Samsung patents granted on 16 April 2013

158 US patents granted on 16 April 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D680,129 Portion of a display screen with graphical user interface
2 D680,128 Portion of a display screen with graphical user interface
3 D680,127 Portion of a display screen with graphical user interface
4 D680,126 Portion of a display screen with graphical user interface
5 D680,088 TV receiver
6 8,424,033 Turntable device for detachably securing a disk
7 8,423,920 Method of forming photomask by collecting verification data based on a layout of contour patterns
8 8,423,878 Memory controller and memory system including the same having interface controllers generating parity bits
9 8,423,865 Apparatus and method for storing data using non-volatile buffer
10 8,423,860 Apparatus and method for generating a parity check matrix in a communication system using linear block codes, and a transmission/reception apparatus and method using the same
11 8,423,787 Apparatus and method of measuring integrity
12 8,423,772 Multi-hop wireless network system and authentication method thereof
13 8,423,755 Memory system and memory management method including the same
14 8,423,754 Computer system and method of booting the same
15 8,423,743 Method to divide a file or merge files using file allocation table (FAT)
16 8,423,723 Multi-processor system device and method declaring and using variables
17 8,423,706 Apparatus and method to prevent data loss in nonvolatile memory
18 8,423,703 Data transfer in memory card system
19 8,423,684 Display apparatus operated in multiple modes and mode changing method thereof
20 8,423,671 Middleware device and method of supporting compatibility of devices in home network
21 8,423,657 Time slot allocation method for reducing consumption of energy in wireless sensor network
22 8,423,609 Method and network apparatus for requesting data based on content name
23 8,423,295 Method of outputting body information and apparatus therefor
24 8,423,183 Robot and method of controlling the same
25 8,423,163 Mobile terminal and device control method for the same
26 8,423,032 Apparatus and method for serving cellsite selection
27 8,423,015 Relay system and method for cellular communication
28 8,422,996 Method and apparatus for providing advertisement in mobile terminal, and system therefor
29 8,422,981 Multi-band low noise amplifier and multi-band radio frequency receiver including the same
30 8,422,921 Image forming apparatus and developer container therefor
31 8,422,916 Charge device and image forming apparatus having the same
32 8,422,915 Developer cartridge, developing device, and image forming apparatus having the same
33 8,422,908 Developing device and image forming apparatus including the same
34 8,422,893 Developer and image forming apparatus including the same
35 8,422,878 Imaging apparatus performing auto focusing function with plurality of band pass filters and auto focusing method applied to the same
36 8,422,872 Image processing method and apparatus and information storage medium storing image information
37 8,422,845 Optical input/output device for photo-electric integrated circuit device and method of fabricating same
38 8,422,818 Method and apparatus for image processing
39 8,422,764 Method and apparatus of reconstructing 3D image from 2D images
40 8,422,760 System for monitoring haze of a photomask
41 8,422,746 Face authentication system and authentication method thereof
42 8,422,735 Imaging apparatus for detecting a scene where a person appears and a detecting method thereof
43 8,422,696 Apparatus and method for removing noise
44 8,422,671 Methods of encryption and decryption using operand ordering and encryption systems using the same
45 8,422,560 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding media signal
46 8,422,549 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving uncompressed audio/video data and transmission frame structure
47 8,422,485 Method and system for providing multimedia portal contents in communication system
48 8,422,475 Method and apparatus for setting up network for IP communication in mobile terminal
49 8,422,472 Method and system for operating cells in an overlay network including macro cells and home cells
50 8,422,458 Handoff method in FMIPv6 for seamless TCP packet transmissions
51 8,422,429 Method and system for indicating the transmission mode for uplink control information
52 8,422,426 Apparatus and method for calibration for cooperative multiple input multiple output in a wireless communication system
53 8,422,354 Channel estimation method and apparatus using data channel
54 8,422,333 Semiconductor memory device and access method thereof
55 8,422,328 Semiconductor device, semiconductor system including the same, and voltage supply method of semiconductor device
56 8,422,318 Semiconductor device
57 8,422,307 Nonvolatile memory device and read method using dynamically determined read voltages
58 8,422,292 Nonvolatile memory device and program method thereof
59 8,422,291 Storage device and method for reading the same
60 8,422,290 Methods of reading data in a NAND flash memory device with a fringe voltage applied to a conductive layer
61 8,422,280 Stable current supply circuit irrespective of PVT variations and semiconductor having same
62 8,422,275 Magnetic memory device and method
63 8,422,258 Maximum power point tracker, power conversion controller, power conversion device having insulating structure, and method for tracking maximum power point thereof
64 8,422,248 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
65 8,422,236 Pin module and chip on board type use device
66 8,422,198 Electric double layer capacitor package and method of manufacturing the same
67 8,422,196 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
68 8,422,131 Liquid elastic membrane prism and 3 dimension display device having the same
69 8,422,115 Display device
70 8,422,113 Panel including thermochromic layer
71 8,422,081 Image forming apparatus and image forming method capable of revising gray image
72 8,422,077 Method and apparatus for performing printing job by adjusting color information
73 8,421,983 Liquid crystal display (LCD) panel and method of manufacturing the same
74 8,421,982 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the display substrate and display apparatus having the display substrate
75 8,421,947 Liquid crystal display module, display device set including the same, and method of assembling liquid crystal display module
76 8,421,945 Liquid crystal display device
