Samsung patents granted on 16 August 2011

124 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D643,456 Camera for TV receiver
2 D643,455 Surveillance camera
3 D643,425 Notebook computer
4 D643,390 LED television receiver
5 D643,389 LED television receiver
6 8,001,566 Digital TV and control method of the same
7 8,001,561 System and method for automatically rating video content
8 8,001,467 Method of inputting letter in mobile terminal through extraction of proposed letter set
9 8,001,451 Trellis encoder and trellis encoding device having the same
10 8,001,440 Apparatus and method for performing HARQ transmission in a wireless communication system
11 8,001,406 Method and apparatus for managing power of portable information device
12 8,001,366 Method for reducing booting time of mobile communication terminal
13 8,001,356 Methods and apparatus for reallocating addressable spaces within memory devices
14 8,001,291 Method of optimized-sharing of multimedia content and mobile terminal employing the same
15 8,001,289 Digital audio/video apparatus and method that can perform additional operations
16 8,001,227 Apparatus and method for UPNP service in public network environment
17 8,000,975 User adjustment of signal parameters of coded transient, sinusoidal and noise components of parametrically-coded audio before decoding
18 8,000,823 Audio playback time estimating apparatus and method
19 8,000,744 Apparatus and method for beamforming in a communication system
20 8,000,705 Apparatus and method for connecting call in mobile terminal
21 8,000,700 Device diagnostics and monitoring method and system
22 8,000,680 Security management method and apparatus in multimedia middleware, and storage medium therefor
23 8,000,676 Second intercept point (IP2) calibrator and method for calibrating IP2
24 8,000,657 Method and system for relaying data in a mobile communication system
25 8,000,654 Apparatus and method for canceling interference in a single antenna 1xEV-DV base station
26 8,000,650 Retransmission apparatus and method in wireless relay communication system
27 8,000,624 Fusing circuit for driving operation of heating unit in an image forming apparatus and control method thereof
28 8,000,620 Image forming apparatus and transfer method thereof
29 8,000,619 Fixing device usable with an image forming apparatus
30 8,000,617 Image forming apparatus having toner containers of varying sizes
31 8,000,578 Method, system, and medium for providing broadcasting service using home server and mobile phone
32 8,000,561 Apparatus, method, and medium for generating panoramic image using a series of images captured in various directions
33 8,000,540 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding graphic data
34 8,000,478 Key handshaking method and system for wireless local area networks
35 8,000,427 Apparatus and method for low-complexity scheduling in multi-user MIMO system
36 8,000,422 Apparatus and method for detecting signal in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless communication system
37 8,000,417 Methods and OFDM receivers providing inter-carrier interference cancellation with guard interval reuse scheme
38 8,000,383 Data reproduction apparatus and method capable of determining level value of viterbi decoder, and computer-readable recording medium having recorded thereon program for implementing the data reproduction method
39 8,000,332 Method for terminating attach procedure in mobile terminal
40 8,000,303 Method and apparatus for frequency selection at start of service session in MBMS system
41 8,000,299 Method and apparatus for providing and obtaining information regarding local agent in wireless network
42 8,000,274 Versatile system for transceiver noise reduction in a time-division duplexing wireless network
43 8,000,273 Method for transmitting uplink sounding reference signal for LTE system
44 8,000,256 Method and apparatus for data transmission of radio link control layer in a mobile communication system
45 8,000,172 Time control apparatus and method of managing time within said time control apparatus
46 8,000,162 Voltage-controlled oscillator, phase-locked loop, and memory device
47 8,000,150 Method of programming memory device
48 8,000,148 Methods of operating nonvolatile memory devices
49 8,000,104 Electronic device having electrostatic discharge function
50 8,000,093 Display device, manufacturing method of the display device, and portable computer having the display device
51 8,000,092 Display apparatus
52 7,999,996 Electrophoresis device comprising hole-containing structure and method for fabricating the same
53 7,999,884 Liquid crystal display
54 7,999,880 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
55 7,999,856 Digital image stabilization method for correcting horizontal inclination distortion and vertical scaling distortion
56 7,999,840 Method for performing video communication service and mobile communication terminal therefor
57 7,999,839 Laser irradiation apparatus and method of fabricating organic light emitting display using the same
58 7,999,835 Laser irradiation apparatus and method of fabricating organic light emitting display using the same
