Samsung patents granted on 17 August 2010

143 US patents granted on 17 August 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE41,547 Apparatus and a method for avoiding the accidental termination of computer power
2 D621,832 Dongle
3 7,779,479 Method and apparatus for playing back content based on digital rights management between portable storage and device, and portable storage for the same
4 7,779,443 Wireless communication system and method using a wireless channel
5 7,779,341 NAND flash memory device performing error detecting and data reloading operation during copy back program operation
6 7,779,328 Method and apparatus for efficiently decoding concatenated burst in a WiBro system
7 7,779,315 Semiconductor memory device having a single input terminal to select a buffer and method of testing the same
8 7,779,272 Hardware cryptographic engine and encryption method
9 7,779,262 Security method using electronic signature
10 7,779,225 Memory access method using three dimensional address mapping
11 7,779,174 Method and apparatus for dynamically changing burst length using direct memory access control
12 7,779,078 Method and system for managing multimedia messages in a mobile communication systems
13 7,779,046 Web server and method to provide web-pages to manage devices
14 7,779,030 Method and apparatus for managing content using remote user interface
15 7,778,977 Composite image apparatus and copy method thereof
16 7,778,825 Method and apparatus for extracting voiced/unvoiced classification information using harmonic component of voice signal
17 7,778,654 Method for controlling wireless appliances using short message service, home network system and mobile terminal
18 7,778,644 Apparatus and method for managing resources in mobile communication system
19 7,778,602 Method and apparatus for searching neighboring bluetooth devices in a portable terminal
20 7,778,571 Manufacturing method of developing unit, developing unit, and image forming device
21 7,778,479 Modified Gabor filter for image processing
22 7,778,477 Image display encoding and/or decoding system, medium, and method
23 7,778,471 Dynamic capacitance compensation apparatus and method for liquid crystal display
24 7,778,464 Apparatus and method for searching for digital ink query
25 7,778,460 Apparatus for compensating for gray component of image signal
26 7,778,459 Image encoding/decoding method and apparatus
27 7,778,436 Vibration-sound generating device and yoke thereof
28 7,778,418 System and method for copy protection for digital signals
29 7,778,413 Cryptographic system and method for encrypting input data
30 7,778,374 Dual reference input receiver of semiconductor device and method of receiving input data signal
31 7,778,338 Method and apparatus for estimating timing error and frequency offset of MIMO system
32 7,778,322 Equalizer with overlapped filter banks and methods for the same
33 7,778,309 Apparatus and method for canceling interference from neighbor cells in broadband communication system
34 7,778,267 Bus system
35 7,778,264 Apparatus and method for setting timer and counter in mobile communication system
36 7,778,221 Apparatus and method for requesting bandwidth allocation and allocating bandwidth in a communication system
37 7,778,217 System and method for scheduling uplink in a communication system
38 7,778,212 Method and apparatus for multicast transmission of packet data in a mobile communication system
39 7,778,208 Wireless communication system for time division duplex
40 7,778,200 Remote management apparatus and method of setting IP address thereof
41 7,778,147 MIMO communication system using an adaptive transmission mode switching technique
42 7,778,126 Apparatus and method for controlling a recording light signal
43 7,778,103 Semiconductor memory device for independently selecting mode of memory bank and method of controlling thereof
44 7,778,097 AC coupling circuits including resistive feedback and related methods and devices
45 7,778,094 Semiconductor memory device and latency signal generating method thereof
46 7,778,085 Method of erasing in non-volatile memory device
47 7,778,084 Non-volatile memory devices and operating methods thereof
48 7,778,083 Program and erase methods for nonvolatile memory
49 7,778,082 Non-volatile memory device and programming method
50 7,778,079 Multiple level cell phase-change memory devices having post-programming operation resistance drift saturation, memory systems employing such devices and methods of reading memory devices
51 7,778,067 Magnetic random access memory device using current induced switching
52 7,778,066 Resistance variable memory device and programming method thereof
53 7,778,058 Flash memory device which includes strapping line connected to selection line
54 7,778,042 Memory system having point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-two-point (PTTP) links between devices
55 7,778,040 Printed circuit board assembly
56 7,778,008 Capacitor structure and method of manufacturing the same
57 7,777,999 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection device
58 7,777,982 Disturbance compensation determination apparatus, a related method, a computer-readable medium storing a computer program related to the method, and a disk drive comprising the apparatus
59 7,777,973 Subminiature imaging optical system
60 7,777,966 Compact zoom lens
61 7,777,939 Method of manufacturing electrophoretic display having organic thin film transistor control circuit and electrophoretic display manufactured using the method
62 7,777,938 Electrophoretic display unit and display device having the same and method of manufacturing the same
63 7,777,936 Display device
64 7,777,934 Color pixel structure of an electrochromic display
65 7,777,894 Immersion photolithography monitoring
66 7,777,858 Liquid crystal display apparatus and method of forming the same
67 7,777,854 Liquid crystal display, testing method thereof and manufacturing method thereof
68 7,777,837 LCD polarizers
69 7,777,835 Liquid crystal display
70 7,777,833 Double-side illumination apparatus for display device and dual display device employing the same
