Samsung patents granted on 17 March 2009

94 US patents granted on 17 March 2009 and assigned to Samsung

1 D588,760 Vacuum cleaner
2 D588,584 Microphone with clip
3 D588,576 Speaker for home theater
4 D588,572 Mobile phone
5 D588,559 Set top box
6 7,506,284 Event driven switch level simulation method and simulator
7 7,506,234 Signature circuit, semiconductor device having the same and method of reading signature information
8 7,506,089 Bus system and method thereof
9 7,505,797 Joystick apparatus for portable terminal
10 7,505,792 Method and network apparatus for selectively displaying multiple information items related to network
11 7,505,789 Microwave transponder
12 7,505,782 Image transmission apparatus and method using CDMA communication network
13 7,505,778 Wireless communication apparatus and method using an adaptive credit redistribution algorithm
14 7,505,743 Dual band transmitter having filtering coupler
15 7,505,727 Fixing roller including a pressing pipe having a cut away portion for an image forming apparatus
16 7,505,717 Image forming apparatus
17 7,505,716 Process cartridge having lockable parts, for an image forming apparatus
18 7,505,713 Rollers separating unit and image forming apparatus having the same
19 7,505,702 High power supply to control an abnormal load
20 7,505,677 Optical image stabilizer for camera lens assembly
21 7,505,670 Method, apparatus, and medium for controlling digital video recording
22 7,505,668 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device including the same
23 7,505,661 Optical waveguide, package board having the same, and manufacturing method thereof
24 7,505,627 Apparatus and method for letter recognition
25 7,505,535 Method and apparatus for controlling turbo decoder input
26 7,505,527 Transmitting and receiving apparatus for supporting transmit antenna diversity using space-time block code
27 7,505,521 Data transmission system and method
28 7,505,494 System and method for controlling wavelength of a laser beam
29 7,505,469 Method for reporting transmission state by internet protocol and network using the same
30 7,505,427 Apparatus and method for improving signal-to-noise ratio in a multi-carrier CDMA communication system
31 7,505,420 Guard section length detecting device and method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system receiver
32 7,505,417 Method and apparatus for controlling packet transmission in a mobile telecommunication system
33 7,505,397 Method for transmitting/receiving data in mobile communication systems using an OFDMA scheme
34 7,505,390 Compatible optical pickup
35 7,505,387 Method and apparatus for controlling write power in an optical drive
36 7,505,380 Apparatus and method for preventing writing error from occurring on optical disc
37 7,505,353 Multi-port semiconductor memory device having variable access paths and method
38 7,505,350 Voltage reset circuits for a semiconductor memory device using option fuse circuit
39 7,505,338 Memory systems and memory cards that use a bad block due to a programming failure therein in single level cell mode and methods of operating the same
40 7,505,333 High voltage detecting circuit for semiconductor memory device and method of controlling the same
41 7,505,313 Program method of flash memory capable of compensating reduction of read margin between states due to hot temperature stress
42 7,505,302 Multi-level dynamic memory device
43 7,505,289 Flyback DC/DC converter using clamp diode
44 7,505,270 Display module
45 7,505,258 Plasma display device with enhanced electromagnetic shielding
46 7,505,247 Multi-layer ceramic capacitor and production method thereof
47 7,505,227 Apparatus and method for preventing excessive thermal pole tip protrusion in slider of a hard disk drive
48 7,505,222 Algorithm to detect the touch down of the flying head on disk
49 7,505,203 Three-dimensional display device
50 7,505,166 Method of controlling print job schedule and printing system using the method
51 7,505,155 Apparatus and method for inspecting poly-silicon
52 7,505,096 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
53 7,505,085 Apparatus and method for improving recognition performance for dark region of image
54 7,505,071 Horizontal charge coupled device driving circuit with reduced power consumption, solid-state image-sensing device having the same, and driving method of the solid-state image-sensing device
55 7,505,053 Subpixel layouts and arrangements for high brightness displays
56 7,505,052 Method and apparatus for displaying image and computer-readable recording medium for storing computer program
57 7,504,981 Remote control device, image processing apparatus having the same and method of driving the same
58 7,504,978 Digital-analog converter capable of easily extending resolution
59 7,504,913 DC block with band-notch characteristic using DGS
60 7,504,871 Flip-flops and electronic digital circuits including the same
61 7,504,867 Bus holders having wide input and output voltage ranges and tolerant input/output buffers using the same
62 7,504,863 Half-duplex communication system, low-voltage differential signaling transceiver of the system and pre-driver of the transceiver
63 7,504,848 Panel and test method for display device
64 7,504,803 Charging method for rechargeable batteries and device therefor
65 7,504,779 Plasma display panel sustain driver having decreased flywheel current
66 7,504,777 Plasma display panel with semi-circular discharge electrode structure
67 7,504,776 Plasma display panel
68 7,504,775 Plasma display panel (PDP)
69 7,504,774 Plasma display panel with high brightness and improved color temperature
70 7,504,768 Field emission display (FED) and method of manufacture thereof
71 7,504,736 Semiconductor packaging mold and method of manufacturing semiconductor package using the same
72 7,504,725 Semiconductor memory device having low-resistance tungsten line and method of manufacturing the semiconductor memory device
73 7,504,659 Thin film transistor and flat panel display device including the same
74 7,504,656 Organic light emitting display device and method of fabricating the same
75 7,504,614 Image sensor and method of fabrication
76 7,504,612 Ambient light processing system for controlling display device by sensing ambient light and method using the system
77 7,504,342 Photolithography method for fabricating thin film
78 7,504,295 Methods for fabricating dynamic random access memory cells having laterally offset storage nodes
79 7,504,290 Thin film transistor array panel for a liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
80 7,504,280 Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
81 7,504,273 Scribing method and apparatus of liquid crystal panel, method for fabricating liquid crystal panel
82 7,504,266 Magnetic tunnel junction structures and methods of fabrication
83 7,504,261 Method for highly sensitive nucleic acid detection using nanopore and non-specific nucleic acid-binding agent
84 7,504,199 Method of forming metal pattern having low resistivity
85 7,504,140 Thermal transfer element
86 7,504,135 Method of fabricating a manganese diffusion barrier
87 7,504,128 Method of fabricating one-way transparent optical system
88 7,503,824 Supporting spacers of a flat display device
89 7,503,708 Pan and tilt apparatus usable with a camera
90 7,503,690 Temperature measurement apparatus and method for measuring temperatures by using RF signals of different frequencies
91 7,503,560 Scanner and image forming apparatus having the same
92 7,503,501 Abnormal condition detection circuit, integrated circuit card having the circuit, and method of operating CPU
93 7,503,494 Optical disc apparatus and barcode reading method
94 7,503,458 Cyclone, apparatus for separating slurry having the cyclone, and system and method of supplying slurry using the apparatus