Samsung patents granted on 16 November 2010

142 US patents granted on 16 November 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,836,514 Method, apparatus and computer program for processing multimedia data signals
2 7,836,478 Ethernet port control method and apparatus of digital broadcasting system
3 7,836,463 Optical disk drive comprising dust removing apparatus
4 7,836,455 Method and apparatus for signaling transmission code set in data broadcasting
5 7,836,444 Mobile communication terminal having embedded system for software download and method for software download
6 7,836,373 Method and apparatus for receiving data in a communication system
7 7,836,361 Apparatus and method for deciding adaptive target packet error rate in wireless communication system
8 7,836,291 Method, medium, and apparatus with interrupt handling in a reconfigurable array
9 7,836,277 Pre-tracing instructions for CGA coupled processor in inactive mode for execution upon switch to active mode and continuing pre-fetching cache miss instructions
10 7,836,270 Method of improving the detection of opening and method for reducing the booting time of a wireless terminal
11 7,836,244 Method of providing block state information in semiconductor memory device including flash memory
12 7,836,218 System and method for recognizing external device by portable terminal
13 7,836,155 Method and system for address assignment in mobile ad-hoc network
14 7,835,915 Scalable stereo audio coding/decoding method and apparatus
15 7,835,909 Method and apparatus for normalizing voice feature vector by backward cumulative histogram
16 7,835,908 Method and apparatus for robust speaker localization and automatic camera steering system employing the same
17 7,835,907 Method and apparatus for low bit rate encoding and decoding
18 7,835,905 Apparatus and method for detecting degree of voicing of speech signal
19 7,835,894 System and method for simulating home network
20 7,835,763 Method for displaying digital broadcasting channel information in wireless terminal
21 7,835,750 Multi-carrier wireless network using flexible fractional frequency reuse
22 7,835,744 Handover method and apparatus in digital multimedia broadcasting system
23 7,835,741 Method for selecting system in a mobile terminal
24 7,835,729 Emoticon input method for mobile terminal
25 7,835,716 RF receiving apparatus and method using DC offset free baseband signal
26 7,835,707 Multi-band antenna unit of mobile terminal
27 7,835,674 Developer supplying apparatus and developing apparatus having the same
28 7,835,666 Image forming apparatus and power transmission unit thereof
29 7,835,657 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
30 7,835,619 Information storage medium storing multi-angle data and method and apparatus for reproducing the multi-angle data
31 7,835,585 Method and device for processing an image signal
32 7,835,576 Apparatus and method for editing optimized color preference
33 7,835,575 Apparatus and method for converting preference color
34 7,835,573 Method and apparatus for edge adaptive color interpolation
35 7,835,568 Method and apparatus for image-based photorealistic 3D face modeling
36 7,835,541 Apparatus, method, and medium for detecting face in image using boost algorithm
37 7,835,525 Cryptographic method using dual encryption keys and a wireless local area network (LAN) system therefor
38 7,835,478 Method and apparatus for performing analog-to-digital conversion in receiver supporting software defined multi-standard radios
39 7,835,333 Method of refining node position information in wireless sensor network
40 7,835,332 Method and apparatus for scheduling in WLAN mesh communication system
41 7,835,326 Method and apparatus for scheduling data packet transmission according to QoS in a mobile communication system
42 7,835,323 System and method for transmitting/receiving data in a multicarrier communication system
43 7,835,322 Apparatus and method for data transmission/reception in mobile telecommunication system
44 7,835,310 Method and system for transmitting and receiving a signal in a wireless local area network
45 7,835,281 Method and system for allocating resources in a communication system
46 7,835,277 Method and apparatus for managing a buffer in a communication system
47 7,835,273 Method for transmitting data in mobile ad hoc network and network apparatus using the same
48 7,835,253 Actuator having a plurality of objective lenses installed in a lens holder used with an optical pickup
49 7,835,238 Method for reducing access time of a write-once disc
50 7,835,235 Optical pickup apparatus and optical recording/reproducing system using the same
51 7,835,209 Method and apparatus for controlling reading level of memory cell
52 7,835,208 Multi-level dynamic memory device
53 7,835,199 Nonvolatile memory using resistance material
54 7,835,193 Flash memory device and method of erasing flash memory device
55 7,835,191 Bit line setup and discharge circuit for programming non-volatile memory
56 7,835,167 Magnetic domain data storage devices and methods of operating the same
57 7,835,137 Supercapacitor and electrochemical apparatus for water purification
58 7,835,095 Apparatus and method of setting up bit error rate criterion and apparatus and method of performing burn-in test of hard disk drive
59 7,835,025 Processing system and method of processing pattern bitmap data for printer
60 7,835,001 Method of aligning a substrate, mask to be aligned with the same, and flat panel display apparatus using the same
61 7,834,983 Three-dimensional measurement system and rescaling method using indoor GPS
62 7,834,967 Liquid crystal displays
63 7,834,965 TFT array substrate, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display having the same
64 7,834,961 Color filter substrate with openings and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
65 7,834,953 Light unit, liquid crystal display having the same, and method of manufacturing the same
66 7,834,952 Backlight unit improved in light mixing feature
67 7,834,947 Array substrate, liquid crystal display panel having the same and liquid crystal display device having the same
