Samsung patents granted on 17 June 2014

124 US patents granted on 17 June 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D707,410 Vacuum cleaner
2 D707,409 Tub for washing machine
3 D707,360 Medical ultrasound device
4 D707,359 Medical ultrasound device
5 D707,268 Door for refrigerator
6 D707,267 Drawer for refrigerator
7 D707,266 Refrigerator
8 D707,253 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
9 D707,252 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
10 D707,251 Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface
11 D707,248 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
12 D707,247 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
13 D707,236 Display screen or a portion thereof with graphical user interface
14 D707,227 Stylus pen
15 D707,222 Portable computer
16 D707,219 Case for electronic device
17 D707,218 Case for portable electronic device
18 D707,213 Portable electronic device
19 D707,194 TV
20 D707,074 Microwave oven
21 8,756,623 Broadcasting receiving apparatus and method for providing broadcasting signal relation information
22 8,756,618 Motor having a disk support member with air flow path portions and a disk drive device having the same
23 8,756,596 Host apparatus connected to image forming apparatus and driver installation method and computer-readable medium thereof
24 8,756,483 Receiver for reducing power consumption and digital broadcast receiving system including the same
25 8,756,475 Method of detecting error in a semiconductor memory device
26 8,756,463 Method and apparatus for data management through timer compensation in a wireless communication system
27 8,756,448 Computer system and control method thereof
28 8,756,346 Apparatus and method for transiting terminal function between portable terminal and peripheral apparatus
29 8,756,303 Method and apparatus for determining object updates in a home network
30 8,756,268 Montgomery multiplier having efficient hardware structure
31 8,755,850 Mobile communication terminal having conversion lens and photography method using the same
32 8,755,840 Data execution control method and system therefor
33 8,755,836 Method for searching the location of multi-SIM mobile terminal and an apparatus thereof
34 8,755,829 Method and apparatus for radio resource measurement in heterogeneous network
35 8,755,809 Communication method of base station and target terminal
36 8,755,786 Routing apparatus and method for multi-hop cellular systems
37 8,755,753 Apparatus and method for channel measurement in radio link monitoring in a wireless network
38 8,755,639 Image scaling method and apparatus with enhancement of image quality
39 8,755,630 Object pose recognition apparatus and object pose recognition method using the same
40 8,755,619 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image data using run of the image data
41 8,755,600 Method and apparatus for determining the light direction
42 8,755,593 Apparatus and method for video sensor-based human activity and facial expression modeling and recognition
43 8,755,591 Method, medium and apparatus classifying and collecting area feature information according to a robot’s moving path, and a robot controlled by the area features
44 8,755,524 Motion picture file encryption method and digital rights management method using the same
45 8,755,520 Apparatus and method for generating a key for broadcast encryption
46 8,755,492 Radiographic apparatus and control method thereof
47 8,755,464 Method and apparatus for performing channel estimation in a wireless communication system
48 8,755,379 Apparatus and method for link duplication in mobile communication system
49 8,755,339 Method and apparatus for generating a dedicated reference signal
50 8,755,312 Apparatus and method for supporting gateway node reselection in communication system
51 8,755,302 Method and system for ad-hoc communications over millimeter wave wireless channels in wireless systems
52 8,755,292 Apparatus and method for controlling uplink transmission power in a communication system
53 8,755,242 High voltage generating circuit and method of operating the same
54 8,755,240 Optical memory device and method of recording/reproducing information by using the same
55 8,755,238 Redundancy control circuit and memory device including the same
56 8,755,224 Non-volatile memory device and related read method
57 8,755,202 Electric generating system with a controller controlling a snubber device
58 8,755,198 Modular control and driving device and high voltage power supply having the same for image forming apparatus
59 8,755,167 Ceramic sheet product for ceramic electronic component, multilayer ceramic electronic component using the same and method of manufacturing multilayer ceramic electronic component
60 8,755,157 Integrated circuit device and electrostatic discharge protecting circuit thereof
61 8,755,146 Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
62 8,755,144 Base for motor and hard disk drive including the same
63 8,755,086 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof which execute auto color registration
