Samsung patents granted on 16 March 2010

97 US patents granted on 16 March 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D611,978 Digital camera
2 D611,977 Digital camera
3 D611,976 Digital camera
4 D611,921 Mobile phone
5 D611,920 Portable telephone
6 7,681,137 Display apparatus and control method for displaying user menu
7 7,681,097 Test system employing test controller compressing data, data compressing circuit and test method
8 7,681,070 Recording/reproducing apparatus for performing RMW for low, recording/reproducing method therefor, and information storage medium therefor
9 7,681,024 Secure booting apparatus and method
10 7,681,010 Apparatus and method for a managing file system
11 7,680,870 FFT apparatus for high data rate and method thereof
12 7,680,840 Image processing system and method of processing image
13 7,680,658 Method and apparatus for speech recognition
14 7,680,613 Battery management system (BMS) and driving method thereof
15 7,680,521 Battery pack locking device of a mobile phone
16 7,680,458 Interference cancellation method and module for OFDMA mobile communication system
17 7,680,445 Belt assembly, and a transfer unit and an image forming apparatus having the same
18 7,680,441 Image forming apparatus
19 7,680,434 Developing cartridge, image forming apparatus having the same, and maintenance method of developing cartridge
20 7,680,406 Liquid-lens assembly
21 7,680,346 Method and apparatus for encoding image and method and apparatus for decoding image using human visual characteristics
22 7,680,290 Sound reproducing apparatus and method for providing virtual sound source
23 7,680,272 Inverse calculation circuit, inverse calculation method, and storage medium encoded with computer-readable computer program code
24 7,680,200 Transceiving apparatus and method using space-frequency block-coded single-carrier frequency domain equalization
25 7,680,198 Adaptive bit/power loading technique for a multicarrier communication system
26 7,680,186 Apparatus for estimating motion considering correlation between blocks and method thereof
27 7,680,175 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving signal in a communication system using a plurality of transmit antennas
28 7,680,145 Retransmission apparatus using packet method for DMB service
29 7,680,108 Digital broadcasting transmission and reception systems for stream including normal stream and turbo stream and methods thereof
30 7,680,079 Method of signaling QoS information at hand-over between access networks in an IP-based core network
31 7,679,997 Method and apparatus for estimating position of robot
32 7,679,985 Semiconductor memory device and arrangement method thereof
33 7,679,975 Semiconductor memory devices having redundancy arrays
34 7,679,966 Flash memory device and read method thereof
35 7,679,964 Semiconductor memory device controlling program voltage according to the number of cells to be programmed and method of programming the same
36 7,679,960 Non-volatile memory device and method of operating the same
37 7,679,931 Plasma display apparatus having improved structure and heat dissipation
38 7,679,928 System-in-package module and mobile terminal having the same
39 7,679,892 Supporting device for display apparatus and display apparatus having the same
40 7,679,882 Multilayered chip capacitor and capacitance tunning method of the same
41 7,679,827 Integral optical plate, and backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
42 7,679,712 Liquid crystal display comprising a semiconductor formed in an opening of a partition formed on a source electrode and a drain electrode and method of manufacturing thereof
43 7,679,711 LCD device having a first panel with a flat surface plate-like portion and a bar like second portion, with a spacer between the first and a second panel contacting the flat surface plate-like first portion, and overlapping pixel electrode without overlapping signal lines disposed in the bar-like second portion
44 7,679,706 LCD and fabricating method with common electrode on top substrate having at least two apertures disposed to face about midway of pixel electrode on bottom substrate
45 7,679,692 Stereoscopic image display device and electronic device with the same
46 7,679,688 Wireless TV system and control method thereof
47 7,679,677 Broadcast receiving device for displaying closed caption data and method thereof
48 7,679,669 Camera module package
49 7,679,597 Scan driving circuit and organic light emitting display using the same
50 7,679,596 Display device with reduced interference between pixels
51 7,679,589 Liquid crystal display device
52 7,679,587 Pixel circuit and light emitting display using the same
53 7,679,584 Electron Emission Display (EED) with separated grounds
54 7,679,583 Plasma display and driving method thereof
55 7,679,543 Current sampling mixer with harmonic rejection
56 7,679,542 Image sensor using auto-calibrated ramp signal for improved image quality and driving method thereof
57 7,679,354 Phase detecting device, phase control device including the phase detecting device, and fuser control device including the phase control device
58 7,679,329 Method for compensating state of charge of battery, battery management system using the method, and hybrid vehicle having the battery management system
59 7,679,325 Battery management system and driving method for cutting off and coupling battery module from/to external device
60 7,679,288 Plasma display panel
61 7,679,285 Plasma display device
62 7,679,275 Display filter and display device including the same
63 7,679,208 Apparatus and system for pitch angle control of wind turbine
64 7,679,161 Semiconductor device comprising fuse sections
65 7,679,140 Structure of strained silicon on insulator and method of manufacturing the same
66 7,679,133 Vertical-type non-volatile memory devices
67 7,679,124 Analog capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
68 7,679,123 Integrated circuit devices including a capacitor
69 7,679,122 Semiconductor device including source strapping line
70 7,679,113 CMOS image sensor and method of fabricating the same
71 7,679,112 Color image sensors having pixels with cyan-type and yellow-type color characteristics therein
72 7,679,093 Dual emission organic light emitting display device and method of driving the same
73 7,679,083 Semiconductor integrated test structures for electron beam inspection of semiconductor wafers
74 7,679,043 Peripheral light sensor and liquid crystal display device using the same
75 7,678,751 Composition for removing photoresist, method of removing photoresist and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
76 7,678,650 Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
77 7,678,625 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices including channel layers having improved defect density and surface roughness characteristics
78 7,678,592 LED housing and fabrication method thereof
79 7,678,505 Organic electrolytic solution and lithium battery employing the same
80 7,678,504 Lithium secondary battery and a method for preparing the same
81 7,678,491 Stack and fuel cell system using the same
82 7,678,473 Organometallic complex and organic electroluminescent device using the same
83 7,678,452 Carbon nanotube hybrid system using carbide-derived carbon, a method of making the same, an electron emitter comprising the same, and an electron emission device comprising the electron emitter
84 7,678,424 Forming carbon nanotube emitter
85 7,678,166 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus for vacuum cleaner
86 7,677,942 Method of making a plasma display panel and green sheet for forming dielectric layers of the plasma display panel
87 7,677,865 Air purifier
88 7,677,805 Fluid dynamic bearing and hard disk drive employing the same
89 7,677,784 Optical unit, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
90 7,677,750 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
91 7,677,707 Method of forming thick layer by screen printing and method of forming piezoelectric actuator of inkjet head
92 7,677,693 Line printing type inkjet image forming apparatus and method of enhancing printed image quality
93 7,677,689 Method of measuring volumes of ink droplets and method of controlling nozzles of inkjet head using the method
94 7,677,482 Electric charge concentration type droplet dispensing device having nonconductive capillary nozzle
95 7,677,195 Apparatus for supplying a droplet on a substrate and method of manufacturing display apparatus using the same
96 7,676,921 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board including embedded capacitors
97 7,676,889 Hinge device for portable terminal