Samsung patents granted on 15 September 2015

210 US patents granted on 15 September 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,671 Method and system for establishing session for message communication between converged IP messaging service client and short messaging service client
2 D738,948 Camera
3 D738,921 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
4 D738,920 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
5 D738,918 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
6 D738,915 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
7 D738,903 Mobile terminal with animated graphical user interface
8 D738,895 Display screen for a digital camera with a graphical user interface
9 D738,894 Portable electronic device with a graphical user interface
10 D738,891 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D738,888 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D738,887 Digital camera with a graphical user interface
13 D738,881 Display screen
14 D738,880 Display screen
15 D738,879 Display screen
16 D738,877 Electronic device
17 D738,875 PC
18 D738,865 Speaker
19 D738,864 Earphone
20 D738,860 Speaker
21 D738,859 Speaker
22 D738,857 Circuit board for electronic device
23 D738,850 Headphone
24 D738,846 Telephone
25 D738,845 Telephone
26 D738,837 Television receiver
27 D738,772 Band for electronic device
28 D738,721 Packaging box
29 9,137,886 Printed circuit board and method for manufacturing the same
30 9,137,782 Wireless communication method, and wireless communication device and system using the same
31 9,137,752 Method for operating control sleep mode in a communication system
32 9,137,748 Connection close packet transmission method and apparatus
33 9,137,725 Apparatus and method for dispersing users in wireless communication system
34 9,137,698 Beam management for wireless communication
35 9,137,673 Interference control system for simultaneously supporting low power communication and high spectral efficient communication
36 9,137,665 Method and system for establishing wireless local area network link between portable terminals
37 9,137,632 Method of setting initial location of user terminal via interaction with user and user terminal
38 9,137,617 Correlation parameter transmitting in an encoding apparatus and decoding apparatus
39 9,137,553 Content server and content providing method of the same
40 9,137,543 Method and apparatus for encoding motion information, and method and apparatus for decoding same
41 9,137,536 Method and apparatus for encoding video in consideration of scanning order of coding units having hierarchical structure, and method and apparatus for decoding video in consideration of scanning order of coding units having hierarchical structure
42 9,137,534 Method and apparatus for encoding images and method and apparatus for decoding images
43 9,137,533 Method and apparatus for encoding video using variable partitions for predictive encoding, and method and apparatus for decoding video using variable partitions for predictive encoding
44 9,137,521 Depth sensing apparatus and method
45 9,137,520 Stereoscopic image display device and method of displaying stereoscopic image
46 9,137,515 Method and apparatus for providing digital broadcasting service with 3-dimensional subtitle
47 9,137,512 Method and apparatus for estimating depth, and method and apparatus for converting 2D video to 3D video
48 9,137,506 User interface (UI) providing method and photographing apparatus using the same
49 9,137,487 Apparatus and method for providing video call in portable terminal
50 9,137,467 Image data processing method, image sensor and image data processing system using the method
51 9,137,457 Electronic apparatus and method of controlling the same
52 9,137,432 Backside illumination image sensor, operating method thereof, image processing system and method of processing image using the same
53 9,137,431 Camera having internal antenna
54 9,137,412 Scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the same
55 9,137,411 Image forming apparatus and method of inputting e-mail thereat
56 9,137,363 Apparatus and method for sharing information through presence service in a communication network
57 9,137,359 Terminal and method for managing call function
58 9,137,354 Portable television (TV) phone and method for controlling operation thereof
59 9,137,313 Data transmission system and method using relay server
60 9,137,306 Method and apparatus for Wi-Fi connection using Wi-Fi protected setup in portable terminal
61 9,137,290 Image forming apparatus to determine pre-storage of a MAC (media access control) address, management method thereof, and computer readable recording medium
62 9,137,223 Apparatus and method for transmitting data, and recording medium storing program for executing method of the same in computer
63 9,137,197 IP router and method of allocating IP address
64 9,137,145 Communication method of hub and transmitting, receiving terminal included in virtual group
65 9,137,036 Method and apparatus for processing event in home network
66 9,137,034 Device customized home network top-level information architecture
67 9,136,991 Power amplifying circuit and front end module including the same
68 9,136,975 Method for transmitting data, device for transmitting data, device for receiving data, and system including the devices
69 9,136,915 Wireless communication device
70 9,136,872 Memory, memory system, and error checking and correcting method for memory
71 9,136,870 Method and apparatus with error correction for dimmable visible light communication
72 9,136,808 Signal processing apparatus and method
73 9,136,798 Method and apparatus for outputting audio signal