77 8,421,936 Display panel, display apparatus having the same, and method of manufacturing the same
78 8,421,929 Display apparatus and power supplying method thereof
79 8,421,881 Apparatus and method for acquiring image based on expertise
80 8,421,820 Methods and systems for sub-pixel rendering with adaptive filtering
81 8,421,814 Display device and method of driving the same
82 8,421,789 Mother substrate of organic light emitting display devices and method of aging the same
83 8,421,775 Method and apparatus for detecting touch point
84 8,421,768 Touch screen device
85 8,421,743 Flat panel display and mobile device using the same
86 8,421,733 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
87 8,421,708 Image display and organic light-emitting display including image shift unit
88 8,421,615 Method and system for locating sensor node in sensor network using transmit power control
89 8,421,609 Haptic feedback device and electronic device having the same
90 8,421,599 Apparatus and method for providing URL, mobile station, and method for accessing internet by using the provided URL
91 8,421,545 Oscillators and methods of operating the same
92 8,421,497 Semiconductor chip and semiconductor module including the semiconductor chip
93 8,421,436 Step-down converter maintaining stable operation at start up
94 8,421,417 Secondary battery control circuit
95 8,421,412 Cell balancing circuit and secondary battery with cell balancing circuit
96 8,421,402 Method and apparatus for providing charging information regarding portable terminal with solar cell
97 8,421,384 Direct current motor controlling apparatus and method thereof
98 8,421,369 Light emitting diode having protection function
99 8,421,365 Apparatus for driving light emitting device using pulse-width modulation
100 8,421,353 Organic light emitting diode display with specific sealing member
101 8,421,343 Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing method therefor
102 8,421,342 Organic light-emitting display device
103 8,421,337 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
104 8,421,332 Capacitive touch screen and method for manufacturing the same
105 8,421,326 Electrode, method of preparing the same, and electronic device including the electrode
106 8,421,323 Light blocking layer, display filter having the light blocking layer, and display apparatus having the display filter
107 8,421,244 Semiconductor package and method of forming the same
108 8,421,224 Semiconductor chip having double bump structure and smart card including the same
109 8,421,131 Graphene electronic device and method of fabricating the same
110 8,421,097 Organic light emitting diode display device
111 8,421,090 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
112 8,421,084 Organic light emitting display and manufacturing method thereof
113 8,421,070 ZnO based semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
114 8,421,063 Organic light emitting display
115 8,421,062 Nanofiber composite, method of manufacturing the same, and field effect transistor including the same
116 8,421,013 Electromagnetic wave transmission filters and electromagnetic cameras including the same
117 8,420,989 Coil and semiconductor apparatus having the same
118 8,420,955 Lead pin for package substrate
119 8,420,949 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
120 8,420,945 Package substrate, semiconductor package having the package substrate
121 8,420,730 Capsulated colorant, method of preparing the same, ink composition including the capsulated colorant
122 8,420,715 Encapsulated colorant and ink composition including the same
123 8,420,713 Capsulated colorant, method of preparing the same, and ink composition including the capsulated colorant
124 8,420,551 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices and semiconductor devices fabricated by the same
125 8,420,524 Void boundary structures, semiconductor devices having the void boundary structures and methods of forming the same
126 8,420,513 Method of fabricating thin film transistor
127 8,420,485 Semiconductor device having vertical channel transistor and method of manufacturing the same
128 8,420,482 Nonvolatile memory device and method of forming the same
129 8,420,457 Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
130 8,420,453 Method of forming active region structure
131 8,420,450 Method of molding semiconductor package
132 8,420,432 Method of forming semiconductor device
133 8,420,423 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
134 8,420,302 Method of fine patterning a thin film and method of manufacturing a display substrate using the method
135 8,420,277 Electrolyte membrane using polybenzoxazine based compound
136 8,420,274 Membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell, method of manufacturing the same, and fuel cell including the membrane electrode assembly
137 8,420,265 Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including the same
138 8,420,253 Secondary battery
139 8,420,250 Battery module and battery pack including the same
140 8,420,248 Electrode assembly and secondary battery using the same
141 8,420,231 Iridium phosphorescent dendrimer, method of preparing the same and electroluminescent device including the iridium phosphorescent dendrimer
142 8,420,230 Organic light emitting diode employing luminescent efficiency improvement layer
143 8,420,182 Method of manufacturing polymer dispersed liquid crystal display device including dichroic dye
144 8,420,156 Method of forming pattern and manufacturing method of organic light emitting device
145 8,420,026 Centrifugal force-based microfluidic device for nucleic acid extraction and microfluidic system including the microfluidic device
146 8,419,891 Semiconductor development apparatus and method using same
147 8,419,880 Method of transferring graphene
148 8,419,853 Stacked semiconductor device and related method
149 8,419,494 Flat panel display device and method of manufacturing the same
150 8,419,492 Printing bead spacers on flat panel display substrates
151 8,419,451 Cover for a connection terminal of a portable terminal
152 8,419,158 Apparatus to sense temperature of ink-jet head
153 8,419,096 Robot hand and robot having the same
154 8,418,510 Washing machine
155 8,418,361 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board having landless via hole
156 8,418,356 Method of manufacturing an embedded printed circuit board
157 8,418,355 Method for manufacturing circuit board
158 8,418,331 Method of fabricating a duplexer using an embedded PCB