Samsung patents granted on 16 September 2008

75 US patents granted on 16 September 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D577,061 Toner cartridge for laser printer
2 D577,034 Graphic user interface for dislay on a MP3 player
3 D577,033 Display panel with a user interface
4 D577,032 Display panel with a user interface
5 D577,031 Display panel with a user interface
6 D576,994 Portable phone
7 D576,993 Portable phone
8 D576,992 Portable phone
9 D576,991 Portable phone
10 D576,990 Mobile phone
11 D576,989 Mobile phone
12 D576,988 Mobile phone
13 D576,987 Mobile phone
14 D576,986 Mobile phone
15 D576,985 Portable phone
16 D576,984 Mobile phone
17 7,426,680 Apparatus and method for transmitting TFCI bits for a hard split mode in a CDMA mobile communication system
18 7,426,589 Network interface card for reducing the number of interrupts and method of generating interrupts
19 7,426,369 Bluetooth appliance having non-memory programmable identification address storing device and telecommunication method thereof
20 7,426,309 Method of controlling encoding rate, method of transmitting video data, encoding rate controller for video encoder, and video data transmission system using the encoding rate controller
21 7,426,273 Audio/video stream processing system and method for data copy protection
22 7,426,254 Shift register comprising electrical fuse and related method
23 7,426,229 Line narrowing module, light source of exposure apparatus comprising the same, and method of producing exposure light using line narrowing
24 7,426,204 Symbol synchronization method for OFDM-based wireless communication system
25 7,426,201 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving a high speed-shared control channel in a high speed downlink packet access communication system
26 7,426,200 Wireless communication apparatus and a method using the same
27 7,426,172 Optical module and optical pickup including the same
28 7,426,163 Method and apparatus for preventing malfunction of disc drive
29 7,426,162 Method of recording and/or reproducing data with respect to multi-layer information storage medium having optimal power control areas
30 7,426,153 Clock-independent mode register setting methods and apparatuses
31 7,426,149 Semiconductor memory module and semiconductor memory device
32 7,426,145 Synchronous semiconductor memory device having on-die termination circuit and on-die termination method
33 7,426,143 Semiconductor memory device and related programming method
34 7,426,138 Parallel programming of multiple-bit-per-cell memory cells by controlling program pulsewidth and programming voltage
35 7,426,130 Ferroelectric RAM device and driving method
36 7,426,129 Layout structures in semiconductor memory devices including bit line layout for higher density migration
37 7,426,081 Lens transfer device
38 7,426,071 Electrochromic device having the functionality of a secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
39 7,426,031 Method and apparatus for inspecting target defects on a wafer
40 7,426,000 Transistor, display device including the same, and manufacturing method thereof
41 7,425,998 Thin film transistor substrate
42 7,425,973 Thermal type image forming apparatus
43 7,425,936 Driving apparatus for plasma display panel and a gray level expressing method thereof
44 7,425,933 Systems and methods for correcting green disparity in imager sensors
45 7,425,923 Combined DMB and mobile communication antenna apparatus for mobile communication terminal
46 7,425,921 Broadband antenna system
47 7,425,913 Bit-adjacency capacitor-switched DAC, method, driver and display device
48 7,425,906 Method of code generation, and method and apparatus for code modulation
49 7,425,868 Apparatus and method for canceling DC output offset
50 7,425,846 Gate driving device and flat display device employing such a gate driving device
51 7,425,825 Rotary manipulation input apparatus
52 7,425,797 Plasma display panel having protrusion electrode with indentation and aperture
53 7,425,796 Plasma display panel and manufacturing method thereof
54 7,425,761 Method of manufacturing a dielectric film in a capacitor
55 7,425,735 Multi-layer phase-changeable memory devices
56 7,425,731 Light emitting diode package
57 7,425,730 Organic electro-luminescent display and fabrication method thereof
58 7,425,729 LED backlight unit
59 7,425,725 Temperature sensor for a liquid crystal display panel
60 7,425,514 Method of forming material using atomic layer deposition and method of forming capacitor of semiconductor device using the same
61 7,425,510 Methods of cleaning processing chamber in semiconductor device fabrication equipment
62 7,425,493 Methods of forming dielectric structures and capacitors
63 7,425,479 Method of manufacturing a thin film transistor array panel
64 7,425,476 Manufacturing method of a thin film transistor array panel
65 7,425,466 Wire bonding system and method of use
66 7,425,389 Line photo masks and methods of forming semiconductor devices using the same
67 7,425,388 Electrolyte for a lithium battery and a lithium battery comprising the same
68 7,425,275 Shadow mask and method of fabricating vertically tapered structure using the shadow mask
69 7,425,165 Method for manufacturing organic EL device having conductive interface pad
70 7,425,133 Display device
71 7,425,083 Light emitting device package
72 7,424,995 Valve
73 7,424,994 Monitor and a monitor supporting apparatus
74 7,424,991 Display apparatus
75 7,424,923 Mobile robot