74 9,136,790 Inverter control apparatus and control method thereof
75 9,136,754 Power supply device, display device including the power supply device, and driving method using the same
76 9,136,730 Energy storage system
77 9,136,725 Method and apparatus to charge battery of mobile device
78 9,136,702 Electrostatic discharge protection device and composite electronic component including the same
79 9,136,589 Antenna apparatus, electronic apparatus having an antenna apparatus, and method of manufacturing the same
80 9,136,565 Secondary battery
81 9,136,555 Rechargeable battery
82 9,136,547 Fuel cell system
83 9,136,538 Rechargeable battery having current collection plate with protrusion
84 9,136,537 Rechargeable lithium battery including heat-treated negative current collector
85 9,136,531 Positive electrode for rechargeable lithium battery, method of preparing same and rechargeable lithium battery including same
86 9,136,524 Secondary battery
87 9,136,523 Rechargeable battery
88 9,136,522 Protection circuit module and rechargeable battery including the same
89 9,136,520 Battery module
90 9,136,519 Cap assembly and battery pack having the same
91 9,136,513 Battery pack
92 9,136,512 Battery pack having parallel connector
93 9,136,511 Battery pack
94 9,136,507 Can and lithium secondary battery using the same
95 9,136,506 Thin-film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display having the same, and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display
96 9,136,503 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display device
97 9,136,502 Organic light emitting diode display
98 9,136,501 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
99 9,136,495 Organic light-emitting device
100 9,136,480 Organic light-emitting diode
101 9,136,476 Method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus, and organic light-emitting display apparatus manufactured by the method
102 9,136,474 Method of fabricating phase-change random access memory device
103 9,136,440 Organic light emitting display apparatus having a mirror function
104 9,136,430 Semiconductor buffer structure, semiconductor device including the same, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using semiconductor buffer structure
105 9,136,395 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices
106 9,136,365 Power devices and method for manufacturing the same
107 9,136,353 Polysilicon-based thin film transistor
108 9,136,342 Thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
109 9,136,336 Inverter logic devices including graphene field effect transistor having tunable barrier
110 9,136,316 Thin-film transistor array substrate with connection node and display device including the same
111 9,136,313 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
112 9,136,312 Method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display apparatus
113 9,136,311 Flexible substrate, flexible display device, and method for manufacturing flexible display device
114 9,136,310 Thin film deposition apparatus, method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the apparatus, and organic light-emitting display device manufactured by using the method
115 9,136,284 Thin film transistor panel and method for manufacturing the same
116 9,136,283 Thin film transistor array panel
117 9,136,270 Memory device
118 9,136,268 Semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device including capacitor
119 9,136,260 Method of manufacturing chip-stacked semiconductor package
120 9,136,255 Methods of fabricating package stack structure and method of mounting package stack structure on system board
121 9,136,187 Method of adjusting a threshold voltage of a transistor in the forming of a semiconductor device including the transistor
122 9,136,176 Semiconductor devices including an epitaxial layer with a slanted surface
123 9,136,139 Jig, manufacturing method thereof, and flip chip bonding method for chips of ultrasound probe using jig
124 9,136,138 Equipment for manufacturing semiconductor device and seasoning process method of the same
125 9,136,137 Etchant composition and methods of fabricating metal wiring and thin film transistor substrate using the same
126 9,136,135 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
127 9,136,120 Compositions for etching and methods of forming a semiconductor device using the same
128 9,136,094 Method of plasma processing and apparatuses using the method
129 9,136,059 Multilayer ceramic capacitor and board for mounting the same
130 9,136,047 Method of forming low-resistance metal pattern, patterned metal structure, and display devices using the same
131 9,136,010 Method for generating physical identifier in storage device and machine-readable storage medium
132 9,136,005 Erasing methods of three-dimensional nonvolatile memory devices with cell strings and dummy word lines
133 9,136,002 Semiconductor memory devices utilizing randomization and data programming methods thereof
134 9,135,996 Variable resistance memory device and related method of operation
135 9,135,994 Nonvolatile memory device having read circuits for performing Read-While-Write (RWW) operation and Read-Modify-Write (RMW) operation
136 9,135,981 Memory system having memory ranks and related tuning method
137 9,135,963 Line memory device and image sensor including the same
138 9,135,947 Spindle motor having sealing cap with curved part and hard disk drive including the same
139 9,135,890 Display device and driving method thereof
140 9,135,887 Display device and driving method of the same
141 9,135,884 LCD plateau power conservation
142 9,135,874 Display device and driving method thereof