59 7,999,823 Device and method for projection device based soft proofing
60 7,999,802 Interface system and flat panel display using the same
61 7,999,785 Light-source module for display device and display device having the same
62 7,999,773 Display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
63 7,999,771 Organic light emitting display and driving method thereof
64 7,999,758 Broadband antenna
65 7,999,746 Printed circuit board having built-in antenna
66 7,999,718 Analog-to-digital converter and electronic system including the same
67 7,999,605 Voltage generator and memory device including of the same
68 7,999,604 Boost circuit capable of controlling inrush current and image sensor using the boost circuit
69 7,999,591 Deskew system for eliminating skew between data signals and clock and circuits for the deskew system
70 7,999,590 Level-converting flip-flop and pulse generator for clustered voltage scaling
71 7,999,474 Flat lamp using plasma discharge
72 7,999,473 Plasma display panel
73 7,999,467 Display device and manufacturing method thereof for minimizing inflow of oxygen and moisture from the outside
74 7,999,466 Display device with power generator on panel cover and manufacturing method thereof
75 7,999,465 Organic light emitting diode (OLED) display device
76 7,999,459 Organic light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
77 7,999,457 Organic light emitting display device
78 7,999,456 White light emitting diode with yellow, green and red light emitting phosphor
79 7,999,421 Horizontal linear vibrator
80 7,999,409 Power conditioner and method of managing the same
81 7,999,396 Adhesive tape and semiconductor package using the same
82 7,999,372 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
83 7,999,368 Semiconductor package having ink-jet type dam and method of manufacturing the same
84 7,999,367 Stacked memory device
85 7,999,341 Display driver integrated circuit device, film, and module
86 7,999,322 Poly-Si thin film transistor and organic light-emitting display having the same
87 7,999,309 Semiconductor device
88 7,999,307 Nonvolatile memory device having cell and peripheral regions and method of making the same
89 7,999,299 Semiconductor memory device having capacitor for peripheral circuit
90 7,999,297 Semiconductor device having stacked decoupling capacitors
91 7,999,294 Semiconductor device which may prevent electrical failures of contacts
92 7,999,274 White light emitting device
93 7,999,272 Semiconductor light emitting device having patterned substrate
94 7,999,266 Semiconductor device including poly-Si and method of manufacturing the same
95 7,999,264 Thin film transistor array panel and display device
96 7,999,261 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and organic light emitting diode display device having the TFT
97 7,999,260 Display substrate and display apparatus having the same
98 7,999,258 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
99 7,999,247 Electrode having a transparent electrode layer, electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
100 7,998,879 Insulation structure for high temperature conditions and manufacturing method thereof
101 7,998,874 Method for forming hard mask patterns having a fine pitch and method for forming a semiconductor device using the same
102 7,998,869 Contact patterning method with transition etch feedback
103 7,998,851 Semiconductor devices having contact plugs with stress buffer spacers and methods of fabricating the same
104 7,998,843 Method of forming amorphous silicon layer and method of fabricating LCD using the same
105 7,998,834 Substrate level bonding method and substrate level package
106 7,998,810 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having stacked gate electrodes
107 7,998,804 Nonvolatile memory device including nano dot and method of fabricating the same
108 7,998,786 Method of manufacturing a TFT array panel
109 7,998,782 Fabrication of image sensor with improved signal to noise ratio
110 7,998,769 Full-color organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
111 7,998,767 Method for manufacturing a facet extraction LED
112 7,998,661 Method of nano-patterning using surface plasmon effect and method of manufacturing nano-imprint master and discrete track magnetic recording media using the nano-patterning method
113 7,998,648 Electrophotographic developing agent
114 7,998,638 Electrode for fuel cell, and membrane-electrode assembly and fuel cell system comprising the same
115 7,998,623 Electrolyte for lithium ion secondary battery and lithium ion secondary battery including the same
116 7,998,561 Ceramic laminate and method of manufacturing ceramic sintered body
117 7,998,433 Valve unit and apparatus having the same
118 7,998,363 Organic electroluminescence device
119 7,998,357 Method of fine patterning semiconductor device
120 7,998,272 Method of fabricating multi-freestanding GaN wafer
121 7,997,811 Camera module
122 7,997,783 Front light unit with prisms structure and display apparatus having the same
123 7,997,195 Spacer printing apparatus and method of printing a spacer
124 7,996,954 Path-conversion valve assembly for vacuum cleaner