Samsung patents granted on 16 December 2008

84 US patents granted on 16 December 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D582,935 Image display for a mobile phone
2 D582,934 Transitional video image display for portable phone
3 D582,933 Image display for a mobile phone
4 D582,886 Key-phone
5 D582,884 Portable telephone
6 D582,883 Portable phone
7 D582,882 Portable phone
8 D582,881 Mobile phone
9 D582,880 Mobile phone
10 D582,879 Portable phone
11 D582,877 Cellular phone
12 D582,876 Portable phone
13 D582,872 Portable phone
14 D582,871 Portable phone
15 D582,870 Portable phone
16 D582,867 LCD monitor
17 D582,662 Bluetooth earphone case
18 7,467,251 Flash memory data storage apparatus
19 7,466,989 Synchronization method for terminal-to-terminal direct communication in time division duplex mobile communication system
20 7,466,972 System and method for optimized receiver performance in a low intermediate frequency architecture for edge
21 7,466,937 Developer cartridge, liquid-type image forming apparatus having the same and method for disposing of the same
22 7,466,934 Method and apparatus to control fusing temperature of an image forming apparatus
23 7,466,931 Apparatus and method for controlling laser scanning unit
24 7,466,901 Recording medium containing thumbnail recorded thereon, recording apparatus and method therefor, and reproducing apparatus and method therefor
25 7,466,895 Method of displaying, selecting and magnifying multiple micro-images, and display device and portable terminal using the same
26 7,466,856 Image retrieval method and apparatus independent of illumination change
27 7,466,853 Method and apparatus for detecting defects on a wafer
28 7,466,820 Rotating apparatus for liquid crystal display
29 7,466,737 High power semiconductor laser device
30 7,466,644 High-speed, high-density data storage apparatus employing time-division-multiplexing technique, and data recording method and data reproducing method both using the apparatus
31 7,466,641 Information storage medium having optimal power control areas
32 7,466,635 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus with optical pickup actuator, and methods for same
33 7,466,616 Bit line sense amplifier and method thereof
34 7,466,608 Data input/output circuit having data inversion determination function and semiconductor memory device having the same
35 7,466,597 NAND flash memory device and copyback program method for same
36 7,466,552 Heat-radiating structure and plasma display device including the same
37 7,466,512 Electric power supply device of a tape-end detecting sensor for a tape recorder
38 7,466,505 Dummy write method for improving performance of data storage system and apparatus therefor
39 7,466,497 Optical imaging system
40 7,466,493 Liquid lens
41 7,466,428 Method of measuring thickness of thin layer in semiconductor device and apparatus for performing method
42 7,466,387 Integrated circuit and display device including integrated circuit
43 7,466,374 Liquid crystal display
44 7,466,370 Flat panel display device with conductive bar at edge of first display panel connected to pixel electrode pads on second display panel during manufacturing
45 7,466,360 CCD camera apparatus
46 7,466,342 Method of notification of inadequate picture quality
47 7,466,332 Light scanning unit
48 7,466,330 Print head assembly and image forming apparatus having the same
49 7,466,312 Level shifter circuit and method for controlling voltage levels of clock signal and inverted clock signal for driving gate lines of amorphous silicon gate-thin film transistor liquid crystal display
50 7,466,302 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
51 7,466,193 Device and method of eliminating DC offset
52 7,466,153 Apparatuses for inspecting pogo pins of an electrical die sorting system and a method for performing the same
53 7,466,094 Motor driving apparatus, and initial driving method for three-phase motor
54 7,466,080 Flat-type fluorescent lamp and liquid crystal display device having the same
55 7,466,078 Plasma display panel
56 7,466,077 Filter assembly, method of manufacturing the same, and plasma display panel using the same
57 7,466,072 Carbon nanotube and electron emission device including the carbon nanotube
58 7,466,071 Ballistic electron surface-emitting device emitter, and field emission display and field emission-type backlight device using the same
59 7,466,070 Electron gun for cathode ray tube
60 7,466,026 Passivation layer assembly on a substrate and display substrate having the same
61 7,465,993 Semiconductor chips having improved electrostatic discharge protection circuit arrangement
62 7,465,988 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
63 7,465,985 Non-volatile memory device and methods of forming the same
64 7,465,978 Field effect transistor with a high breakdown voltage and method of manufacturing the same
65 7,465,963 Organic EL device
66 7,465,780 Polyimide comprising sulfonic acid group at the terminal of side chain, and polymer electrolyte and fuel cell using the same
67 7,465,675 Method of forming a phase change memory device having a small area of contact
68 7,465,638 Bipolar transistor and fabricating method thereof
69 7,465,633 Methods of forming field effect transistors and capacitor-free dynamic random access memory cells
70 7,465,617 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a silicon oxide layer, a method of fabricating a semiconductor device having dual spacers, a method of forming a silicon oxide layer on a substrate, and a method of forming dual spacers on a conductive material layer
71 7,465,614 Method of fabricating semiconductor device and semiconductor fabricated by the same method
72 7,465,613 Method of manufacturing display substrate having improved contact with pixel electrode
73 7,465,604 Methods of fabricating alignment key structures in semiconductor devices including protected electrode structures
74 7,465,545 Microfluidic chip and manipulating apparatus having the same
75 7,465,524 Photomask and method of controlling transmittance and phase of light using the photomask
76 7,465,511 Liquid fuel mixing apparatus and direct liquid feed fuel cell having the same
77 7,465,404 Ink-jet printhead and method for manufacturing the same
78 7,465,403 Ink jet head including a metal chamber layer and a method of fabricating the same
79 7,465,210 Method of fabricating carbide and nitride nano electron emitters
80 7,465,142 Method and apparatus for picking up a semiconductor chip, method and apparatus for removing a semiconductor chip from a dicing tape, and a method of forming a perforated dicing tape
81 7,465,062 Backlight assembly with supporting member and display device having the same
82 7,464,864 Methods for controlling access to data stored in smart cards and related devices
83 7,464,850 Method and apparatus for flip-chip bonding
84 7,464,584 Semiconductor probe and method of writing and reading information using the same