143 9,135,861 Organic light emitting device and method of configuring gamma set of the same
144 9,135,855 Display device, electronic device, driving circuit, and driving method thereof
145 9,135,853 Gradation voltage generator and display driving apparatus
146 9,135,852 Organic light emitting diode display
147 9,135,848 Display device
148 9,135,845 Display apparatus including barrier panel and touch sensing part
149 9,135,792 System and method generating motor driving signal and method controlling vibration
150 9,135,766 Method of identifying a counterfeit bill using a portable terminal
151 9,135,711 Video segmentation apparatus and method for controlling the same
152 9,135,689 Apparatus and method for performing detail enhancement
153 9,135,521 Image processing apparatus and method for determining the integral image
154 9,135,464 Secure storage system for distributed data
155 9,135,459 Security management unit, host controller interface including same, method operating host controller interface, and devices including host controller interface
156 9,135,417 Apparatus for generating secure key using device and user authentication information
157 9,135,390 Method of designing power supply network
158 9,135,275 Digital photographing apparatus and method of providing image captured by using the apparatus
159 9,135,256 Method for searching content
160 9,135,209 Apparatus and method for exchanging data between UPnP based devices
161 9,135,187 Apparatus and method for protecting memory in multi-processor system
162 9,135,183 Multi-threaded memory management
163 9,135,167 Controller, data storage device and data storage system having the controller, and data processing method
164 9,135,159 Management of memory pool in virtualization environment
165 9,135,132 Method of testing a device under test, device under test, and semiconductor test system including the device under test
166 9,135,111 Nonvolatile memory device and bad area managing method thereof
167 9,135,060 Method and apparatus for migrating task in multicore platform
168 9,135,009 Apparatus and method for compressing instructions and a computer-readable storage media therefor
169 9,135,003 Reconfigurable processor and reconfigurable processing method of vector operation using vector lane configuration information
170 9,134,950 Video wall display system
171 9,134,919 Memory device including priority information and method of operating the same
172 9,134,902 Mobile terminal having a touch screen and method for providing a user interface therein
173 9,134,857 Adaptive digital filtering method and apparatus in touch sensing system
174 9,134,837 Display apparatus with reduced signal interference
175 9,134,768 Portable terminal with optical touch pad and method for controlling data in the same
176 9,134,750 Embedded multimedia card (eMMC), eMMC system, and methods of operation
177 9,134,733 Robot cleaner, docking station, robot cleaner system including robot cleaner and docking station, and method of controlling robot cleaner
178 9,134,699 Apparatus and method for displaying holographic image using collimated directional backlight unit
179 9,134,683 Image forming apparatus having a cleaning unit to clean an optical sensor unit
180 9,134,665 Fixing unit and image forming apparatus including the same
181 9,134,662 Image forming apparatus and control method for confirming a paper rolling state of a fusing device
182 9,134,603 Photomask for exposure and method of manufacturing pattern using the same
183 9,134,587 Optical image stablilizer detecting X direction displacement and Y direction displacement of lens group
184 9,134,581 Liquid crystal display
185 9,134,573 Method of producing photo-alignment layer of liquid crystal display
186 9,134,568 Varifocal lens
187 9,134,565 Pixel unit and display panel having the same
188 9,134,562 Display device
189 9,134,554 Display device
190 9,134,550 Photorefractive polymer composite, and photorefractive device and hologram display device including the same
191 9,134,469 Composite for black matrix resist, method for manufacturing black matrix resist, color filter array panel, and method for manufacturing the same
192 9,134,436 X-ray apparatus and X-ray detector
193 9,134,420 Three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound system for scanning object inside human body and method for operating 3D ultrasound system
194 9,134,365 System for testing semiconductor modules
195 9,134,276 Bulk acoustic wave resonator sensor
196 9,134,118 Tilt check apparatus and method thereof
197 9,134,063 Refrigerator
198 9,133,845 Scroll compressor having a back pressure adjustment device
199 9,133,550 Etching composition, method of forming a metal pattern using the etching composition, and method of manufacturing a display substrate
200 9,133,526 Composition and kit for detection and analysis of strains of Clostridium difficile and method of detecting strains of Clostridium difficile by using the same
201 9,133,361 Photocurable coating composition
202 9,133,156 Method for preparing selenyl-substituted aromatic aldehyde compounds
203 9,132,981 Print medium finishing apparatus
204 9,132,620 Delamination apparatus and inline thermal imaging system
205 9,132,552 Robot and friction compensation method therefor
206 9,132,547 Robot and method to recognize and handle abnormal situations
207 9,131,918 3-dimensional ultrasound image provision using volume slices in an ultrasound system
208 9,131,916 Radiation imaging apparatus and control method thereof
209 9,131,912 Dual-energy X-ray imaging system and control method for the same
210 9,131,876 Portable sound source playing apparatus for testing hearing ability and method of testing hearing ability using the apparatus