Samsung patents granted on 17 April 2012

166 US patents granted on 17 April 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 D657,921 Vacuum cleaner
2 D657,792 Monitor for computer
3 D657,791 Monitor for computer
4 D657,790 Monitor
5 D657,789 Monitor for computer
6 D657,785 Netbook computer
7 D657,774 Mini component audio
8 D657,769 Mobile phone
9 D657,768 Mobile phone
10 D657,767 Mobile phone
11 D657,764 Mobile phone
12 D657,763 Mobile phone
13 D657,762 Mobile phone
14 8,161,524 Method and portable storage device for allocating secure area in insecure area
15 8,161,507 Channel switching in a digital broadcasting system
16 8,161,466 Method of pre-processing conditional region
17 8,161,397 Interaction between real-world digital environments and virtual worlds
18 8,161,363 Apparatus and method to encode/decode block low density parity check codes in a communication system
19 8,161,349 Data parallelizing receiver
20 8,161,340 Apparatus and method for recording and/or reproducing data on an information storage medium using padding information, and the information storage medium
21 8,161,331 Data training system and method thereof
22 8,161,320 Apparatus, memory device controller and method of controlling a memory device
23 8,161,302 Method and apparatus for data transmission in wireless local access network and system therefor
24 8,161,301 Method and apparatus for waking remote terminal
25 8,161,296 Method and apparatus for managing digital content
26 8,161,228 Apparatus and method for optimized NAND flash memory management for devices with limited resources
27 8,161,214 System and method for data transfer using ATA interface
28 8,161,141 Server, system and method for providing dynamic domain name service
29 8,161,121 Application design framework for MANET over a short range communication protocol
30 8,161,093 Complex multiplier and twiddle factor generator
31 8,160,869 Method and apparatus for encoding continuation sinusoid signal information of audio signal and method and apparatus for decoding same
32 8,160,691 Apparatus to measure skin moisture content and method of operating the same
33 8,160,650 Bidirectional slide-type mobile communication terminal and method of providing graphic user interface thereof
34 8,160,646 Apparatus and method for allocating preamble index of self configuration base station in broadband wireless communication system
35 8,160,645 Apparatus and method for supporting SIM card in mobile communication terminal having multiple modems
36 8,160,632 Method for controlling power in dual-standby mode mobile terminal and apparatus thereof
37 8,160,627 System for establishing and managing multimedia PoC session for performing multimedia call service, method thereof and user equipment therefor
38 8,160,626 Apparatus and method for enquiring channel condition information in cognitive radio wireless communication system
39 8,160,607 Mobile terminal apparatus, method, and server for sharing contents
40 8,160,597 Apparatus and method for allocating segments in broadband wireless communication system
41 8,160,592 Data relay apparatus and method using telephone number
42 8,160,553 Method and device for managing data in mobile terminal
43 8,160,524 Signal receiving apparatus and control method thereof
44 8,160,522 Apparatus and method for receiving signal in multiple input multiple output system
45 8,160,490 Apparatus and method for controlling power in wireless communication system using relaying
46 8,160,483 Image forming apparatus which can prevent inferior image quality due to current leakage
47 8,160,465 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
48 8,160,417 Printed circuit board for optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
49 8,160,401 Information storage medium storing graphic data and apparatus and method of processing the graphic data
50 8,160,384 Methods of suppressing ringing artifact of decompressed images
51 8,160,363 Device and method for inputting characters or drawings in a mobile terminal using a virtual screen
52 8,160,359 Information storage medium storing graphic data and apparatus and method of processing the graphic data
53 8,160,358 Method and apparatus for generating mosaic image
54 8,160,289 Speaker with auxiliary air hole
55 8,160,281 Sound reproducing apparatus and sound reproducing method
56 8,160,275 Apparatus and method for an integrated, multi-mode, multi-band, and multi-stage power amplifier
57 8,160,270 Method and apparatus for acquiring multi-channel sound by using microphone array
58 8,160,256 Key calculation method and key agreement method using the same
59 8,160,254 Method for managing group traffic encryption key in wireless portable internet system
60 8,160,252 Method and system for protecting broadcast service/content in a mobile broadcast system, and method for generating short term key message therefor
