Samsung patents granted on 16 January 2007

47 US patents granted on 16 January 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 D535,324 Digital photo printer
2 D535,305 MP3 player
3 D535,275 Portable phone
4 D535,274 Mobile phone
5 D535,273 Portable telephone
6 D535,272 Portable telephone
7 D535,267 Projection television
8 D535,141 Microwave oven
9 7,165,208 Apparatus and method for encoding and decoding TFCI in a mobile communication system
10 7,165,197 Apparatus and method of analyzing a magnetic random access memory
11 7,165,173 System and method for secure over-the-air administration of a wireless mobile station
12 7,164,880 Fusing device for an electrophotographic image forming apparatus
13 7,164,879 Reversible ink cartridge
14 7,164,876 Photoreceptor unit
15 7,164,823 Optical isolator using photonic crystal
16 7,164,781 Method and apparatus of recognizing face using 2nd-order independent component analysis (ICA)/principal component analysis (PCA)
17 7,164,723 Modulation apparatus using mixed-radix fast fourier transform
18 7,164,650 Method for transmitting/receiving information about orthogonal variable spreading factor codes assigned to user data in a high speed data packet access communication system
19 7,164,647 Optical disc having uniform structure
20 7,164,626 Optical pickup using a wedge type beam splitter
21 7,164,615 Semiconductor memory device performing auto refresh in the self refresh mode
22 7,164,598 Methods of operating magnetic random access memory device using spin injection and related devices
23 7,164,558 Apparatus to buffer vibration and support an actuator of a hard disk drive
24 7,164,457 Liquid crystal display
25 7,164,401 Light emitting display, display panel, and driving method thereof
26 7,164,374 Demodulation apparatus and method using code table that decreases complexity
27 7,164,373 Data modulating method and apparatus, data demodulating method and apparatus, and code arranging method
28 7,164,345 Apparatus and method for realizing alarm function in a charging device for a mobile terminal
29 7,164,295 Feedback control system and method
30 7,164,231 Plasma display panel with defined phosphor layer thicknesses
31 7,164,204 Integrated circuit devices with an auxiliary pad for contact hole alignment
32 7,164,170 Recess gate transistor structure for use in semiconductor device and method thereof
33 7,164,159 LED package
34 7,164,153 Thin film transistor array panel
35 7,164,147 Semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating the same
36 7,164,036 Benzophenone compound and ink composition including the same
37 7,163,890 Methods of fabricating semiconductor device having slope at lower sides of interconnection hole with etch-stop layer
38 7,163,869 Shallow trench isolation structure with converted liner layer
39 7,163,865 Method of forming transistor having recess channel in semiconductor memory, and structure thereof
40 7,163,859 Method of manufacturing capacitors for semiconductor devices
41 7,163,767 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
42 7,163,573 Chemical filter medium, chemical filter including the chemical filter medium and method for manufacturing the chemical filter
43 7,163,299 Illumination unit and projection image display having the same
44 7,163,295 Projector having heat pipe
45 7,163,293 Projection system and method
46 7,163,278 Ink-jet printhead with improved ink ejection linearity and operating frequency
47 7,162,807 Geomagnetic sensor having a dip angle detection function and dip angle detection method therefor