturing light-emitting element and light-emitting device
44 8,179,871 Method and system for channel access control for transmission of video information over wireless channels
45 8,179,834 Method and apparatus for adapting downlink wireless transmission between beamforming and transmit diversity on a per mobile station basis
46 8,179,805 Method and system for wireless communication by spatial reuse
47 8,179,780 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control information to randomize inter-cell interference in a mobile communication system
48 8,179,759 Information storage medium and recording/reproducing apparatus and method using the same
49 8,179,758 Optical disc having tracking polarity information, and apparatuses and methods for recording and reproducing user data on the same
50 8,179,736 Antifuses and program circuits having the same
51 8,179,732 Flash memory devices including ready/busy control circuits and methods of testing the same
52 8,179,727 NAND flash memory devices and methods of LSB/MSB programming the same
53 8,179,718 Memory device and memory programming method
54 8,179,711 Semiconductor memory device with stacked memory cell and method of manufacturing the stacked memory cell
55 8,179,707 Semiconductor memory devices and methods of arranging memory cell arrays thereof
56 8,179,697 Control panel assembly and washing machine having the same
57 8,179,685 Printed circuit board and display apparatus having the same
58 8,179,665 Solid electrolytic capacitor with increased capacitance
59 8,179,491 Thin film transistor having improved fabrication and performance characteristics and display device having the same
60 8,179,489 Display device
61 8,179,482 Touch panel display and method of manufacturing the same
62 8,179,456 Image sensors, color filter arrays included in the image sensors, and image pickup apparatuses including the image sensors
63 8,179,430 Biometric authentication device
64 8,179,407 Method of driving a display apparatus, and display apparatus and timing controller for performing the method
65 8,179,390 Light emitting display
66 8,179,385 Liquid crystal display
67 8,179,365 Electrophoretic display device having improved color gamut
68 8,179,355 Display apparatus having a pre-charging function
69 8,179,350 Display device
70 8,179,345 Shared buffer display panel drive methods and systems
71 8,179,244 Remote control system and method having reduced vulnerability to noise
72 8,179,226 Array type chip resistor
73 8,179,205 Linearization systems and methods for variable attenuators
74 8,179,177 Wideband delay-locked loop (DLL) circuit
75 8,179,097 Protection circuit for battery pack and battery pack having the same
76 8,179,044 Plasma display device and fabricating method for the same
77 8,179,031 Surface light source, method of driving the same, and backlight unit having the same
78 8,179,006 Motor
79 8,178,969 Flip chip package
80 8,178,960 Stacked semiconductor package and method of manufacturing thereof
81 8,178,951 Compound semiconductor substrate and control for electrical property thereof
82 8,178,928 Intermediate structures having reduced width contact holes that are formed during manufacture of memory cells having contact structures
83 8,178,924 Semiconductor device having floating body element and bulk body element
84 8,178,884 Thin film transistor including compound semiconductor oxide, method of manufacturing the same and flat panel display device having the same
85 8,178,867 Organic light emitting display and fabricating method thereof
86 8,178,865 Organic light emitting display device including a plurality of switching elements for testing the same
87 8,178,621 Composition for crosslinkable polyimide precusor, method of manufacturing cross-linked polyimide, and polyimide film
88 8,178,442 Method of forming patterns of semiconductor device
89 8,178,424 Method of fabricating light-emitting apparatus with improved light extraction efficiency and light-emitting apparatus fabricated using the method
90 8,178,408 Methods of manufacturing charge trap-type non-volatile memory devices
91 8,178,393 Semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
92 8,178,378 Method of manufacturing vertical nitride semiconductor light emitting diode
93 8,178,248 Carbon monoxide remover and fuel cell system with the same
94 8,178,245 Electrode assembly having porous separator that contains an antacid and secondary battery having the same
95 8,178,236 Secondary battery including an insulation case with an insertion groove
96 8,178,235 Battery with cap plate having inclined edge
97 8,178,232 Battery pack
98 8,178,193 Constraining green sheet and method of manufacturing multi-layer ceramic substrate using the same
99 8,178,172 Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
100 8,178,028 Laser patterning of nanostructure-films
101 8,178,000 Deep red phosphor and method of manufacturing the same
102 8,177,325 Inkjet image forming apparatus
103 8,176,756 Drain pump and washing machine having the same