68 7,834,945 Thin film transistor array substrate having a second pixel electrode capacitively coupled to a first pixel electrode
69 7,834,940 Photo sensor, display panel having the same and display device having the display panel
70 7,834,918 Method and device for evaluating random noise in image sensor
71 7,834,887 Methods and systems for combining luminance preserving quantization and halftoning
72 7,834,885 Display apparatus and image processing method thereof
73 7,834,871 Splat filtering method, medium, and system
74 7,834,870 Plasma display device, power device thereof, and driving method thereof
75 7,834,863 Stylus pen combined with antenna in portable wireless terminal
76 7,834,854 Keypad backlighting device
77 7,834,826 Organic light emitting display device with improved luminance uniformity by using a feedback signal and driving method of the same
78 7,834,711 Variable-frequency oscillator
79 7,834,705 Frequency synthesizer having multi-band voltage controlled oscillator
80 7,834,676 Method and apparatus for accounting for changes in transistor characteristics
81 7,834,666 Voltage divider having varied output levels depending on frequency and PLL including the same
82 7,834,661 Ultra-low-power level shifter, voltage transform circuit and RFID tag including the same
83 7,834,581 Apparatus and method for sensing attachment or detachment of battery in portable terminal
84 7,834,557 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
85 7,834,550 Organic light emitting display and fabricating method of the same
86 7,834,549 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
87 7,834,547 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
88 7,834,540 Organic electroluminescence device and manufacturing method thereof
89 7,834,537 Seamless foldable display device
90 7,834,516 Piezoelectric ultrasonic motor
91 7,834,451 Film tray for fabricating flexible display
92 7,834,450 Semiconductor package having memory devices stacked on logic device
93 7,834,439 Semiconductor module and method of manufacturing the same
94 7,834,397 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and a display device including the thin film transistor
95 7,834,391 Integrated circuit memory devices including memory cells on adjacent pedestals having different heights, and methods of fabricating same
96 7,834,352 Method of fabricating thin film transistor
97 7,834,350 Semiconductor device with test pads and pad connection unit
98 7,834,348 Display device and manufacturing method thereof
99 7,834,340 Phase change memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
100 7,834,266 Photovoltaic device
101 7,834,206 Organic-metal precursor material and method of manufacturing metal thin film using the same
102 7,834,083 Nanocomposite composition comprising transparent nanoparticles
103 7,833,934 Hydrocarbon reforming catalyst, method of preparing the same and fuel processor including the same
104 7,833,925 Method of preparing metal nanoparticles
105 7,833,902 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
106 7,833,890 Semiconductor device having a pair of fins and method of manufacturing the same
107 7,833,875 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
108 7,833,864 Method of doping polysilicon layer that utilizes gate insulation layer to prevent diffusion of ion implanted impurities into underlying semiconductor substrate
109 7,833,855 Methods of producing integrated circuit devices utilizing tantalum amine derivatives
110 7,833,850 Method of fabricating a thin film transistor
111 7,833,847 Method of forming semiconductor device having stacked transistors
112 7,833,813 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
113 7,833,811 Side-emitting LED package and method of manufacturing the same
114 7,833,710 Polynucleotide associated with breast cancer comprising single nucleotide polymorphism, microarray and diagnostic kit comprising the same and method for diagnosing breast cancer using the same
115 7,833,672 Modular direct fuel cell system with integrated processor
116 7,833,665 Polysiloxane compound containing sulfonic acid groups, method of preparing the same and fuel cell including the same
117 7,833,662 Anode active material, method of preparing the same, and anode and lithium battery containing the material
118 7,833,657 External case for secondary batteries and secondary battery using the external case
119 7,833,635 Organoelectroluminescent compound and organoelectroluminescent device employing the same
120 7,833,633 Full color organic electroluminescence display device
121 7,833,612 Substrate for inkjet printing and method of manufacturing the same
122 7,833,580 Method of forming a carbon nano-material layer using a cyclic deposition technique
123 7,833,579 Method for in-situ polycrystalline thin film growth
124 7,833,496 Plate type preferential oxidation reactor
125 7,833,464 Imprinting apparatus and imprinting method
126 7,833,394 Housing, apparatus for generating hydrogen and fuel cell power generation system having the same
127 7,833,310 Air filter, elevator having the same and air conditioning control method thereof
128 7,833,075 Method for forming metal line and method for manufacturing display substrate by using the same
129 7,832,884 Backlight assembly having improved heat releasing structure and display device having the same
130 7,832,877 Optical modulators including incorporated into mobile terminal projector
131 7,832,846 Piezoelectric inkjet printhead
132 7,832,825 Nozzle error correction method and image-forming apparatus using the same
133 7,832,823 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
134 7,832,312 Composite phosphor powder, light emitting device using the same and method for manufacturing composite phosphor powder
135 7,832,083 Shipping comb usable with a head stack
136 RE41,927 TFT LCD device having multi-layered pixel electrodes
137 D627,475 Video medical treatment terminal
138 D627,381 Digital camera
139 D627,374 Refrigerator for wines
140 D627,341 Net book
141 D627,336 Wireless headset
142 D627,324 Mobile phone