Samsung patents granted on 16 June 2015

164 US patents granted on 16 June 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE45,570 Data transmission method using packet aggregation
2 D732,253 Vacuum cleaner
3 D732,170 Computer tomography apparatus
4 D732,109 Multifunction printer
5 D732,100 Camera
6 D732,090 Refrigerator
7 D732,078 Display screen or portion thereof with icon
8 D732,077 Display screen or portion thereof with animated icon
9 D732,076 Display screen or portion thereof with animated icon
10 D732,070 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
11 D732,069 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D732,067 Electronic device with a transitional graphic user interface
13 D732,063 Display screen or a portion thereof with graphical user interface
14 D732,062 Display screen or a portion thereof with graphical user interface
15 D732,057 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
16 D732,052 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
17 D732,051 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
18 D732,032 Monitor
19 D732,031 Display screen
20 D732,030 Display screen
21 D732,028 Head-mounted display device
22 D732,022 Electronic device
23 D732,021 All-in-one computer
24 D732,020 All-in-one computer
25 D732,017 Tablet computer
26 D732,016 Portable electronic device
27 D732,003 Speaker
28 D731,993 Television receiver
29 9,060,458 Method for manufacturing multi-layer printed circuit board
30 9,060,445 Electronic apparatus having a display panel
31 9,060,389 Induction heating cooker
32 9,060,361 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving channel state information
33 9,060,357 Method and apparatus for transmitting uplink and downlink data in TDD system
34 9,060,348 System and method for providing a push to talk over cellular service
35 9,060,333 Wireless communication system and time synchronization method thereof
36 9,060,326 RSS channel information provision method and system and portable device using the same
37 9,060,321 Methods and apparatus for demodulation reference signals and synchronization signals in extension carrier of LTE advanced
38 9,060,266 Apparatus and method of providing medical data based on a handover of a medical sensor
39 9,060,251 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving a frame including control information in a broadcasting system
40 9,060,199 Broadcast receiving device and method for receiving broadcast thereof
41 9,060,185 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving content using an adaptive streaming mechanism
42 9,060,181 Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing program therefor
43 9,060,163 Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing program therefor
44 9,060,133 Apparatus and method for supporting zoom microphone functional in mobile terminal
45 9,060,118 Image systems and sensors having focus detection pixels therein
46 9,060,116 Surveillance system
47 9,060,105 Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor
48 9,060,069 Apparatus and method for connecting with bluetooth devices in a terminal using audio channel
49 9,060,068 Apparatus and method for controlling mobile terminal user interface execution
50 9,059,988 Printing device capable of authorizing printing limitedly according to user level, printing system using the same and printing method thereof
51 9,059,936 Method and apparatus for controlling stream to receive data in parallel
52 9,059,916 Apparatus and method for transmitting packets in a communication system
53 9,059,907 Home network system and network setting method of router therein
54 9,059,859 Methods and apparatus for remote control service in a network
55 9,059,857 Near field communication (NFC) device and method for selectively securing records in a near field communication data exchange format (NDEF) message
56 9,059,826 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving channel state information reference symbol in relay network system
57 9,059,810 Method and device for controlling the point of time of the operation of an application in digital data broadcasting
58 9,059,808 Microprocessor chip, data center, and computing system
59 9,059,792 Noise removal method and system
60 9,059,790 Ultra-wide band communication apparatus and method
61 9,059,757 Communication method and apparatus for use in multiple antenna system
62 9,059,741 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving a quasi-cyclic low density parity check code in a multimedia communication system
63 9,059,738 Method of reading data from storage device, error correction device and storage system including error correction code decoder
64 9,059,717 Apparatus for frequency compensation using two counters
65 9,059,698 Integrated circuit devices using power supply circuits with feedback from a replica load
66 9,059,693 Clock gating circuit
67 9,059,656 Switching control apparatus for two phase switched reluctance motor and method thereof
68 9,059,654 Motor driving device, and motor control method
69 9,059,648 Driving circuit, driving module and motor driving apparatus
70 9,059,631 Apparatus and method for protecting supply modulator
71 9,059,625 Linear vibration device having spring
72 9,059,618 Method of producing rotating machine provided with sleeve molded of porous material
73 9,059,612 Spindle motor
74 9,059,609 Flat-type vibration motor
75 9,059,598 Wireless charging method and apparatus
76 9,059,506 Antenna apparatus for portable terminal
77 9,059,504 Antenna apparatus of mobile terminal
78 9,059,479 Rechargeable lithium battery
79 9,059,476 Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same
80 9,059,472 Winder for electrode assembly of rechargeable battery
81 9,059,463 Positive electrode for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery including same
82 9,059,462 Cathode and lithium battery using same
83 9,059,459 Secondary battery
84 9,059,456 Rechargeable battery and battery module
85 9,059,454 Lead tab assembly and battery module with the same
86 9,059,446 Battery module
87 9,059,439 Rechargeable battery having safety device within
88 9,059,433 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
89 9,059,428 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
90 9,059,426 Organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
91 9,059,424 OLED display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