71 7,777,831 Optical sheet and display device having the same
72 7,777,829 Liquid crystal display device
73 7,777,823 Thin film transistor array panel
74 7,777,820 Array substrate and display apparatus having the same
75 7,777,756 Method and apparatus for calibrating color property of monitor
76 7,777,735 Data driving integrated circuit (IC), light emitting display using the IC, and method of driving the light emitting display device
77 7,777,727 Touch detectable display device
78 7,777,701 Signal driving method and apparatus for a light emitting display
79 7,777,700 Pixel having intrinsic semiconductor as an electrode and electroluminescent displays employing such a pixel
80 7,777,697 Electron emission display and driving method thereof
81 7,777,589 Balun transformer
82 7,777,543 Duty cycle correction circuit apparatus
83 7,777,527 Phase detection apparatus
84 7,777,450 Push-up type portable charging cradle including stereo sound system
85 7,777,420 Electron emission device
86 7,777,419 Plasma display panel
87 7,777,415 Sealed, flexible flat panel display
88 7,777,408 Organic light-emitting device
89 7,777,406 Organic light emitting diode display device
90 7,777,400 Plasma display apparatus having a bent chassis base
91 7,777,345 Semiconductor device having through electrode and method of fabricating the same
92 7,777,324 Interposer and semiconductor package with reduced contact area
93 7,777,323 Semiconductor structure and method for forming the same
94 7,777,308 Integrated circuit packages including sinuous lead frames
95 7,777,299 Integrated circuit devices including passive device shielding structures and methods of forming the same
96 7,777,273 MOSFET having recessed channel
97 7,777,272 Non-volatile memory device and semiconductor package including the same
98 7,777,265 Semiconductor device having contact barrier and method of manufacturing the same
99 7,777,259 Multi-well CMOS image sensor and methods of fabricating the same
100 7,777,258 Recessed gate transistor structure and method of forming the same
101 7,777,256 Mask ROM device, semiconductor device including the mask ROM device, and methods of fabricating mask ROM device and semiconductor device
102 7,777,245 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
103 7,777,226 Polycrystalline silicon thin film, fabrication method thereof, and thin film transistor without directional dependency on active channels fabricated using the same
104 7,777,225 Organic light-emitting display device
105 7,777,221 Organic semiconducting copolymer and organic electronic device including the same
106 7,777,220 Organic thin film transistor array panel
107 7,777,214 Phase change memory device with a novel electrode
108 7,777,213 Phase change layer including indium and method of manufacturing the same and phase change memory device comprising phase change layer including indium and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
109 7,777,212 Phase change memory devices including carbon-containing adhesive pattern
110 7,776,952 Polymeric dispersant having an affinity with a supercritical fluid
111 7,776,779 Mesoporous carbon, manufacturing method thereof, and fuel cell using the mesoporous carbon
112 7,776,761 Method of fabricating semiconductor device having multiple gate insulating layer
113 7,776,730 Siloxane polymer composition, method of forming a pattern using the same, and method of manufacturing a semiconductor using the same
114 7,776,723 Method of manufacturing an epitaxial semiconductor substrate and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
115 7,776,692 Semiconductor device having a vertical channel and method of manufacturing same
116 7,776,687 Semiconductor device having a gate contact structure capable of reducing interfacial resistance and method of forming the same
117 7,776,685 Copolymers, polymer resin composition for buffer layer method of forming a pattern using the same and method of manufacturing a capacitor using the same
118 7,776,669 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
119 7,776,650 Method for fabricating a flip chip system in package
120 7,776,644 Phase change memory cell and method and system for forming the same
121 7,776,641 Organic light emitting display device and method for manufacturing the same
122 7,776,633 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacture
123 7,776,493 Mask for LITI and LITI method using the same
124 7,776,483 Method and system of activating fuel cell stack
125 7,776,475 Lithium rechargeable battery and lithium rechargeable battery pack
126 7,776,469 Secondary battery having a current collecting plate with improved welding characteristics
127 7,776,458 Silyl-substituted cyclometalated transition metal complex and organic electroluminescence device using the same
128 7,776,457 Organic electroluminescent device
129 7,776,437 Double-sided tape, display module, and method of separating chassis from display panel
130 7,776,411 Brightness enhancement film for liquid crystal display and manufacturing method thereof
131 7,776,407 Method for surface treatment of substrate and method for forming fine wiring
132 7,776,356 Membrane devices with elastic energy barriers
133 7,776,267 Centrifugal force-based microfluidic device for protein detection and microfluidic system including the same
134 7,776,226 Multi-chamber system having compact installation set-up for an etching facility for semiconductor device manufacturing
135 7,776,116 Cyclone dust-separating apparatus of vacuum cleaner
136 7,776,115 Multi cyclone dust-separating apparatus of vacuum cleaner
137 7,775,846 Method of manufacturing a flat panel display incorporating a power supply layer and a storage capacitor element
138 7,775,782 Variable capacity rotary compressor having vane controller
139 7,775,701 Backlight assembly and display device having the same
140 7,775,621 Ink jet head cleaning device and ink jet image forming apparatus having the same
141 7,775,179 Apparatus and method for fabricating a color filter
142 7,774,898 Vacuum cleaner and method for reducing noise generated thereby
143 7,774,897 Vacuum cleaner having apparatus for giving off fragrant odor