Samsung patents granted on 16 July 2013

127 US patents granted on 16 July 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D686,379 Brush for vacuum cleaner
2 D686,220 Mobile terminal with a graphic user interface
3 D686,219 Mobile terminal with a graphic user interface
4 D686,203 Notebook computer
5 D686,202 Notebook computer
6 D686,201 Desktop computer
7 D686,195 Remote controller
8 D686,188 Wireless image receiver
9 D686,181 Mobile phone
10 D686,180 Mobile phone
11 D686,179 Mobile phone
12 D686,178 Mobile communication terminal
13 D686,177 Mobile communication terminal
14 D686,176 Mobile communication terminal
15 D686,152 Battery
16 D686,151 Battery
17 D686,150 Battery
18 D686,149 Battery
19 8,490,147 System and method for collecting contents on audio/video network and controlling execution of the contents
20 8,490,122 Disc chucking method and disc driving apparatus
21 8,490,081 Method and apparatus for installing software in mobile communication terminal
22 8,490,066 Profiler for optimizing processor architecture and application
23 8,489,996 Apparatus and method for remote controlling
24 8,489,963 Device for processing streams and method thereof
25 8,489,888 Processor apparatus having a security function
26 8,489,852 Method and system for manipulating data
27 8,489,697 Brokerage server for supporting fast data access for user terminal, method of operating brokerage server, user terminal and method of operating user terminal
28 8,489,220 Variable tape feeder
29 8,489,212 Audio data transmission and reception methods and electronic apparatus using the same
30 8,489,148 Device and method for expressing status of terminal using character
31 8,489,076 Method and apparatus for contact information management in mobile terminal
32 8,489,050 Method for tuning to a radio broadcast frequency in a portable terminal
33 8,488,982 Method and apparatus to control electric power of coil which performs induction heating in imaging apparatus
34 8,488,976 Apparatus and method for supporting mobility of a mobile terminal that performs visible light communication
35 8,488,891 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding and multi-view image
36 8,488,869 Image processing method and apparatus
37 8,488,708 Rotating reference codebook that is used in a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication system
38 8,488,705 Apparatus and method for generating symbol for multiple antennas
39 8,488,653 Cooperative communication system and method using the same
40 8,488,625 QoS control system and method of VoIP media packet received from broadband port in router/gateway-integrated VoIP system
41 8,488,620 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving RACH
42 8,488,567 Repeating transmissions of signals in communication systems
43 8,488,547 Asynchronous hybrid ARQ process indication in a MIMO wireless communication system
44 8,488,493 Apparatus and method for automatic access in a wireless communication system
45 8,488,480 Apparatus and method for inter-cell interference cancellation in MIMO wireless communication system
46 8,488,420 Information storage medium, apparatus for reproducing recordings, and method for reproducing recordings
47 8,488,402 Nonvolatile memory device and method of reading the same using different precharge voltages
48 8,488,399 Semiconductor devices having a three-dimensional stacked structure and methods of de-skewing data therein
49 8,488,386 Nonvolatile memory device for reducing interference between word lines and operation method thereof
50 8,488,384 Nonvolatile memory device, driving method thereof, and memory system having the same
51 8,488,381 Non-volatile memory device having vertical structure and method of operating the same
52 8,488,348 Switch mode power supply apparatus having active clamping circuit
53 8,488,343 Switching mode power supply apparatus having passive clamp circuit
54 8,488,297 Multilayer ceramic electronic component
55 8,488,271 Adhesion structure and method using electrically conductive adhesive, disk drive device using the adhesion structure and method, and method for manufacturing the disk drive device
56 8,488,254 Zoom lens optical system and image pickup apparatus having the same
57 8,488,090 Backlight unit and display apparatus employing the same
58 8,488,081 Plane light source and LCD backlight unit having the same
59 8,488,078 Chassis formed of interlocking parts and display device having same
60 8,488,071 Display device having a touch screen panel
61 8,488,058 Method for setting frame rate conversion (FRC) and display apparatus using the same
62 8,488,039 Digital image processing apparatus capable of displaying color distribution chart and method of operating the same
63 8,488,033 Photographing apparatus and photographing method
64 8,488,032 Image sensors, interfaces and methods capable of suppressing effects of parasitic capacitances
65 8,488,020 Imaging device, method for controlling the imaging device, and recording medium recording the method
