Samsung patents granted on 17 March 2015

185 US patents granted on 17 March 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 8,984,599 Real time password generation apparatus and method
2 8,984,580 Universal serial bus selective encryption
3 8,984,561 Moving-image playing apparatus and method
4 8,984,546 Wire holder and wiring layers included in an objective lens driving unit
5 8,984,543 Beam controlling method and optical pickup device for performing the method
6 8,984,475 Apparatus and method for generating code overlay
7 8,984,471 Electronic apparatus, method of optimizing de-coupling capacitor and computer-readable recording medium
8 8,984,432 Method for displaying page shape and display apparatus thereof
9 8,984,388 Terminal device for downloading and installing an application and method thereof
10 8,984,345 Fault restoration apparatus and method for use in a virtual environment
11 8,984,242 Computing system and hibernation method thereof
12 8,984,237 Memory system and memory management method including the same
13 8,984,219 Data storage device and method of writing data in the same
14 8,984,212 Non-volatile memory system
15 8,984,208 Method and apparatus for I/O scheduling in data storage device
16 8,984,207 Memory system performing incremental merge operation and data write method
17 8,984,096 Method and apparatus for transmitting data in a peer-to-peer network
18 8,984,066 Apparatus and method for providing message service
19 8,984,036 Methods for operating controllers using seed tables
20 8,984,026 Apparatus and method for generating context-aware information using local service information
21 8,984,007 Method and apparatus using a hierachical searching scheme among virtual private communities
22 8,983,906 Method and apparatus for creating/playing a content file
23 8,983,872 Apparatus and method for digital rights management
24 8,983,672 Demand response system
25 8,983,547 Apparatus and method for beam selecting in beamformed wireless communication system
26 8,983,448 In-device coexistence interference report control method and apparatus of network in mobile communication system
27 8,983,444 Method for controlling portable device by using humidity sensor and portable device thereof
28 8,983,441 Apparatus and method for portable terminal having dual subscriber identity module card
29 8,983,404 Method and apparatus for providing content
30 8,983,381 Multi-mode short-range wireless signal processing apparatus and method
31 8,983,379 Data transmitting and receiving apparatus and method, and solid state drive including the same
32 8,983,377 Near field communication antenna device of mobile terminal
33 8,983,341 Developing device and electrophotographic image forming apparatus including the same
34 8,983,340 Image forming apparatus
35 8,983,339 Developing cartridge with shaft and tubular member and image forming apparatus having the same
36 8,983,307 Optical transmitter and optical communication system using resonance modulator that is thermally coupled
37 8,983,299 Display apparatus, electronic device, interactive system, and controlling methods thereof
38 8,983,229 Method, medium, and system with a combinational photograph thumbnail
39 8,983,169 Mobile communication device and method for identifying a counterfeit bill
40 8,983,121 Image processing apparatus and method thereof
41 8,983,071 Key management method using hierarchical node topology, and method of registering and deregistering user using the same
42 8,982,996 Cognitive radio communication system using multiple input multiple output communication scheme
43 8,982,991 Digital pre-distortion method and apparatus thereof for changing memory degree depending on input level
44 8,982,962 Method and apparatus for encoding video by compensating for pixel value according to pixel groups, and method and apparatus for decoding video by the same
45 8,982,961 Method and apparatus for encoding video by using transformation index, and method and apparatus for decoding video by using transformation index
46 8,982,843 Wireless communication system and method for performing handover in such a system
47 8,982,840 Handover
48 8,982,830 Method and apparatus for supporting multiple frequency bands in mobile communication system
49 8,982,807 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving HARQ burst
50 8,982,799 Configuring frequency bands to be scanned in a multiple-frequency-band wireless LAN
51 8,982,787 Method and apparatus for connecting to network from mobile terminal
52 8,982,729 Relay station and method of operating relay station in multi-hop communication system
53 8,982,720 Image processing apparatus and a method for connecting HDMI Ethernet channel thereof
54 8,982,718 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving sounding signal in a wireless communication system