61 8,160,246 Apparatus and method for generating a key for broadcast encryption
62 8,160,177 Transmit methods with delay diversity and space-frequency diversity
63 8,160,174 Signal detection method and receiver
64 8,160,172 Transmission methods for downlink ACK/NACK channels
65 8,160,158 Scalable video coding method and apparatus and scalable video decoding method and apparatus
66 8,160,138 Filtering method for removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor
67 8,160,125 System for feeding back index of codeword matrix
68 8,160,108 Apparatus and method for managing schedule of user
69 8,160,105 Apparatus and method for processing IP packet fragmentation in routing system using network processor
70 8,160,103 Method and apparatus for generating preamble of data packet
71 8,160,102 Method and apparatus for upper level protocol message
72 8,160,081 Apparatus and method for sharing content using digital living network alliance (DLNA) network and computer-readable medium thereof
73 8,160,058 Method and apparatus for signaling VoIP call based on class of service in VoIP service system
74 8,160,033 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving packets in a mobile communication system supporting hybrid automatic repeat request
75 8,160,026 System and method for performing handover in a broadband wireless access communication system
76 8,160,023 Apparatus and method for supporting handover in broadband wireless communication system
77 8,160,018 Methods of uplink channelization in LTE
78 8,160,016 Control signaling for transmissions over contiguous and non-contiguous frequency bands
79 8,160,006 Apparatus and method for providing relay service in multi-hop relay broadband wireless access communication system
80 8,159,986 Method for providing multicast broadcast service in communication system
81 8,159,970 Method of transmitting image data in video telephone mode of a wireless terminal
82 8,159,917 Wobble signal detector including the signal processor, optical disk apparatus including the wobble signal detector and read-write optical disk drive including the wobble signal detector
83 8,159,915 Method of and apparatus for recording data on write-once disc, method of and apparatus for reproducing data from write-once disc, and write-once disc therefor
84 8,159,908 Photo diode ic
85 8,159,902 Apparatus and method for localizing sound source in robot
86 8,159,889 Solid state disk controller apparatus
87 8,159,885 Refresh control circuit and semiconductor memory device and memory system including the same
88 8,159,867 Phase change memory devices and systems, and related programming methods
89 8,159,860 Semiconductor memory device having a discharge path generator for global I/O lines
90 8,159,853 Memory module cutting off DM pad leakage current
91 8,159,831 Printed circuit board for accomplishing narrow scribe lane and semiconductor package including the printed circuit board
92 8,159,824 Printed circuit board
93 8,159,813 Multilayer chip capacitor, motherboard apparatus having the same, and power distribution network
94 8,159,765 Barrel module and imaging apparatus including the same
95 8,159,762 Lens actuating module
96 8,159,759 Zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
97 8,159,741 Electronic paper display device and manufacturing method thereof
98 8,159,721 Scanning apparatus and method calculates distortion boundary of distortion area based on shadow values to correct scanned image
99 8,159,697 System and method for monitoring and controlling the distribution of information from a multi-function peripheral device
100 8,159,696 Image forming device capable of driving with single processor
101 8,159,641 Array substrate having common electrode with slits that overlap data lines, and liquid crystal display apparatus having the array substrate
102 8,159,630 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display
103 8,159,589 Image sensor for high-speed data readout
104 8,159,583 Correlated double sampling unit in image sensor with attenuation of parasitic voltage loss
105 8,159,566 Method and apparatus for compensating signal distortion caused by noise
106 8,159,563 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and recording medium storing computer program for executing the method
107 8,159,552 Apparatus and method for restoring image based on distance-specific point spread function
108 8,159,517 Method and device for setting output volume of audio signal to prevent acoustic shock in mobile terminal
109 8,159,511 Methods and systems for sub-pixel rendering with gamma adjustment
110 8,159,503 Method for adjusting brightness, contrast and color in a displaying apparatus
111 8,159,498 Gamut mapping and subpixel rendering systems and methods