66 8,488,005 Optical image stabilizer for camera module
67 8,487,965 Display device and driving method thereof
68 8,487,926 Method and apparatus for generating 3D image using 2D photograph images
69 8,487,920 Voltage generators implementing boosting schemes for generating boosting voltages and related methods
70 8,487,917 2D/3D image display device, electronic image display device, and driving method thereof
71 8,487,892 Touch screen panel and display device having the same
72 8,487,849 Liquid crystal display
73 8,487,843 Display device and driving method thereof
74 8,487,839 Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing the same
75 8,487,818 Internal antenna and portable communication terminal using the same
76 8,487,789 Method and apparatus for lossless encoding and decoding based on context
77 8,487,778 Method and apparatus for charge control of a portable terminal having a solar battery
78 8,487,736 Semiconductor resistance element, semiconductor module including the same, and processor-based system including the semiconductor module
79 8,487,588 Battery pack
80 8,487,533 Display apparatus having a rigid encapsulation unit
81 8,487,531 Encapsulation sheet, flat panel display device using the same, and method of manufacturing the flat panel display device
82 8,487,528 Organic light emitting diode device having an ytterbium alloy electrode
83 8,487,513 Piezoelectric actuator
84 8,487,475 Power supply apparatus and method of supplying power
85 8,487,452 Semiconductor package having a stacked structure
86 8,487,413 Passivation film for electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
87 8,487,383 Flash memory device having triple well structure
88 8,487,358 Spin field effect logic devices
89 8,487,356 Graphene device and method of manufacturing the same
90 8,487,352 Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors having a recessed gate electrode
91 8,487,351 Image sensor and image sensing system including the same
92 8,487,344 Optical device and method of fabricating the same
93 8,487,334 Semiconductor light emitting diode chip and light emitting device using the same
94 8,487,331 Liquid crystal display device including white light emitting diode
95 8,487,310 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
96 8,487,301 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
97 8,487,259 Infrared image sensor
98 8,486,880 Composition for removing a photoresist and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the composition
99 8,486,857 Donor substrate for laser induced thermal imaging and method of fabricating organic light emitting diode using the same
100 8,486,818 Semiconductor devices including buried gate electrodes and isolation layers and methods of forming semiconductor devices including buried gate electrodes and isolation layers using self aligned double patterning
101 8,486,812 Fabrication method for polycrystalline silicon thin film and display device fabricated using the same
102 8,486,802 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having shared bit line structure
103 8,486,787 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
104 8,486,783 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
105 8,486,775 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
106 8,486,760 Method of manufacturing substrate for flip chip and substrate for flip chip manufactured using the same
107 8,486,737 Thin film deposition apparatus and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display device by using the same
108 8,486,654 Compositions and methods for measuring 3,6-L-AHG transferase activity and 3,6-L-AHG
109 8,486,613 Method of manufacturing nano-structure and method of manufacturing a pattern using the method
110 8,486,586 Laser irradiation device and method of fabricating organic light emitting display device using the same
111 8,486,559 Secondary battery with support member for terminal
112 8,486,553 Battery pack
113 8,486,546 Cap assembly and secondary battery using the same with notched vent member
114 8,486,404 Antibody specifically binding to angiopoietin-2 and use thereof
115 8,486,340 Apparatus and method for continuously producing and pelletizing gas hydrates using dual cylinder
116 8,486,195 Atomic layer deposition apparatus and method of fabricating atomic layer using the same
117 8,486,164 Evaporator and fuel reformer having the same
118 8,486,163 Micro reforming reactor for fuel cell and method of preparing the same
119 8,486,162 Reformer for fuel cell system and fuel cell system having the same
120 8,486,160 Rechargeable battery
121 8,485,849 USB connector
122 8,485,641 Nozzle plate and method of manufacturing the same
123 8,485,639 Inkjet print head and method for manufacturing the same
124 8,485,632 Inkjet head and method of manufacturing the same
125 8,485,617 Refrigerator
126 8,485,532 Composition for gasket and gasket
127 8,484,797 Cleaner having additional cleaning apparatus