55 8,982,642 Nonvolatile memory and erasing method thereof
56 8,982,639 Nonvolatile memory device and method of driving the same
57 8,982,620 Non-volatile memory device and method of operating
58 8,982,618 Nonvolatile memory device and related method of operation
59 8,982,567 Device including circuit board with different form factor terminal sets and assemblies including the same
60 8,982,534 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
61 8,982,475 Zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
62 8,982,445 Micro-fluidic variable optical device array and method of manufacturing the same
63 8,982,439 Solar light concentration plate
64 8,982,438 Apparatus and method for holography 3-dimensional display
65 8,982,403 System and method for context-aware printing service
66 8,982,365 Image forming apparatus and method of image forming
67 8,982,351 Apparatus for measuring transmittance of cover glass for photovoltaic cell
68 8,982,348 Light source classification system and method
69 8,982,326 Exposure system, method of forming pattern using the same and method of manufacturing display substrate using the same
70 8,982,323 Light generating apparatus and method of controlling the same
71 8,982,309 Liquid crystal display device
72 8,982,304 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
73 8,982,295 Display device comprising a frame having a top segment that includes a first top flat part, a second top flat part, and a top uplifted part interposed between the first and second top flat parts
74 8,982,293 Display apparatus and method of measuring liquid crystal capacitance
75 8,982,284 Remote controller for setting mode according to state of broadcast receiving apparatus
76 8,982,282 Display apparatus and channel searching method thereof
77 8,982,274 Camera module including handshaking correcting device
78 8,982,259 Analog-to-digital converters and related image sensors
79 8,982,241 Image photography apparatus and method of recovering editing image thereof
80 8,982,227 Digital image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same
81 8,982,174 Video telephony system and control method thereof
82 8,982,167 Sub-pixel rendering of a multiprimary image
83 8,982,166 Display device and driving method thereof
84 8,982,164 Method of compensating gamma reference voltages, and gamma reference voltage compensation circuit
85 8,982,144 Multi-primary color display device
86 8,982,128 Method of providing image and display apparatus applying the same
87 8,982,117 Display apparatus and method of displaying three-dimensional image using same
88 8,982,112 Display panel
89 8,982,108 Display device and driving method thereof
90 8,982,098 Portable device having the touch lock status and operation system thereof
91 8,982,089 Touch panel and electronic device including the same
92 8,982,078 Touch screen panel
93 8,982,075 Electronic apparatus and operating method thereof
94 8,982,072 Mobile device and method of controlling screen thereof
95 8,982,038 Local dimming display architecture which accommodates irregular backlights
96 8,982,037 Method and apparatus for providing additional information through display
97 8,982,035 Method of driving a light source, backlight apparatus for performing the method and liquid crystal display apparatus having the backlight apparatus
98 8,982,028 Display apparatus with improved display characteristics and common voltage generator
99 8,982,023 Array substrate and display device having the same
100 8,982,019 Organic light emitting diode (OLED) pixel, display device including the same and driving method thereof
101 8,982,009 Antenna pattern frame, method and mold for manufacturing the same, and electronic device
102 8,981,890 Non-magnetic composition for multilayer electronic component, multilayer electronic component manufactured by using the same and manufacturing method thereof
103 8,981,889 Common mode filter with ESD protection pattern built therein
104 8,981,849 Bias circuit and power amplifier with dual-power mode
105 8,981,828 Multi-phase generator
106 8,981,827 I/O data retention device
107 8,981,824 Phase-locked loop, method of operating the same, and devices having the same
108 8,981,804 Contact apparatus and semiconductor test equipment using the same
109 8,981,725 Battery protection circuit including battery management system and fuse-blowing circuit and method of controlling same
110 8,981,713 Charging apparatus using pad type electrode contact point
111 8,981,694 Sensorless control apparatuses of motors and control methods thereof
112 8,981,658 Apparatus for driving light emitting diode
113 8,981,652 Apparatus and method for compensating current deviation
114 8,981,649 Light emitting diode driving apparatus