92 9,059,395 Resistive random access memory devices having variable resistance layers and related methods
93 9,059,331 Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
94 9,059,330 Methods of forming integrated circuit capacitors having composite dielectric layers therein containing crystallization inhibiting regions
95 9,059,162 Chip on film (COF) substrate, COF package and display device including the same
96 9,059,149 Electronic device package and packaging substrate for the same
97 9,059,124 Display device and method for manufacturing display device
98 9,059,121 Organic light emitting display and method for manufacturing the same
99 9,059,113 Organic light-emitting device
100 9,059,112 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
101 9,059,090 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
102 9,059,072 Semiconductor packages and methods of fabricating the same
103 9,059,067 Semiconductor device with interposer and method manufacturing same
104 9,059,066 Method of manufacturing CMOS image sensor
105 9,059,046 Thin film transistor, thin film transistor array panel, and method of manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel
106 9,059,023 Semiconductor device with reduced turn-on resistance and method of fabricating the same
107 9,058,985 Method of manufacturing graphene laminated structure, graphene laminated structure, and electronic device including the graphene laminated structure
108 9,058,956 Exposure apparatus for forming a reticle
109 9,058,897 Semiconductor memory device storing memory characteristic information, memory module and memory system having the same, and operating method thereof
110 9,058,890 Over-sampling read operation for a flash memory device
111 9,058,874 Sensing circuits and phase change memory devices including the same
112 9,058,841 Method and system for editing video sequences
113 9,058,840 Method of displaying moving image and image playback apparatus to display the same
114 9,058,837 Method and apparatus for managing contents
115 9,058,822 Objective lens driving unit and optical disc drive using the same
116 9,058,804 Speech signal transmission and reception apparatuses and speech signal transmission and reception methods
117 9,058,787 Display device and driving method thereof
118 9,058,774 Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
119 9,058,773 DC-DC converter, display device including the same and method of controlling a driving voltage
120 9,058,770 Circuit for preventing static electricity and display device having the same
121 9,058,768 Display device and arranging method for image data thereof
122 9,058,694 Multi view image display apparatus and control method thereof
123 9,058,682 Apparatus and method for virtual view generation on multi-view image reconstruction system by virtual emission of X-rays
124 9,058,546 Image forming apparatus for providing user interface and method thereof
125 9,058,521 Mobile robot and simultaneous localization and map building method thereof
126 9,058,489 Marking documents with executable text for processing by computing systems
127 9,058,476 Method and image forming apparatus to authenticate user by using smart card
128 9,058,459 Integrated circuit layouts and methods to reduce leakage
129 9,058,253 Data tree storage methods, systems and computer program products using page structure of flash memory
130 9,058,181 Conditional processing method and apparatus
131 9,058,161 Universal power supplying apparatus and universal power supplying method
132 9,058,157 Organic light emitting diode display
133 9,058,154 Window substrate and display device having the same
134 9,058,091 Input device and input method
135 9,058,075 Display device including touch sensor and driving method thereof
136 9,058,050 Clock-based soft-start circuit and power management integrated circuit device
137 9,058,039 Method and apparatus for reckoning position of moving robot
138 9,058,017 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and development cartridge
139 9,057,979 Apparatus for and method of forming image
140 9,057,954 Apparatus for creating an extreme ultraviolet light, an exposing apparatus including the same, and electronic devices manufactured using the exposing apparatus
141 9,057,953 Thinner composition for RRC process, apparatus for supplying the same, and thinner composition for EBR process
142 9,057,941 Reflection type screen for front projection display apparatus
143 9,057,923 Wire, method of manufacture, and related apparatus
144 9,057,921 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display device including the same
145 9,057,917 Pixel electrode panel, a liquid crystal display panel assembly and methods for manufacturing the same
146 9,057,910 Display panel, display apparatus having the same and method of manufacturing the same
147 9,057,903 Flat panel display
148 9,057,897 Liquid crystal display devices and methods of manufacturing liquid crystal display devices
149 9,057,878 Light scanning unit and image forming apparatus comprising the same
150 9,057,828 Multi-port light sources of photonic integrated circuits
151 9,057,810 Light-emitting module, backlight assembly having the same and display apparatus having the same
152 9,057,807 Display apparatus
153 9,057,678 Image reconstruction system, apparatus, and method employing non-sequential scanning scheme using real-time feedback
154 9,057,456 Microfluidic device, light irradiation apparatus, micorfluidic system comprising the same and method for driving the system
155 9,057,427 Device for controlling motion of anti-collision switch and medical diagnosis apparatus employing the same
156 9,057,125 Canister
157 9,056,690 Resin dispensing apparatus for light emitting device package and method of manufacturing light emitting device package using the same
158 9,056,424 Methods of transferring graphene and manufacturing device using the same
159 9,056,377 Router apparatus
160 9,056,331 Thin layer having composition gradient and production method thereof
161 9,056,255 Game controller, game machine, and game system using the game controller
162 9,055,920 Ultrasound system and signal processing unit configured for time gain and lateral gain compensation
163 9,055,897 Method and apparatus for measuring otoacoustic emission
164 9,055,861 Apparatus and method of diagnosing health by using voice