Samsung patents granted on 17 July 2012

144 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,518 Method for sharing hybrid resources in a wireless independent network, a station for the method, and a data format for the method and the station
2 D663,758 Digital camera
3 D663,713 Mobile communication terminal
4 D663,710 Mobile phone
5 D663,709 Mobile phone
6 D663,708 Mobile phone
7 8,225,393 Apparatus for restricting access to application module in mobile wireless device and method of restricting access to application module using the same
8 8,225,364 Method of searching internet and video receiving apparatus to use the same
9 8,225,349 Apparatus for receiving digital multimedia broadcasting channels
10 8,225,344 Video processing apparatus and method
11 8,225,336 Method and system of configuring a virtual device
12 8,225,216 Image production system, apparatus, and method using user data of mobile communication terminal
13 8,225,171 Semiconductor memory device having an error correction function and associated method
14 8,225,090 Method and apparatus for inserting authentication code, and method and apparatus for using data through authentication
15 8,225,049 Data storage device having self-powered semiconductor device
16 8,225,008 Image display device for controlling external device through registration of control ownership and method thereof
17 8,224,878 Apparatus and method for managing content data using content data information in an information terminal
18 8,224,659 Audio encoding method and apparatus, and audio decoding method and apparatus, for processing death sinusoid and general continuation sinusoid
19 8,224,658 Method, medium, and apparatus encoding and/or decoding an audio signal
20 8,224,590 Apparatus and method of inspecting mask
21 8,224,487 Robot cleaner, docking station, robot cleaner system including robot cleaner and docking station, and method of controlling robot cleaner
22 8,224,399 Method and apparatus to supply power voltage to a mobile device in a variable manner
23 8,224,388 Mobile communication terminal displaying background screen and display method thereof
24 8,224,332 Method for forming a moving network group in a mobile relay station and mobile multi-hop relay system supporting the same
25 8,224,329 Method for measuring home cell in mobile communication system
26 8,224,327 Method and system for handoff of mobile node in mobile communication system supporting proxy mobile internet protocol
27 8,224,318 Location service providing system and method
28 8,224,292 Apparatus for sensing smart-card in dual mode portable terminal and method thereof
29 8,224,218 Redistributing unit, developing device and image forming apparatus having the same
30 8,224,217 Developing unit and image forming apparatus employing the same
31 8,224,206 Fusing unit including roller adjustment mechanism and image forming apparatus having the same
32 8,224,196 Waste toner detecting device, image forming apparatus having the same, and method thereof
33 8,224,171 Method and apparatus for driving lens barrel, digital photographing apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium
34 8,224,151 Apparatus for recording and reproducing digital image and speech
35 8,224,106 Image enhancement system and method using automatic emotion detection
36 8,224,100 Method and device for intra prediction coding and decoding of image
37 8,223,971 Apparatus and method for encrypting security key in mobile communication terminal
38 8,223,960 Apparatus and method for removing an echo signal in a signal transmission/reception apparatus of a communication system
39 8,223,933 Line interface unit of multifunction printer and facsimile
40 8,223,887 Transmitter, receiver, and method of supporting space time block code scheme in single carrier system based on unique word
41 8,223,877 Apparatus and method for detecting signal in MIMO system
42 8,223,873 System and method for acquiring beamforming vectors using training sequences with adaptive spreading gains
43 8,223,851 Method and an apparatus for embedding data in a media stream
44 8,223,843 Method and apparatus for encoding video by motion prediction using arbitrary partition, and method and apparatus for decoding video by motion prediction using arbitrary partition
45 8,223,831 System and method for periodic pattern detection for motion compensated interpolation
46 8,223,823 Digital broadcast transmitter/receiver having an improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
47 8,223,822 Signal transceiver for differential data communication of ternary data and method therefor
48 8,223,765 Method and system for processing multicast in unicast-based VoIP system
49 8,223,764 Digital broadcasting system and data processing method thereof
50 8,223,734 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving forward shared control channel in a mobile communication system
51 8,223,731 Method and system for authentication of WLAN terminal interworking with broadband wireless access network
52 8,223,704 Apparatus and method for assigning subchannels in an OFDMA communication system
53 8,223,700 Filtering and guard band for non-synchronized transmission
54 8,223,695 Initial access control method between personal subscriber station and radio access station in mobile communication system
55 8,223,690 Method and system for providing streaming service
56 8,223,686 Apparatus and method for hybrid automatic repeat request signaling in broadband wireless communication system
57 8,223,671 Network system supporting spanning tree protocol, relay apparatus thereof, and method of creating spanning tree topology thereof
58 8,223,659 Relaying method of a mobile communication system and system thereof
59 8,223,615 Compatible near field optical recording/reproducing apparatus
60 8,223,604 Recording and/or reproducing apparatus, recording and/or reproducing method and information storage medium therefor
61 8,223,603 Frequency detection apparatus and method for generation of a clock signal for optical disc
62 8,223,568 Semiconductor memory device adopting improved local input/output line precharging scheme
63 8,223,544 Memory system, program method thereof, and computing system including the same
64 8,223,529 Resistive memory devices, memory systems and methods of controlling input and output operations of the same
65 8,223,527 Semiconductor device having memory array, method of writing, and systems associated therewith