112 8,159,488 Voltage stabilizing circuit and display apparatus having the same
113 8,159,477 Apparatus for shielding electromagnetic interference of display module and a manufacturing method thereof
114 8,159,446 Gate driving circuit utilizing dummy stages and liquid crystal display having the same
115 8,159,445 Driving device, display device, and method of driving the same
116 8,159,444 Gate driver, display device having the same and method of driving the same
117 8,159,439 Data driving circuit including a first operator that generates a flag signal based on a load signal and a reset signal and a second operator that generates a horizontal scanning identical signal, display apparatus comprising the same and control method thereof
118 8,159,430 Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
119 8,159,429 Liquid crystal display and method thereof
120 8,159,423 Organic light emitting display device
121 8,159,419 Display apparatus and control method thereof
122 8,159,418 Plasma display and driving method thereof
123 8,159,415 Display device and driving method thereof
124 8,159,400 Chip antenna and mobile-communication terminal having the same
125 8,159,378 Analog-to-digital conversion method using RC time constant calibrator and analog-to-digital converter therefor
126 8,159,275 Phase-locked loop and bias generator
127 8,159,196 Apparatus and method of power control
128 8,159,154 Apparatus and method of driving backlight unit and display apparatus employing the same
129 8,159,143 Light generating module, liquid crystal display device having the same, and method of improving color reproducibility thereof
130 8,159,130 Foldable display device
131 8,159,071 Semiconductor package with a metal post
132 8,159,064 Lead pin for package substrate, and method for manufacturing package substrate with the same
133 8,159,037 Stack structure comprising epitaxial graphene, method of forming the stack structure, and electronic device comprising the stack structure
134 8,159,017 Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
135 8,159,016 Capacitor of a semiconductor device
136 8,159,012 Semiconductor device including insulating layer of cubic system or tetragonal system
137 8,159,006 Semiconductor device having a triple gate transistor and method for manufacturing the same
138 8,158,989 Organic light emitting diode display
139 8,158,984 Thin film transistor, method of fabricating the same, and organic light emitting diode display device including the same
140 8,158,979 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
141 8,158,978 Inverter, logic circuit including an inverter and methods of fabricating the same
142 8,158,976 Thin-film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
143 8,158,958 Flare evaluation methods
144 8,158,889 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board
145 8,158,499 Wire structure, method for fabricating wire, thin film transistor substrate, and method for fabricating thin film transistor substrate
146 8,158,480 Method of forming a pattern for a semiconductor device, method of forming a charge storage pattern using the same method, non-volatile memory device and methods of manufacturing the same
147 8,158,470 Thin film transistor substrate and method of manufacturing thereof
148 8,158,445 Methods of forming pattern structures and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices using the same
149 8,158,411 Method of separating microorganism using nonplanar solid substrate and device for separating microorganism using the same
150 8,158,320 Toner and process of preparing the same
151 8,158,318 Multicolor image forming apparatus and image forming method thereof
152 8,158,279 Separator configuration for a battery
153 8,158,056 Reactor for producing metal nanoparticles and arrangement having the reactor
154 8,158,040 Method for fabricating an optical sheet
155 8,158,031 Method for preparing metal nanoparticles using metal seed and metal nanoparticles comprising metal seed
156 8,158,026 Method for preparing B-Sialon phosphor
157 8,158,025 Phosphor composition and display device including the same
158 8,158,024 Liquid crystal display
159 8,157,729 System, method and medium editing moving pictures using biometric signals
160 8,157,429 Optical sheet having offset condensing and reflecting elements and display device having the same
161 8,157,180 Integrated circuit device with multiple communication modes and operating method thereof
162 8,156,893 Apparatus and method of fabricating color filter using ink-jet technique
163 8,156,650 Method of manufacturing a nozzle plate
164 8,156,636 Apparatus to manufacture a semiconductor package having a buffer disposed adjacent to a process unit of the apparatus
165 8,156,635 Carrier for manufacturing a printed circuit board
166 8,156,592 Washing machine and method of controlling the same