Samsung patents granted on 17 July 2007

81 US patents granted on 17 July 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,246,362 Optical disk drive allowing for horizontal or vertical installation
2 7,246,313 Apparatus and method for authoring multimedia document
3 7,246,302 Disk player for allocating pointers to frames of CD data and storing pointers in memory and method of processing reproduced data of disk player
4 7,246,280 Memory module with parallel testing
5 7,246,250 Memory device controls delay time of data input buffer in response to delay control information based on a position of a memory device received from memory controller
6 7,246,051 Method for extrapolating model parameters of spice
7 7,246,042 Apparatus and method for enhancing accuracy of sensor signal
8 7,245,948 Cellular phone and automatic revolution method thereof
9 7,245,943 Apparatus and method for inputting characters in a mobile communication terminal
10 7,245,911 Mobile terminal for automatically managing country code and method for storing/finding phone number using the same
11 7,245,885 Device for compensating for a mismatch of a transmitter and a method of compensating for the mismatch
12 7,245,869 Paper supply unit and an image forming apparatus having the same
13 7,245,867 Waste toner collecting apparatus and electrophotographic image forming device including the same
14 7,245,846 Oxidation catalyst unit and a wet-type electrophotographic image forming apparatus comprising the same and a method thereof
15 7,245,840 Method and apparatus for estimating the volume of toner consumption in consideration of overlapping areas
16 7,245,823 Method and apparatus for recording manufacturer information on a recording medium and for determining whether the manufacturer information is effective
17 7,245,816 Method for designing envelope detecting circuit for video signal processing integrated circuit and integrated circuit using the same
18 7,245,762 Color image processing method
19 7,245,661 Transcoder and method of transcoding
20 7,245,644 Semiconductor monolithic integrated optical transmitter
21 7,245,591 Data translation apparatus of ATM in mobile communication system
22 7,245,573 Apparatus and method for detecting sector sync signal on an optical storage medium
23 7,245,567 Apparatus for recording data on and/or reproducing data from optical disc
24 7,245,566 Disk having unique code for identifying its type for optical disk player and method for discriminating types thereof
25 7,245,547 Power detector for use in a nonvolatile memory device and method thereof
26 7,245,543 Data read circuit for use in a semiconductor memory and a method therefor
27 7,245,542 Memory device having open bit line cell structure using burn-in testing scheme and method therefor
28 7,245,537 Nonvolatile memory device and method of programming same
29 7,245,526 Phase change memory device providing compensation for leakage current
30 7,245,482 Portable computer with camera
31 7,245,445 Method of managing defects in hard disk drive, recording media therefor and hard disk drive therefor
32 7,245,411 Collimating lens with temperature compensation and an optical scanning apparatus using the same
33 7,245,372 Optical analyzer for improving resolution of a time-varying spectrum and method therefor
34 7,245,365 Apparatus and method for detecting particles on an object
35 7,245,332 Liquid crystal display having first and second drain electrodes connected to a pixel electrode and manufacturing method thereof
36 7,245,283 LCD source driving circuit having reduced structure including multiplexing-latch circuits
37 7,245,234 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding digital signals
38 7,245,168 Clock selection circuit and digital processing system for reducing glitches
39 7,245,158 Circuit wiring layout in semiconductor memory device
40 7,245,149 Dynamic programmable logic array having enable unit
41 7,245,140 Parameter measurement of semiconductor device from pin with on die termination circuit
42 7,245,138 POGO pin and test socket including the same
43 7,245,105 Single-phase induction motor and method for reducing noise in the same
44 7,245,067 Electron emission device
45 7,245,027 Apparatus and method for signal bus line layout in semiconductor device
46 7,245,015 Display apparatus
47 7,245,008 Ball grid array package, stacked semiconductor package and method for manufacturing the same
48 7,244,968 GaN-based semiconductor junction structure
49 7,244,920 CMOS sensor array with a shared structure
50 7,244,899 Keypad assembly for portable terminal
51 7,244,794 Method for producing propylene polymer having a very high melt-flowability
52 7,244,791 Method for preparing sulfonated polystyrene for polymer electrolyte of fuel cell
53 7,244,666 Multi-gate transistor formed with active patterns of uniform critical dimension
54 7,244,649 Method of manufacturing a capacitor having improved capacitance and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device including the capacitor
55 7,244,645 Methods of forming electronic devices including high-k dielectric layers and electrode barrier layers and related structures
56 7,244,548 Photopolymerizing composition and photopolymerizing recording medium manufactured using the same and used to manufacture 3D optical memory having ultra-high information storage capacity
57 7,244,541 Linked dihydrazone-based charge transport compounds
58 7,244,540 Liquid toners comprising amphipathic copolymeric binder having insoluble components in the shell portion thereof
59 7,244,531 Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium battery using the same
60 7,244,375 Thermostable electroconductive polymer layer and method of preparing the same
61 7,243,828 Tape feeder for component mounter and method of automatically setting tape initial position by the same
62 D546,864 Projector
63 D546,842 Refrigerator
64 D546,837 MP3 player
65 D546,809 Portable phone
66 D546,808 Mobile phone
67 D546,807 Mobile phone
68 D546,805 Mobile phone
69 D546,804 Mobile phone
70 D546,803 Mobile phone
71 D546,802 Mobile phone
72 D546,800 Portable phone
73 D546,799 Portable telephone
74 D546,798 Portable telephone
75 D546,797 Portable telephone
76 D546,796 Portable telephone
77 D546,795 Portable phone
78 D546,794 Portable phone
79 D546,793 Portable telephone
80 D546,783 Light-emitting diode
81 D546,623 Handle for electronic oven