Samsung patents granted on 17 April 2007

82 US patents granted on 17 April 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,206,876 Input/output interface of an integrated circuit device
2 7,206,739 Excitation codebook search method in a speech coding system
3 7,206,616 Handphone capable of inputting characters like keyboard
4 7,206,613 Method and apparatus for adjusting level of alert sound in portable telephone
5 7,206,607 Mobile communication apparatus and method including base station and mobile station having multi-antenna
6 7,206,565 Device for generating wide tunable frequency using frequency divider
7 7,206,533 Method for controlling fusing temperature and blower speed based on toner coverage computed from data to be printed and apparatus using the same
8 7,206,530 Control method for correcting sensitivity of toner density sensor of image forming apparatus
9 7,206,521 Signal level detecting device for a burst-mode optical receiver
10 7,206,519 Duobinary optical transmission apparatus
11 7,206,513 Polarization mode dispersion compensation apparatus using a photonic crystal structure
12 7,206,485 Photonic crystal fiber preform and photonic crystal fiber manufactured using the same
13 7,206,457 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding key value data of coordinate interpolator
14 7,206,358 Error recovery apparatus of digital broadcasting receiver to compensate a phase-error generated by a broadcasting signal transmitted through a multi-path channel
15 7,206,353 Mobile communication apparatus including an antenna array and mobile communication method
16 7,206,336 Method of increasing noise immunity during reception of signals from satellite navigational systems
17 7,206,312 Network address conversion system for enabling access to a node having a private IP address, a method therefor, and a recording medium for recording the method
18 7,206,266 Optical pickup, optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus including the same, and method for realizing compatible tracking
19 7,206,252 Circuit and method for generating word line control signals and semiconductor memory device having the same
20 7,206,237 Apparatus and method for testing a memory device with multiple address generators
21 7,206,165 Noise reducing apparatus for disk drive
22 7,206,160 Method and apparatus of micro-actuator control of the flying height of a read/write head in a hard disk drive
23 7,206,118 Open hole-based diffractive light modulator
24 7,206,054 LCD with bent split pixel electrodes with transistor for each partition
25 7,206,049 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
26 7,206,048 Liquid crystal display and panel therefor
27 7,206,045 Reflection type liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
28 7,206,042 Color filter substrate and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
29 7,206,006 Real size display system
30 7,205,975 Display apparatus and method
31 7,205,970 Liquid crystal display for wide viewing angle, and driving method thereof
32 7,205,969 Liquid crystal display using swing common electrode voltage and a drive method thereof
33 7,205,968 Organic electroluminescence device and method for fabricating thereof
34 7,205,876 Inductor for radio frequency integrated circuit
35 7,205,865 Power divider and combiner in communication system
36 7,205,815 Method and integrated circuit apparatus for reducing simultaneously switching output
37 7,205,813 Differential type delay cells and methods of operating the same
38 7,205,799 Input buffer having a stabilized operating point and an associated method
39 7,205,720 Plasma display panel
40 7,205,702 Film bulk acoustic resonator and method for manufacturing the same
41 7,205,666 Interconnections having double capping layer and method for forming the same
42 7,205,660 Wafer level chip scale package having a gap and method for manufacturing the same
43 7,205,623 Image sensor and method of manufacturing same
44 7,205,609 Methods of forming semiconductor devices including fin structures and related devices
45 7,205,576 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
46 7,205,572 Organic electroluminescent display device
47 7,205,570 Thin film transistor array panel
48 7,205,565 Thin film transistor and OLED including the same
49 7,205,543 Auto focusing apparatus and method
50 7,205,517 Cooking container and microwave oven having such container
51 7,205,412 Antibiotic additive and ink composition comprising the same
52 7,205,241 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with contact body extended in direction of bit line
53 7,205,232 Method of forming a self-aligned contact structure using a sacrificial mask layer
54 7,205,219 Methods of forming integrated circuits devices having pad contact plugs in the cell array and peripheral circuit regions of the integrated circuit substrate
55 7,205,215 Fabrication method of thin film transistor
56 7,205,208 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
57 7,205,199 Method of forming a recess channel trench pattern, and fabricating a recess channel transistor
58 7,205,194 Method of fabricating a flash memory cell
59 7,205,184 Method of crystallizing silicon film and method of manufacturing thin film transistor liquid crystal display
60 7,205,183 Methods of manufacturing thin film transistors using masks to protect the channel regions from impurities while doping a semiconductor layer to form source/drain regions
61 7,205,098 Method for manufacturing high-transmittance optical filter for image display devices
62 7,205,096 Method for forming metal pattern by using metal nanocrystals
63 7,205,073 Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
64 7,204,587 Inkjet printer comprising a discharge/heater roller
65 7,204,095 Refrigerator
66 7,204,094 Air conditioner
67 7,204,039 Washing machine having a condensing duct
68 RE39,569 Head drum assembly for tape recorder
69 D540,831 Refrigerator for wines
70 D540,816 Supporter for MP 3 player
71 D540,794 Home gateway
72 D540,793 Network terminal
73 D540,790 Personal digital assistant
74 D540,780 Speaker
75 D540,776 Terminal for A/V
76 D540,772 Portable phone
77 D540,767 Portable phone
78 D540,766 Portable telephone
79 D540,619 Undercover for electronic oven
80 D540,615 Microwave oven
81 D540,614 Electronic oven
82 D540,613 Electronic oven