115 8,981,581 Semiconductor devices, package substrates, semiconductor packages, package stack structures, and electronic systems having functionally asymmetric conductive elements
116 8,981,574 Semiconductor package
117 8,981,554 Semiconductor package having heat spreader and method of forming the same
118 8,981,549 Multi chip package
119 8,981,543 Semiconductor package and method of forming the same
120 8,981,514 Semiconductor package having a blocking pattern between a light transmissive cover and a substrate, and method for fabricating the same
121 8,981,494 Eco logic cell and design change method using eco logic cell
122 8,981,489 Semiconductor devices including a resistor structure and methods of forming the same
123 8,981,480 Semiconductor device having low resistivity region under isolation layer
124 8,981,468 Semiconductor devices and method of manufacturing the same
125 8,981,458 Three-dimensional semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
126 8,981,423 Power semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
127 8,981,396 Semiconductor light emitting device, light emitting module, and illumination apparatus
128 8,981,395 Semiconductor light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and semiconductor light emitting device package using the same
129 8,981,392 Light emitting device package and method of manufacturing the same
130 8,981,390 Display device
131 8,981,386 Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing method thereof
132 8,981,378 Mother substrate for organic light-emitting display apparatus
133 8,981,364 Organic light emitting diode display
134 8,981,362 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
135 8,981,358 Organic insulating layer composition, method of forming organic insulating layer, and organic thin film transistor including the organic insulating layer
136 8,981,357 Doped graphene structure comprising hydrophobic organic material, method for preparing the same, and transparent electrode, display device and solar cell comprising the electrode
137 8,981,351 Organic light-emitting device
138 8,981,349 Organic light emitting diode display
139 8,981,348 Semiconducting element, organic light emitting display including the same, and method of manufacturing the semiconducting element
140 8,981,293 System for inspecting flat panel display using scanning electron microscope
141 8,981,214 Organic solar cell and method of making the same
142 8,980,739 Solder collapse free bumping process of semiconductor device
143 8,980,736 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
144 8,980,731 Methods of forming a semiconductor device
145 8,980,689 Method of fabricating semiconductor multi-chip stack packages
146 8,980,679 Apparatus and methods for forming phase change layer and method of manufacturing phase change memory device
147 8,980,663 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
148 8,980,528 Photoresist composition and method of forming a black matrix using the same
149 8,980,474 Lithium secondary battery
150 8,980,465 Battery pack
151 8,980,461 Separator for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same
152 8,980,457 Battery module
153 8,980,452 Battery case and battery pack using the same
154 8,980,047 Microwave plasma processing apparatus
155 8,979,374 Rotating device
156 8,979,343 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
157 8,979,325 Lens and bulb-type light emitting device lamp employing the lens
158 8,979,294 Curved display device
159 8,979,272 Multi-primary color display
160 8,979,224 Refrigerator
161 8,979,141 Door of washing machine and assembling structure and assembling method thereof
162 8,978,976 Electronic identification card including a display device, and method of checking counterfeit/alteration of an electronic identification card
163 8,978,471 Apparatus and method for driving inertial sensor
164 8,978,470 Inertial sensor
165 8,978,425 Motor usable with washing machine and washing machine having the same
166 D724,801 Cleaner
167 D724,799 Vacuum cleaner
168 D724,736 Chassis for a medical ultrasound device
169 D724,645 Digital camera
170 D724,643 Digital camera
171 D724,641 Digital camera
172 D724,639 Camera
173 D724,631 Guide for refrigerator
174 D724,630 Refrigerator
175 D724,629 Refrigerator
176 D724,618 Portable electronic device with a graphical user interface
177 D724,617 Portable electronic device with an animated graphical user interface
178 D724,616 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
179 D724,611 Display screen with graphical user interface
180 D724,609 Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface
181 D724,590 Mouse
182 D724,582 Tablet computer
183 D724,527 Battery
184 D724,526 Battery
185 D724,525 Battery