Samsung patents granted on 16 October 2007

98 US patents granted on 16 October 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,284,253 Optical pickup transferring apparatus of an optical disk drive
2 7,284,131 Method for operating internet site offering encrypted contents
3 7,284,123 Secure communication system and method for integrated mobile communication terminals comprising a short-distance communication module
4 7,283,931 Inspecting apparatus for semiconductor device
5 7,283,847 Portable digital communication device
6 7,283,836 Apparatus and method of controlling forward link power when in discontinuous transmission mode in a mobile communication system
7 7,283,835 Method of providing extended group call service
8 7,283,818 Apparatus and method using page response messages to change the slot cycle index of a selected mobile station in a wireless network
9 7,283,815 Method for maximizing gain of received signal in a multimedia broadcast/multicast service system
10 7,283,770 Image forming apparatus adapted to overlap image errors from driving unit and image bearing bodies and method of manufacturing same
11 7,283,769 Detachable developing apparatus and driving apparatus of the same
12 7,283,748 Self-healing wavelength division multiplexing-passive optical network system
13 7,283,729 Recording medium for storing real time recording/reproduction information, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing in real time, and file operating method using the same
14 7,283,720 Recording medium for storing virtually deleted still picture information, recording and/or reproducing method and apparatus therefor
15 7,283,668 Method and apparatus for color-based object tracking in video sequences
16 7,283,595 Ultra wide band pulse train generator
17 7,283,559 Transmitting/receiving apparatus and method for packet data service in a mobile telecommunication system
18 7,283,509 Apparatus and method for retransmitting high-speed data in a CDMA mobile communication system
19 7,283,508 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving serving HS-SCCH set information in an HSDPA communication system
20 7,283,498 Method and apparatus for allocating a pilot carrier adaptively in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access system
21 7,283,495 Apparatus and method for managing dormant state in a wireless packet data system
22 7,283,482 Reverse data transmission apparatus and method in a mobile communication system
23 7,283,454 Information storage medium and method of recording information thereon
24 7,283,448 Integrated optical pickup and method of manufacturing the same and optical information storage system including the optical pickup
25 7,283,446 Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
26 7,283,440 Tracking error signal detecting method selectively using a push-pull method, an improved push-pull method, and a three beam method and optical recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
27 7,283,437 Device and method for compensating for tilt in an optical disk apparatus
28 7,283,436 Method and apparatus for controlling layer change of optical media
29 7,283,413 Sense amplifier and method for generating variable reference level
30 7,283,393 NAND flash memory device and method of fabricating the same
31 7,283,392 NAND flash memory device and methods of its formation and operation
32 7,283,387 Phase change random access memory device having variable drive voltage circuit
33 7,283,355 Portable computer
34 7,283,354 Monitor apparatus
35 7,283,331 Method and apparatus reducing off track head motion due to disk vibration in a hard disk drive
36 7,283,323 Damping structure of a hard disk drive
37 7,283,180 Computer system and method for storing TV signals therein
38 7,283,110 Flat panel display
39 7,283,104 PIP processing system and a method of controlling the same
40 7,283,099 Built-in antenna module of wireless communication terminal
41 7,283,098 Antenna apparatus for portable terminal
42 7,283,003 Reset signal generators for a frequency-phase detector and methods of generating reset signals for the same
43 7,282,990 Operational amplifier for output buffer and signal processing circuit using the same
44 7,282,984 Semiconductor device having an internal voltage converter, and method therefor
45 7,282,969 Low divide ratio programmable frequency divider and method thereof
46 7,282,968 Data output driver and semiconductor memory device having the same
47 7,282,958 Multiplex (MUX) circuit having a single selection signal and method of generating a MUX output signal with single selection signal
48 7,282,871 Backlight inverter for inductively detecting current
49 7,282,870 Driving apparatus for CCFL
50 7,282,859 Plasma display apparatus having heat radiation sheet
51 7,282,857 Planar light source device and display apparatus having the same
52 7,282,855 Flat panel display having light blocking layer
53 7,282,842 Plasma display apparatus
54 7,282,836 Method and apparatus for a D33 mode piezoelectric actuator with a bending motion
55 7,282,833 Stator assembly of drum motor, and head drum assembly of magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
56 7,282,801 Microelectronic device chip including hybrid Au bump, package of the same, LCD apparatus including microelectronic device chip and method of fabricating microelectronic device chip
57 7,282,761 Semiconductor memory devices having offset transistors and methods of fabricating the same
58 7,282,759 Memory device having serially connected resistance nodes
59 7,282,746 Light emitting diode and method of fabricating the same
60 7,282,741 Vertical type nitride semiconductor light emitting diode
61 7,282,702 Ion neutralizer
62 7,282,686 Image sensor with improved photo sensitivity
63 7,282,673 Cooking apparatus
64 7,282,648 Capacitor-embedded PCB having blind via hole and method of manufacturing the same
65 7,282,451 Methods of forming integrated circuit devices having metal interconnect layers therein
66 7,282,446 Method of manufacturing self-ordered nanochannel-array and method of manufacturing nanodot using the nanochannel-array
67 7,282,431 Single chip and stack-type chip semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
68 7,282,422 Overlay key, method of manufacturing the same and method of measuring an overlay degree using the same
69 7,282,407 Semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing for preventing bit line oxidation
70 7,282,405 Semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing the same
71 7,282,394 Printed circuit board including embedded chips and method of fabricating the same using plating
72 7,282,388 Method of manufacturing wafer level package type FBAR device
73 7,282,319 Photoresist composition and method of forming a pattern using same
74 7,282,111 System and method for monitoring particles contamination in semiconductor manufacturing facilities
75 7,282,028 Method and apparatus for measuring animal’s condition by acquiring and analyzing its biological signals
76 7,281,914 Variable capacity rotary compressor
77 7,281,865 Bidirectional optical transceiver
78 7,281,775 Supporter for clothes washing machine and clothes drying apparatus
79 7,281,328 Method of fabricating rigid-flexible printed circuit board
80 7,281,323 Method for mounting electronic components
81 7,281,321 Printed circuit board having embedded capacitors using hybrid material and method of manufacturing the same
82 7,281,304 Method for fabricating a film bulk acoustic resonator
83 7,281,298 Upright vacuum cleaner with foldable handle
84 D553,311 Vacuum cleaner
85 D553,229 Dehumidifier
86 D553,184 Photo printer
87 D553,165 Container for kimchi refrigerator
88 D553,164 Refrigerator control
89 D553,163 Refrigerator control
90 D553,146 Generated image for display on a portable telephone
91 D553,145 Generated image for display on a portable telephone
92 D553,115 Mobile phone
93 D553,114 Mobile phone
94 D553,113 Portable phone
95 D553,112 Portable phone
96 D553,109 Digital video recorder
97 D553,108 Projection television
98 D553,077 Charger for headset