Samsung patents granted on 17 February 2009

118 US patents granted on 17 February 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D586,847 Development device for laser printer
2 D586,819 Display image for a mobile phone
3 D586,811 LCD monitor
4 D586,797 Notebook computer
5 D586,796 Notebook computer
6 D586,793 Cellular phone accessary
7 D586,785 Speaker for home theater
8 D586,782 Speaker
9 D586,781 Speaker
10 D586,773 Cellular phone
11 D586,770 Portable telephone
12 7,493,552 Method to display a mark-up document according to a parental level, method and apparatus to reproduce the mark-up document in an interactive mode, and a data storage medium therefor
13 7,493,510 Clock signal generator circuit for serial bus communication
14 7,493,484 Method and apparatus for executing the boot code of embedded systems
15 7,493,463 Code size reduction method through multiple load/store instructions
16 7,493,440 Media access controller with power-save mode
17 7,493,257 Method and apparatus handling speech recognition errors in spoken dialogue systems
18 7,493,213 Single or multiple route map matching apparatus for navigation service and method thereof
19 7,493,148 Battery charging device for a mobile apparatus using an ear-microphone jack
20 7,493,141 Common radio architecture for multi-mode multi-band applications
21 7,493,136 Apparatus and method for controlling reverse TX power in a mobile terminal
22 7,493,120 Method and apparatus for generating handover neighbor list in a cellular mobile communication system
23 7,493,114 Method and apparatus of notifying user of service area and service type for a mobile terminal
24 7,493,090 System and method for flexibly configuring length of neighbor base station information in broadband wireless access communication system
25 7,493,076 Paper discharge guide unit and wet image forming apparatus having the same
26 7,493,070 Developer and color image forming apparatus using the same
27 7,493,019 Information storage medium storing multi angle data, and recording method and reproducing apparatus thereof
28 7,492,982 Optical module
29 7,492,912 Multi-channel speaker system and a connection system thereof
30 7,492,892 Slide opening/closing type mobile device
31 7,492,838 Apparatus for compensating for phase mismatch in QPSK demodulator
32 7,492,823 Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing program therefor
33 7,492,802 End pumping vertical external cavity surface emitting laser apparatus
34 7,492,796 Method and apparatus for automatically controlling a power of a laser diode
35 7,492,772 Method and system for dynamically updating ARP cache tables in an ad hoc network
36 7,492,751 HARQ device and method for mobile communication system
37 7,492,745 Computer, access point, network and control methods thereof
38 7,492,719 Method of controlling loop-back process in Ethernet passive optical network
39 7,492,715 Apparatus and method for real-time overload control in a distributed call-processing environment
40 7,492,701 Apparatus and method for controlling adaptive modulation and coding in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing communication system
41 7,492,699 Method of reducing feedback channel state information within adaptive OFDMA system and adaptive OFDMA system using the same
42 7,492,681 Information storage medium
43 7,492,680 Method of recording data on information storage medium having multiple storage layers with optimal power control (OPC) areas and buffer areas
44 7,492,678 Apparatus and method for stabilizing operation of disc driver in section for setting mode conversion
45 7,492,667 Location recognition system using stereophonic sound, transmitter and receiver therein, and method thereof
46 7,492,654 Memory device for retaining data during power-down mode and method of operating the same
47 7,492,647 Voltage generation circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
48 7,492,642 Flash memory device capable of reduced programming time
49 7,492,637 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory devices
50 7,492,635 NOR-type hybrid multi-bit non-volatile memory device and method of operating the same
51 7,492,625 Loadless SRAM
52 7,492,623 Option circuits and option methods of semiconductor chips
53 7,492,606 Portable game and communication device
54 7,492,603 Structure and method for reducing impedance-discontinuity in flexible printed circuit of hard disk drive
55 7,492,578 Plasma display panel
56 7,492,532 Optical lens system
57 7,492,518 Apparatus for transforming polarization and method thereof
58 7,492,435 Color filter substrate having a granular light-blocking spacer comprising an elastic material
59 7,492,427 TFT substrate and liquid crystal display device having the same comprising patterns disposed at different heights
60 7,492,426 Vertically aligned mode liquid crystal display
61 7,492,406 Method of determining clarity of an image using enlarged portions of the image
62 7,492,403 Solid state image sensing device and driving method with sub-sampling mode and improved dynamic range
63 7,492,401 Correlated-double-sampling (CDS) with amplification in image sensing device
64 7,492,396 Digital image processing apparatus and method thereof
