Samsung patents granted on 16 June 2009

78 US patents granted on 16 June 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D594,466 Video image display for a portable phone
2 D594,465 Video image display for a portable phone
3 D594,451 Cover of portable phone
4 D594,443 Wireless headset
5 D594,442 Headset for portable phone
6 D594,439 Key-phone
7 D594,437 Portable phone
8 D594,435 Portable phone
9 D594,434 Portable phone
10 D594,432 Portable telephone
11 D594,407 Charger for headset
12 7,549,104 Digital signal processing method and apparatus performing variable number of error correction repetitions
13 7,548,821 Battery management system and driving method thereof
14 7,548,759 Power controlling method during a soft handoff in a mobile communication system
15 7,548,723 Paper delivering device and image forming apparatus
16 7,548,619 System and method for copy protection for digital signals
17 7,548,569 High-power optically end-pumped external-cavity semiconductor laser
18 7,548,525 System and method for providing handover of a mobile IP terminal in a wireless network
19 7,548,521 System for dynamically shifting beacons in distributed wireless network and method thereof
20 7,548,501 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects using temporary defect management information (TDFL) and temporary defect management information (TDDS), and disc having the TDFL and TDDS
21 7,548,500 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects using temporary defect management information (TDFL) and temporary defect management information (TDDS), and disc having the TDFL and TDDS
22 7,548,485 Semiconductor memory device capable of synchronous/asynchronous operation and data input/output method thereof
23 7,548,482 Memory device for early stabilizing power level after deep power down mode exit
24 7,548,469 Circuit and method of generating a boosted voltage in a semiconductor memory device
25 7,548,467 Bias voltage generator and method generating bias voltage for semiconductor memory device
26 7,548,466 Flash memory device and voltage generating circuit for the same
27 7,548,457 Multi-bit nonvolatile memory device and related programming method
28 7,548,451 Phase change random access memory
29 7,548,449 Magnetic memory device and methods thereof
30 7,548,447 Semiconductor memory device and methods thereof
31 7,548,446 Phase change memory device and associated wordline driving circuit
32 7,548,399 Head stack assembly protecting member and method for installing head stack assembly in hard disk drive using the same
33 7,548,393 HDD track following control apparatus and method
34 7,548,390 HDD write control method and apparatus
35 7,548,376 Total internal reflection micro lens array
36 7,548,304 Chuck plate assembly with cooling means
37 7,548,293 Liquid crystal display
38 7,548,288 Thin film transistor array panel and display device having particular data lines and pixel arrangement
39 7,548,282 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display device having the same
40 7,548,281 Demodulator circuit for digital television and demodulation method
41 7,548,278 Spatio-temporal noise removal method using block classification and display device using the same
42 7,548,229 Multi-display system and control method thereof
43 7,548,228 Gate driver circuit and display device having the same
44 7,548,227 Display apparatus, device for driving the display apparatus, and method of driving the display apparatus
45 7,548,221 Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
46 7,548,206 Film type antenna and mobile communication terminal case using the same
47 7,548,144 MEMS switch and method of fabricating the same
48 7,548,139 Coupled resonator filter and fabrication method thereof
49 7,548,124 System and method for self calibrating voltage-controlled oscillator
50 7,548,086 Impedance control circuit in semiconductor device and impedance control method
51 7,548,018 Electron emission device with a grid electrode for focusing electron beams
52 7,547,979 Semiconductor device and method of locating a predetermined point on the semiconductor device
53 7,547,977 Semiconductor chip having bond pads
54 7,547,951 Semiconductor devices having nitrogen-incorporated active region and methods of fabricating the same
55 7,547,943 Non-volatile memory devices that include a selection transistor having a recessed channel and methods of fabricating the same
56 7,547,942 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
57 7,547,940 Non-volatile memory devices suitable for LCD driver applications
58 7,547,938 Semiconductor devices having elongated contact plugs
59 7,547,936 Semiconductor memory devices including offset active regions
60 7,547,923 Light emitting diode package having multi-stepped reflecting surface structure and fabrication method thereof
61 7,547,920 Pattern mask, light-emitting unit manufactured using the same, display apparatus manufactured using the same and method of manufacturing display apparatus using the same
62 7,547,857 Keypad assembly for portable terminal
63 7,547,840 Method and apparatus for outputting audio data and musical score image
64 7,547,748 Polymer comprising terminal sulfonic acid group, and polymer electrolyte and fuel cell using the same
65 7,547,632 Methods of forming metal layers in the fabrication of semiconductor devices
66 7,547,626 Semiconductor package and method of forming wire loop of semiconductor package
67 7,547,607 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit capacitors using a dry etching process
68 7,547,588 Thin film transistor array panel
69 7,547,574 Organic thin film transistor(s) and method(s) for fabricating the same
70 7,547,491 Cathode active material, method of preparing the same, and cathode and lithium battery applying the material
71 7,547,462 Method of fabricating organic light emitting display device
72 7,547,351 Multi cyclone dust collector for a vacuum cleaner
73 7,547,338 Multi dust-collecting apparatus
74 7,547,337 Multi dust-collecting apparatus
75 7,547,279 System and method for recognizing user’s emotional state using short-time monitoring of physiological signals
76 7,547,090 Print head wiper, inkjet image forming apparatus with the same, and method of maintaining the inkjet image forming apparatus
77 7,547,082 Ink cartridge including a unit to sense a remaining amount of ink
78 7,547,015 Image forming apparatus having stopper