Samsung patents granted on 17 January 2006

27 US patents granted on 17 January 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 6,988,234 Apparatus and method for memory sharing between interleaver and deinterleaver in a turbo decoder
2 6,988,190 Method of an address trace cache storing loop control information to conserve trace cache area
3 6,987,956 System and method for improving performance of an HDR wireless terminal with diversity
4 6,987,935 Developer supply and recovery system used with wet electro-photographic image forming apparatus, and method thereof
5 6,987,923 Amplifying optical fiber and method for fabricating the same
6 6,987,798 System and method for demodulating multiple Walsh codes using a chip combiner
7 6,987,788 High power semiconductor laser device
8 6,987,724 Optical pickup device having chromatic aberration correction lens
9 6,987,694 Methods of programming non-volatile semiconductor memory devices including coupling voltages and related devices
10 6,987,525 Image forming apparatus for duplex printing
11 6,987,418 Sound signal generating apparatus and method for reducing pop noise
12 6,987,407 Delay locked loops having delay time compensation and methods for compensating for delay time of the delay locked loops
13 6,987,362 CRT display apparatus and control method thereof
14 6,987,351 Flat panel for use in a cathode ray tube
15 6,987,350 Inner shield and cathode ray tube including the same
16 6,987,315 Ceramic multilayer substrate
17 6,987,310 Multi-layered structure including an epitaxial layer having a low dislocation defect density, semiconductor device comprising the same, and method of fabricating the semiconductor device
18 6,987,308 Ferroelectric capacitors with metal oxide for inhibiting fatigue
19 6,987,254 Microwave oven
20 6,987,164 Electrically conductive polymer, sensor using the same, and method for detecting target molecule using the sensor
21 6,986,976 Liquid electrophotographic inks or toners having reduced odors
22 6,986,616 Paper guide for an ink-jet printer and ink-jet printer having the same
23 6,986,609 Optical module and method for manufacturing the same
24 6,986,271 Washing machine
25 6,986,268 Method for the preparation of plate glass having low residual stress
26 6,986,200 Method for mounting parts
27 D513,613 Portable data storage device