Samsung patents granted on 16 December 2014

115 US patents granted on 16 December 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D719,589 Duct for refrigerator
2 D719,587 Portable audio device
3 D719,580 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
4 D719,564 Notebook computer
5 D719,563 Notebook computer
6 D719,562 Notebook computer
7 D719,542 Mobile phone
8 D719,541 Mobile phone
9 D719,540 Mobile phone
10 D719,505 Wireless charger
11 8,914,808 Apparatus and method for dynamically reconfiguring state of application program in a many-core system
12 8,914,747 Apparatus and method for displaying menus in a portable terminal
13 8,914,727 Method and apparatus for providing remote user interface list
14 8,914,698 Cyclic redundancy check circuit and communication system having the same for multi-channel communication
15 8,914,627 Method for generating a secured boot image including an update boot loader for a secured update of the version information
16 8,914,608 Data storage device and computing system including the same
17 8,914,607 Broadcast receiving apparatus and memory managing method thereof
18 8,914,572 Memory controllers and memory systems including the same
19 8,914,571 Scheduler for memory
20 8,914,533 Apparatus and method for providing streaming service in a data communication network
21 8,914,465 Platform system with provider controlling mechanism and method of operation thereof
22 8,914,448 Mobile communication system and method for the requesting of positive delivery reports from individual group members
23 8,914,281 Method and apparatus for processing audio signal in a mobile communication terminal
24 8,914,280 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding speech signal
25 8,914,248 Device for estimating internal resistance of battery and battery pack including the same
26 8,914,160 Demand response method and demand response system
27 8,914,082 Mobile terminal and method of operating antenna thereof
28 8,914,076 Apparatus and method for processing voice communication in mobile terminal
29 8,914,069 Method and apparatus for speed dialing by mobile country code/mobile network code in mobile communication system
30 8,914,065 Method and apparatus for sending text message in multi subscriber identity module mobile terminal
31 8,914,062 Dual communications network base station apparatus
32 8,914,060 Portable terminal
33 8,914,032 Handover method and apparatus in a wireless communication system including femto cells
34 8,914,026 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving system information in broadband wireless communication system
35 8,914,010 Method and mobile terminal for controlling application in the mobile terminal
36 8,914,004 Apparatus and method of selecting resource of application in wireless terminal
37 8,913,987 Method and apparatus for providing QoS-based service in wireless communication system
38 8,913,984 Apparatus and method for displaying traffic information using widgets in mobile terminal
39 8,913,957 Wireless local area communication method and terminal supporting the same
40 8,913,956 Mobile device and method of accessing channel using mobile device
41 8,913,877 Method and apparatus for outputting stereoscopic images in mobile terminal
42 8,913,870 Method of capturing moving picture and apparatus for reproducing moving picture
43 8,913,828 Image analysis apparatus using main color and method of controlling the same
44 8,913,761 Sound source recording apparatus and method adaptable to operating environment
45 8,913,759 Method and apparatus for controlling volume in an electronic machine
46 8,913,730 Communication system with message prioritization mechanism and method of operation thereof
47 8,913,682 Apparatus and method for channel state information codeword construction for a cellular wireless communication system
48 8,913,674 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving codebook subset restriction bitmap
49 8,913,648 Receiver and transmitter of coping with interference in super-regenerative communication system, and method of using the receiver and the transmitter
50 8,913,631 Preamble design for supporting multiple topologies with visible light communication
51 8,913,576 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving control information in a wireless communication system
52 8,913,508 Real-time charging system and method for managing QoS and charging rule of service
53 8,913,469 Optical information storage medium system and method of generating signal for controlling light power
54 8,913,433 Nonvolatile memory devices, read methods thereof and memory systems including the nonvolatile memory devices
55 8,913,430 Non-volatile memory device
56 8,913,408 Power supply device, organic light emitting display device having the same, and method of supplying power
57 8,913,399 Printed circuit board and probe therewith
58 8,913,367 Multilayered ceramic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
59 8,913,343 Rotating device using a fluid dynamic bearing with magnet and suction plate
60 8,913,222 Liquid crystal display device
61 8,913,216 Striped diffuser, method of manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display device with adjustable viewing angle employing the striped diffuser
62 8,913,214 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
63 8,913,194 Image processing apparatus and method of enhancing visibility of displayed image
64 8,913,178 Camera module capable of easily dissipating heat generated in camera module
65 8,913,139 Image stabilizer and digital photographing apparatus having the same
66 8,913,106 3D display apparatus and 3D display method thereof
67 8,913,092 Compensation table generating system, display apparatus having brightness compensation table, and method of generating compensation table
68 8,913,090 Pixel circuit, organic electro-luminescent display apparatus, and method of driving the same
69 8,913,071 Liquid crystal display, and device and method of modifying image signal for liquid crystal display
70 8,913,052 Display device having security function
71 8,913,046 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
72 8,912,999 Background plateau manipulation for display device power conservation
73 8,912,996 Scan driver and driving method thereof
74 8,912,995 Gate driver and liquid crystal display including the same
75 8,912,993 Scan driving device and driving method thereof
76 8,912,991 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
77 8,912,989 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
78 8,912,987 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
79 8,912,931 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding metadata
80 8,912,865 Power combiner, power amplifying module having the same, and signal transceiving module
81 8,912,726 Light emitting device
82 8,912,703 Stator core and spindle motor including the same
83 8,912,629 Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
84 8,912,611 Semiconductor device having a high-K gate dielectric layer
85 8,912,592 Non-volatile memory device including etch stop layer pattern
86 8,912,585 Semiconductor memory device and method of forming the same
87 8,912,572 High electron mobility transistor and method of manufacturing the same
88 8,912,552 Display substrate and method of manufacturing the same
89 8,912,548 Organic light-emitting diode comprising amine-based compounds and anthracene-based compounds
90 8,912,543 Display device
91 8,912,536 Transistors, methods of manufacturing the same and electronic devices including transistors
92 8,912,533 Organic light emitting display device
93 8,912,530 Electrode structure including graphene and field effect transistor having the same
94 8,912,505 Electron beam focusing electrode and electron gun using the same
95 8,912,434 Electron donating polymer and organic solar cell including the same
96 8,912,103 Method of fabricating and correcting nanoimprint lithography templates
97 8,912,063 Semiconductor device having blocking pattern and method for fabricating the same
98 8,912,048 Method of fabricating semiconductor device including a substrate attached to a carrier
99 8,912,027 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
100 8,912,026 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
101 8,911,954 Polypeptide linker and method of analyzing target material using the same
102 8,911,926 Photoresist composition and method of forming a metal pattern using the same
103 8,911,902 Nickel-based positive electrode active material, method of preparing the same, and lithium battery using the nickel-based positive electrode active material
104 8,911,898 Rechargeable battery including a rotation restricting portion
105 8,911,896 Battery pack
106 8,911,885 Heteroarylamine compound and organic luminescence device using the same
107 8,911,884 Organic light emitting device
108 8,911,883 Photosensitive semiconductor nanocrystals, photosensitive composition comprising semiconductor nanocrystals and method for forming semiconductor nanocrystal pattern using the same
109 8,911,881 Organic light-emitting device
110 8,911,848 CCL and method of manufacturing the same
111 8,911,229 Apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor package
112 8,911,124 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
113 8,910,933 Image forming apparatus
114 8,910,804 Supporting device of display apparatus
115 8,910,692 Label attaching device