66 8,223,524 Process variation compensated multi-chip memory package
67 8,223,510 Switching mode power supply and a method of operating the power supply in a power save mode
68 8,223,509 Integrated transformer and power supply using the same
69 8,223,357 Method and system for printing image using template and recording medium storing the method
70 8,223,320 Exposing method using variable shaped beam, and pattern forming method using the same
71 8,223,311 Liquid crystal display device including airflow channel
72 8,223,307 Thin film transistor substrate and liquid crystal display device having the same
73 8,223,305 Display device
74 8,223,300 Color filters and display device having color filters
75 8,223,291 Liquid crystal display and method of assembling the same
76 8,223,290 Liquid crystal display with one of subpixel electrodes being offset with respect to other
77 8,223,283 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the display substrate and display apparatus having the display substrate
78 8,223,282 Display apparatus and driving method thereof
79 8,223,278 Display device having a touch screen panel
80 8,223,257 Focal plane shutter, photographing apparatus including the same, and photographing method for the photographing apparatus
81 8,223,246 Reduced-component digital image capturing apparatus
82 8,223,225 Image processing apparatus, method, and recording medium for reducing noise in an image
83 8,223,211 Digital photographing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and recording medium storing a program for implementing the method
84 8,223,194 Image processing method and apparatus
85 8,223,190 Display apparatus and control method thereof
86 8,223,180 Gamut mapping which takes into account pixels in adjacent areas of a display unit
87 8,223,176 Display device and method of driving the same
88 8,223,168 Conversion of a sub-pixel format data
89 8,223,166 Input gamma dithering systems and methods
90 8,223,153 Apparatus and method of authoring animation through storyboard
91 8,223,152 Apparatus and method of authoring animation through storyboard
92 8,223,127 Virtual wheel interface for mobile terminal and character input method using the same
93 8,223,108 Array substrate and display apparatus having the same
94 8,223,103 Liquid crystal display device having improved visibility
95 8,223,102 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
96 8,223,096 Organic light emitting diode display and method for manufacturing the same
97 8,223,095 Organic light-emitting display device having a pixel unit for testing pixels of the display device
98 8,223,092 Plasma display panel and method of driving the same
99 8,223,090 Plamsa display device and method for manufacturing the same
100 8,223,087 Multi-display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
101 8,223,054 Digital-analog converter
102 8,222,960 RF power amplifier
103 8,222,959 Amplification control circuit
104 8,222,865 Hybrid battery pack and methods of charging and discharging the same
105 8,222,821 Pulse plasma matching systems and methods including impedance matching compensation
106 8,222,815 Plasma display panel
107 8,222,809 Flat panel display apparatus
108 8,222,798 Piezoelectric resonator and electrode structure thereof
109 8,222,742 Semiconductor device
110 8,222,715 Semiconductor device capable of reducing a contact resistance of a lower electrode and a contact pad and providing an align margin between the lower electrode and the contact pad
111 8,222,708 Image sensor and method of fabricating the same
112 8,222,697 CMOS RF IC
113 8,222,684 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit using a selective disposal spacer technique and semiconductor integrated circuit manufactured thereby
114 8,222,663 Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
115 8,222,644 Fan-out unit and thin-film transistor array substrate having the same
116 8,222,631 Organic thin film transistor and flat display device having the same
117 8,222,630 Organic memory device having memory active region formed by embossing structure
118 8,222,625 Non-volatile memory device including phase-change material
119 8,222,554 Key input apparatus of portable terminal
120 8,222,534 Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
121 8,222,529 Ceramic substrate and manufacturing method thereof
122 8,222,391 Oligonucleotide primer set for amplifying target sequence(s) of norovirus, oligonucleotide probe or probe set specifically hybridizing with target sequence(s) of norovirus, microarray immobilized with the probe or probe set, and method of detecting norovirus using the probe or probe set
123 8,222,131 Methods of forming an image sensor
124 8,222,129 Method for manufacturing solar cell
125 8,222,122 Method of forming nonvolatile memory device
126 8,222,089 Tape for heat dissipating member, chip on film type semiconductor package including heat dissipating member, and electronic apparatus including the same
127 8,222,070 Method of forming a thin film transistor having openings formed therein
128 8,222,067 Method of manufacturing multibit electro-mechanical memory device having movable electrode
129 8,222,045 Microfluidic device using centrifugal force, method of manufacturing the microfluidic device and sample analyzing method using the microfluidic device
130 8,221,933 Semi-passive type fuel cell system
131 8,221,917 Positive active material composition for rechargeable battery, electrode including the same, and rechargeable battery including the same
132 8,221,913 Battery pack
133 8,221,889 Flexible substrate, method of fabricating the same, and thin film transistor using the same
134 8,221,716 Method of synthesizing carbon nanotubes
135 8,221,715 Carbon-nanotube n-doping material and methods of manufacture thereof
136 8,221,704 Microfluidic device and microfluidic system with the same
137 8,221,701 Centrifugal force-based microfluidic device for blood chemistry analysis
138 8,221,597 Apparatus and method for adjusting pH of solution
139 8,221,045 Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and wafer loading/unloading method thereof
140 8,220,944 Backlight unit
141 8,220,886 Refrigerator with auxiliary basket
142 8,220,278 Air conditioner and temperature sensor
143 8,220,149 Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
144 8,220,108 Cleaner apparatus