Samsung patents granted on 17 January 2012

71 US patents granted on 17 January 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,106 Optical pickup compatible with a digital versatile disk and a recordable compact disk using a holographic ring lens
2 D652,591 Drum for drum-type washing machine
3 D652,588 Vacuum cleaner
4 D652,430 Blu-ray player
5 D652,417 Notebook computer
6 D652,416 Notebook computer
7 D652,415 Notebook computer
8 D652,404 Mobile phone
9 8,099,775 Virtual firewall system based on commons security policy and method of controlling the same
10 8,099,773 Network scan system passing through firewall and method of organizing the same
11 8,099,751 Apparatus and method for displaying digital multimedia broadcasting service
12 8,099,666 Method and apparatus for providing user interface for multistreaming audio control
13 8,099,617 Computer apparatus and power supply method thereof
14 8,099,421 File system, and method for storing and searching for file by the same
15 8,099,313 Method and system for the orchestration of tasks on consumer electronics
16 8,099,183 System, medium, and method of encoding/decoding multi-channel audio signals
17 8,099,110 Apparatus and method for efficient determination of mobile station location in a wireless network
18 8,099,103 Method for locating mobile terminals
19 8,099,051 Pilot signal power control apparatus and operation method of pilot signal power control apparatus
20 8,099,019 Developing-transferring module and image forming apparatus having the same
21 8,098,994 Optical interconnection system for transmitting and receiving a three-level signal and method of operating the same
22 8,098,981 Image processing method and apparatus and information storage medium storing image information
23 8,098,946 Apparatus and method for image encoding and decoding using prediction
24 8,098,935 Apparatus and method for recognizing pattern data in a mobile terminal
25 8,098,868 Speaker device for portable terminal
26 8,098,835 Method and apparatus to enhance low frequency component of audio signal by calculating fundamental frequency of audio signal
27 8,098,777 Signal detection method and receiving apparatus in MIMO system
28 8,098,752 Apparatus and method for supporting a plurality of MIMO modes in a wireless communication system
29 8,098,747 OFDM system, symbol estimating apparatus and inter-carrier interference cancellation method for estimating symbol value using output of forward error correction decoder
30 8,098,746 Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving data in a closed-loop multi-antenna system
31 8,098,731 Intraprediction method and apparatus using video symmetry and video encoding and decoding method and apparatus
32 8,098,632 Apparatus and method for downlink scheduling in a SDMA-enabled OFDMA wireless network
33 8,098,597 IAS-based configuration for UMB Femto devices
34 8,098,596 Method and apparatus for configuring channel node tree in an OFDMA wireless communication system
35 8,098,553 Method of and apparatus for recording data on write-once disc, method of and apparatus for reproducing data from write-once disc, and write-once disc therefor
36 8,098,518 Nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive element
37 8,098,500 Phase shift full bridge converter with reduced current stress
38 8,098,456 Perpendicular magnetic recording head having a tapered main pole
39 8,098,382 Beam scanner and surface measurement apparatus
40 8,098,360 Liquid crystal display having particular barrier rib
41 8,098,358 Liquid crystal display
42 8,098,355 Liquid crystal display
43 8,098,354 Liquid crystal display
44 8,098,353 Liquid crystal display with improved response speed and aperture ratio
45 8,098,348 Light-guide plate having a protrusion pattern and display apparatus having the same
46 8,098,342 Thin film transistor array panel comprising a pixel electrode connected to first and second thin film transistors and formed on the same layer as the shielding electrode and liquid crystal display including the same
47 8,098,340 Liquid crystal display substrate having a storage duplication wiring and first and second storage wirings configured to independently receive a maintaining voltage
48 8,098,243 Method and apparatus for efficiently handling query for 3D display
49 8,098,227 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
50 8,098,095 Power amplifier
51 8,098,012 Photo-sensitive composition, photo-sensitive paste composition for barrier ribs comprising the same, and method for preparing barrier ribs for plasma display panel
52 8,098,008 Organic light emitting diode display and method of manufacturing the same
53 8,098,007 Organic light emitting display device
54 8,098,005 White light emitting device
55 8,097,988 Horizontal linear vibrator
56 8,097,977 Multi-output power supply device
57 8,097,940 Stack package
58 8,097,913 Electrically erasable and programmable read only memory device comprising common source region and method of manufacturing same
59 8,097,883 Thin film transistors in pixel and driver portions characterized by surface roughness
60 8,097,881 Thin film transistor substrate and a fabricating method thereof
61 8,097,694 Organic semiconductor thin films using aromatic enediyne derivatives and manufacturing methods thereof, and electronic devices incorporating such films
62 8,097,531 Methods of manufacturing charge trap type memory devices
63 8,097,502 Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
64 8,097,499 Semiconductor device and methods thereof
65 8,097,480 Liquid crystal display and method of making the same
66 8,097,450 Thin film chemical analysis apparatus and analysis method using the same
67 8,097,358 Cylindrical secondary battery
68 8,097,304 Method of forming nano-particle array by convective assembly, and convective assembly apparatus for the same
69 8,096,847 Flat panel display with high efficiency and method of fabricating the same
70 8,096,820 Multi-connector, and charging cable and data cable having the same
71 8,096,263 Nanoparticles, conductive ink and circuit line forming device