Samsung patents granted on 16 May 2006

71 US patents granted on 16 May 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,047,552 Video apparatus having variable OSD graphic data and a method therefor
2 7,047,410 Digital image watermarking method
3 7,047,373 Memory control apparatus and method for controlling memory access capable of selecting desirable page mode
4 7,047,362 Cache system and method for controlling the cache system comprising direct-mapped cache and fully-associative buffer
5 7,047,283 Apparatus and method of upgrading program of firmware board
6 7,047,264 Frequency converter
7 7,047,131 Apparatus and method for displaying detailed map of selected area
8 7,047,053 Mobile terminal
9 7,047,040 Portable computer
10 7,047,035 Service apparatus and method for public mobile communication network, and private wire and mobile communication network
11 7,047,032 Power controllable wireless mobile communications system of adaptive modulation and coding scheme and method therefor
12 7,047,010 System and method for providing rescue channel communications between base stations in a wireless communication system
13 7,046,961 Link connection method between communication terminals equipped with bluetooth wireless devices
14 7,046,951 Fusing roller used with an image forming apparatus and a method of manufacture thereof
15 7,046,940 Developing device having a developer scatter prevention unit and an electrophotographic image forming apparatus using the same
16 7,046,870 Method of fabricating multi-layered printed circuit board for optical waveguides
17 7,046,803 Random keystream generation apparatus and method for use in an encryption system
18 7,046,760 Method of measuring and controlling concentration of dopants of a thin film
19 7,046,611 Optical pickup compatible with a digital versatile disk and a recordable compact disk using a holographic ring lens
20 7,046,605 Recording medium for storing version information for maintaining recording and/or reproducing compatibility, and method and apparatus for managing the same
21 7,046,598 Apparatus for and method of detecting phase difference between phase reference signal and wobble
22 7,046,588 Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing audio highlight portion and recording medium for storing additional information for the same
23 7,046,571 Internal voltage generating circuit for periphery, semiconductor memory device having the circuit and method thereof
24 7,046,567 Sense amplifying circuit and bit comparator with the sense amplifying circuit
25 7,046,500 Laminated ceramic capacitor
26 7,046,435 Reflective semiconductor optical amplifier
27 7,046,323 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
28 7,046,310 Display apparatus and a tuner mounted thereon
29 7,046,054 Power up signal generator
30 7,045,948 Field emission device with mesh grid
31 7,045,896 Metal interconnect layer of semiconductor device and method for forming a metal interconnect layer
32 7,045,892 Stack package of semiconductor device
33 7,045,891 Sockets for module extension and memory system using same
34 7,045,875 Semiconductor device with self-aligned junction contact hole and method of fabricating the same
35 7,045,850 Semiconductor device with floating trap type nonvolatile memory cell and method for manufacturing the same
36 7,045,842 Integrated circuit devices having self-aligned contact structures
37 7,045,839 Ferroelectric memory devices with improved ferroelectric properties and associated methods for fabricating such memory devices
38 7,045,820 Light emitting device having a sensor for determining luminous intensity
39 7,045,807 Field emission device, field emission display adopting the same and manufacturing method thereof
40 7,045,745 Heating cooker having a steam generating unit
41 7,045,478 Method of producing a catalyst for ethylene homo-and co-polymerization
42 7,045,429 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
43 7,045,424 Method of fabricating local SONOS type gate structure and method of fabricating nonvolatile memory cell having the same
44 7,045,416 Methods of manufacturing ferroelectric capacitors for integrated circuit memory devices
45 7,045,413 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit using a selective disposable spacer technique and semiconductor integrated circuit manufactured thereby
46 7,045,385 Method for fabricating surface acoustic wave filter packages and package sheet used therein
47 7,045,380 CMOS image sensor and method of fabricating the same
48 7,045,267 Resist composition comprising photosensitive polymer having lactone in its backbone
49 7,045,264 Single layered electrophotographic photoreceptor
50 7,045,263 Photoreceptor for electrophotography having a salt of an electron transport compound
51 7,045,176 Liquid crystal composition having high-speed response property and liquid crystal display using the same
52 7,044,833 Apparatus for transporting and polishing wafers
53 7,044,822 Method of manufacturing a field emission device utilizing the sacrificial layer
54 7,044,629 Lamp assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
55 7,044,628 Backlight unit
56 7,044,595 Apparatus to control static electricity in an ink-jet printer
57 7,044,385 Apparatus and method for establishing data transfer mode through identification of card insertion
58 7,044,201 Flat heat transferring device and method of fabricating the same
59 7,043,987 Rotary gyroscope
60 D521,195 Dishwasher
61 D521,041 Digital camcorder
62 D521,023 MP3 player
63 D520,999 Wireless data transmitter receiver
64 D520,982 Portable telephone
65 D520,981 Portable telephone
66 D520,979 Cellular phone
67 D520,978 Cellular phone
68 D520,977 Portable telephone
69 D520,975 Blu-ray player
70 D520,974 DVD recorder
71 D520,973 Complex image player