Samsung patents granted on 15 September 2009

80 US patents granted on 15 September 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D600,276 Developing device for printer
2 D600,237 Headset transceiver
3 D600,231 Mobile phone
4 7,590,900 Flip flop circuit & same with scan function
5 7,590,865 Method and apparatus for restriction use of storage medium using user key
6 7,590,850 Digital signature method based on identification information of group members, and method of acquiring identification information of signed-group member, and digital signature system for performing digital signature based on identification information of group members
7 7,590,831 Loop accelerator and data processing system having the same
8 7,590,611 Clustering method of wireless sensor network for minimized energy consumption
9 7,590,537 Speaker clustering and adaptation method based on the HMM model variation information and its apparatus for speech recognition
10 7,590,435 Locking apparatus of swing hinge module for mobile communication terminals
11 7,590,426 Device and method for searching digital broadcasting channel using position information
12 7,590,423 Apparatus and method for allocating channel in a wireless communication system
13 7,590,394 Apparatus and method for amplifying multi-mode power using pre-distorter
14 7,590,372 Multi-pass type color image forming apparatus
15 7,590,307 Edge direction based image interpolation method
16 7,590,303 Image enhancement method using local illumination correction
17 7,590,299 Increasing gamma accuracy in quantized systems
18 7,590,187 Digital broadcasting transmission and/or reception system to improve receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
19 7,590,180 Device for and method of estimating motion in video encoder
20 7,590,171 Apparatus and method for estimating a carrier-to-interference-and-noise ratio in a communication system
21 7,590,166 Apparatus and method for canceling an interference signal in a mobile communication system using multiple antennas
22 7,590,089 Transfer format selecting method for optimizing data transfer in WCDMA mobile communication system
23 7,590,045 Apparatus and method for transmitting fast feedback information in a wireless communication system
24 7,590,036 Optical disc having uniform structure
25 7,590,034 Method for detecting servo error, apparatus therefor, disk which maintains quality of servo error signal, method of controlling servo of disk recording/reproducing apparatus, method of detecting tracking error, and method of detecting tilt error
26 7,590,022 Electric fuse circuit providing margin read function
27 7,590,020 Semiconductor memory, semiconductor memory system and method of monitoring dynamic temperature thereof
28 7,590,013 Semiconductor memory devices having variable additive latency
29 7,590,011 Memory card, data driving method thereof, and memory card system including the same
30 7,590,010 Data output circuit in semiconductor memory device
31 7,590,003 Self-reference sense amplifier circuit and sensing method
32 7,589,999 Method and apparatus for programming non-volatile data storage device
33 7,589,998 Non-volatile memory device and method of operation therefor
34 7,589,994 Methods of writing data to magnetic random access memory devices with bit line and/or digit line magnetic layers
35 7,589,992 Semiconductor device having three dimensional structure
36 7,589,935 Disk clamping apparatus for hard disk drive and hard disk drive with the same
37 7,589,931 Method, apparatus, and storage medium for controlling track seek servo in disk drive, and disk drive using same
38 7,589,815 Liquid crystal display having OCB mode liquid crystal layer and method of manufacturing the same
39 7,589,801 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing thereof
40 7,589,758 Apparatus and method for detecting and selectively filtering co-channel interference
41 7,589,743 Hue angle calculation system and methods
42 7,589,702 Liquid crystal display device
43 7,589,686 Small ultra wideband antenna having unidirectional radiation pattern
44 7,589,580 Reference current generating method and current reference circuit
45 7,589,540 Current-mode semiconductor integrated circuit device operating in voltage mode during test mode
46 7,589,519 Electronic apparatus with driving power having different voltage levels
47 7,589,466 Plasma display panel with discharge cells having different volumes
48 7,589,461 Organic electroluminescent display device having a photonic crystal layer provided over electroluminescent stack
49 7,589,422 Micro-element package having a dual-thickness substrate and manufacturing method thereof
50 7,589,421 Heat-radiating semiconductor chip, tape wiring substrate and tape package using the same
51 7,589,405 Memory cards and method of fabricating the memory cards
52 7,589,376 Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) device and methods of fabricating the same
53 7,589,375 Non-volatile memory devices including etching protection layers and methods of forming the same
54 7,589,374 Semiconductor device and related fabrication method
55 7,589,367 Layout structure in semiconductor memory device comprising global work lines, local work lines, global bit lines and local bit lines
56 7,589,292 Keypad with light guide layer, keypad assembly and portable terminal
57 7,589,192 pH dependent ion exchange material capable of selectively binding to nucleic acids in comparison with proteins, solid substrate having the material immobilized on its surface, and method of isolating a nucleic acid using the material or the solid substrate
58 7,589,043 Supported catalyst, electrode using the supported catalyst and fuel cell including the electrode
59 7,589,022 Method of chemical mechanical polishing and method of fabricating semiconductor device using the same
60 7,589,013 Electrode structure and method of manufacturing the same, phase-change memory device having the electrode structure and method of manufacturing the same
61 7,588,989 Dielectric multilayer structures of microelectronic devices and methods for fabricating the same
62 7,588,983 EEPROM cell and EEPROM device with high integration and low source resistance and method of manufacturing the same
63 7,588,979 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit using a selective disposable spacer technique and semiconductor integrated circuit manufactured thereby
64 7,588,977 Method of fabricating a MOS field effect transistor having plurality of channels
65 7,588,972 Thin film transistor, method of manufacturing the same, display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the display apparatus
66 7,588,964 Methods of stacking semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating semiconductor device packages using the same
67 7,588,877 Photo-sensitive composition, photo-sensitive paste composition for barrier ribs comprising the same, and method for preparing barrier ribs for plasma display panel
68 7,588,854 Fuel cell system having no fuel pump
69 7,588,850 Polymer membrane for a fuel cell, a method of preparing the same, and a membrane-electrode assembly fuel cell system comprising the same
70 7,588,795 Manufacturing method of OLED display and apparatus for manufacturing the OLED display
71 7,588,482 Apparatus and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device
72 7,588,362 Backlight assembly, display device provided with the same, and method for assembling backlight assembly
73 7,588,350 Light emitting device module
74 7,588,346 Lamp assembly, light supplying apparatus and liquid crystal display device using the same
75 7,588,315 Array printhead and inkjet image forming apparatus having the same
76 7,588,310 Inkjet image forming system and method of increasing a printing speed thereof
77 7,588,307 Piezolelectric inkjet printhead having temperature sensor and method of making the same
78 7,588,303 Head driving device, inkjet printer comprising the same, and data processing method thereof
79 7,588,218 Height adjusting apparatus and household electric appliance provided with the same
80 7,587,808 Method of coupling a voice coil motor to a base plate of a hard disk drive