65 7,492,379 Color flat panel display sub-pixel arrangements and layouts for sub-pixel rendering with increased modulation transfer function response
66 7,492,345 Liquid crystal display for performing time divisional color display, method of driving the same backlight unit for liquid crystal display
67 7,492,333 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
68 7,492,332 Plasma display panel driving method and plasma display
69 7,492,331 Plasma display panel and driving method therefor
70 7,492,321 Internal antenna apparatus
71 7,492,288 Transmitting/receiving methods and systems for DC balance encoded data including simultaneous switching noise reducing preambles
72 7,492,213 High-voltage generating circuit including charge transfer switching circuit for selectively controlling body bias voltage of charge transfer device
73 7,492,206 Level shifter with reduced leakage current and block driver for nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
74 7,492,203 High speed flip-flops and complex gates using the same
75 7,492,189 Current mode bus interface system, method of performing a mode transition and mode control signal generator for the same
76 7,492,121 Smart battery and method for recognizing battery type using the same
77 7,492,106 Inverter circuit, backlight assembly, liquid crystal display having the same, and method thereof
78 7,492,101 Plasma display panel
79 7,492,100 Plasma display panel having optimally positioned discharge electrodes
80 7,492,099 Plasma display device
81 7,492,096 Flat panel display device capable of reducing or preventing a voltage drop and method of fabricating the same
82 7,492,095 Double-sided light emitting device
83 7,492,094 Photoluminescence quenching device and display using photoluminescence quenching devices
84 7,492,089 Electron emission type backlight unit and flat panel display device having the same
85 7,492,084 Flat-type fluorescent lamp including a discharge space and an electrode part including electron-transporting and electron-emitting electrodes method of manufacturing the same and display apparatus having the same
86 7,492,080 Plasma display apparatus and method of manufacturing same
87 7,492,032 Fuse regions of a semiconductor memory device and methods of fabricating the same
88 7,492,006 Semiconductor transistors having surface insulation layers and methods of fabricating such transistors
89 7,492,004 Transistors having a channel region between channel-portion holes and methods of forming the same
90 7,492,002 Non-volatile memory device with a select gate electrode and a control gate electrode formed on a floating gate
91 7,492,000 Self-aligned split-gate nonvolatile memory structure and a method of making the same
92 7,491,997 Memory device and method of manufacturing the same
93 7,491,990 CMOS image sensors for preventing optical crosstalk
94 7,491,987 Junction field effect thin film transistor
95 7,491,979 Reflective electrode and compound semiconductor light emitting device including the same
96 7,491,978 Light emitting diode package
97 7,491,968 Memory device using quantum dots
98 7,491,913 Bake apparatus for use in spin-coating equipment
99 7,491,785 Multi-functional cyclic silicate compound, siloxane-based polymer prepared from the compound and process of producing insulating film using the polymer
100 7,491,657 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a one time programmable (OTP) erasable and programmable read only memory (EPROM) cell
101 7,491,654 Method of forming a ZrO.sub.2 thin film using plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition and method of fabricating a capacitor of a semiconductor memory device having the thin film
102 7,491,619 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
103 7,491,603 Transistors of semiconductor device having channel region in a channel-portion hole and methods of forming the same
104 7,491,601 Methods of forming electronic devices including electrodes with insulating spacers thereon
105 7,491,591 Thin film transistor having LDD structure
106 7,491,564 Flip-chip nitride light emitting device and method of manufacturing thereof
107 7,491,484 Photoresist compositions and methods of forming a pattern using the same
108 7,491,471 Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising same
109 7,491,470 Electrolyte for lithium battery and lithium battery comprising same
110 7,491,454 All-in-one type hybrid fuel cell system
111 7,491,451 Electroluminescent polymer nanocomposite material, method of manufacturing the same and organic light emitting display apparatus having the same
112 7,491,347 Ti precursor, method of preparing the same, method of preparing Ti-containing thin layer by employing the Ti precursor and Ti-containing thin layer
113 7,491,344 Method for etching an object using a plasma and an object etched by a plasma
114 7,491,292 Apparatus for catching byproducts in semiconductor device fabrication equipment
115 7,491,291 Apparatus for trapping residual products in semiconductor device fabrication equipment
116 7,491,118 Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and methods using a polishing surface with non-uniform rigidity
117 7,490,922 Inkjet printing system and method of manufacturing display device using the same
118 7,490,491 Washing machine with wetting water and steam control