64 8,755,076 Method and apparatus of processing wireless printing based on wireless LAN
65 8,755,067 Image forming apparatus and method of processing printing operation thereof
66 8,755,057 Host apparatus and method to share favorite image reading apparatuses thereof
67 8,755,034 Maskless exposure apparatus and method to determine exposure start position and orientation in maskless lithography
68 8,755,024 Image display device using a diffractive lens wherein the diffractive lens comprises a first electrode array and a second electrode array and operates as a fresnel zone plate
69 8,755,019 Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display
70 8,755,014 Liquid crystal display and a display panel therefor
71 8,755,013 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
72 8,755,002 Backlight assembly and method of assembling the same and liquid crystal display including backlight assembly
73 8,754,999 Liquid crystal display and method for repairing defective pixel
74 8,754,996 Liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
75 8,754,989 Signal processing apparatus and control method thereof
76 8,754,965 Image processing apparatus and method for removing lens distortion and chromatic aberration, and computer readable medium storing computer program to execute the image processing method
77 8,754,962 Apparatus and method for supporting zoom microphone functional in mobile terminal
78 8,754,958 Method of adjusting white balance of image, recording medium having program for performing the method, and apparatus applying the method
79 8,754,956 Pseudo-digital average sub sampling method and apparatus
80 8,754,932 Method and apparatus for displaying 3-dimensional image and method and apparatus for controlling shutter glasses
81 8,754,903 Flat panel display and method of driving the same
82 8,754,879 Display apparatus and power circuit devices thereof
83 8,754,878 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the display substrate and display device having the display substrate
84 8,754,877 Liquid crystal panel unit, display device, and method of manufacturing the same
85 8,754,875 Light sensing circuit, touch panel including the same, and method of driving the light sensing circuit
86 8,754,870 Touch screen panel
87 8,754,844 Display device using electrowetting
88 8,754,717 Oscillators and methods of operating the same
89 8,754,674 Gate drive circuit and method of driving the same
90 8,754,670 Real time reconfigurable logic device and semiconductor package having the same
91 8,754,578 AC driven light emitting device connection structure
92 8,754,568 Switched reluctance motor
93 8,754,563 Rotating machine provided with stator core
94 8,754,555 Rotating member assembly and spindle motor including the same
95 8,754,548 Resonance power receiving apparatus and method with wireless power transform function, and resonance device
96 8,754,517 Double side cooling power semiconductor module and multi-stacked power semiconductor module package using the same
97 8,754,515 Stacked packages having through hole vias
98 8,754,466 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices
99 8,754,464 Non-volatile memory devices including gates having reduced widths and protection spacers and methods of manufacturing the same
100 8,754,414 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
101 8,754,413 X-ray detection device
102 8,754,406 Organic light emitting diode device with a plurality of buffer layers and method of manufacturing the same
103 8,754,404 Organic light emitting diode display
104 8,754,391 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
105 8,753,955 Methods of fabricating nonvolatile memory devices including voids between active regions and related devices
106 8,753,945 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
107 8,753,920 Precursor composition for oxide semiconductor and method of manufacturing thin film transistor array panel using the same
108 8,753,910 Vertical structure LED device and method of manufacturing the same
109 8,753,908 Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device
110 8,753,905 Method and carrier substrate for manufacturing display device
111 8,753,870 Device for detecting and separating target molecules and method for detecting and separating target molecules by using the same
112 8,753,775 Rechargeable lithium battery with an electrode active material including a multi-phase alloy powder
113 8,753,765 Secondary battery
114 8,753,763 Flexible battery and flexible electronic device including the same
115 8,753,499 Deionization apparatus and method of controlling the same
116 8,753,462 Method of manufacturing non-shrinking multilayer ceramic substrate
117 8,753,287 Hearing test method and apparatus
118 8,752,998 Display device
119 8,752,932 Wiping assembly and image forming apparatus having the same
120 8,752,919 Refrigerator
121 8,752,818 Bookbinding device and print-medium post-treatment apparatus having the same
122 8,752,405 Washing machine and control panel assembly thereof
123 8,752,400 Refrigerator
124 8,752,236 Steam vacuum cleaner