Samsung patents granted on 17 May 2011

114 US patents granted on 17 May 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D638,031 Music player set
2 D637,996 Portable multimedia player
3 D637,990 Mobile phone
4 7,945,837 Optical recording medium, apparatus and method of recording/reproducing data thereon/therefrom, and computer-readable recording medium storing program to perform the method
5 7,945,835 Method and apparatus for efficiently retransmitting data in wireless network environment
6 7,945,809 Recording medium for storing start position information for each zone and method and apparatus of managing data using the information
7 7,945,723 Apparatus and method of managing mapping table of non-volatile memory
8 7,945,714 Apparatus and method of tracing descriptors in host controller
9 7,945,687 Method and apparatus for controlling database in mobile communication terminal
10 7,945,299 Multiple torsion spring and semi-automatic sliding device using the same
11 7,945,288 Portable electronic apparatus having a cooling device
12 7,945,282 Preamble transmission method for wireless communication system
13 7,945,268 Apparatus and method for IDcell allocation in a broadband wireless communication system
14 7,945,265 System and method for fast network re-entry in a broadband wireless access communication system
15 7,945,247 Device and method for using history menu on mobile terminal
16 7,945,243 Mobile communication terminal for protecting private contents and method for controlling the same
17 7,945,220 LINC power transmitter
18 7,945,155 Apparatus for capturing images, method of controlling exposure in the apparatus, and computer readable recording medium storing program
19 7,945,148 Method and apparatus for correcting hand-shake in digital image processing apparatus
20 7,945,141 Information storage medium including event occurrence information, and apparatus and method for reproducing the information storage medium
21 7,945,124 Information storage medium storing graphic data and apparatus and method of processing the graphic data
22 7,945,123 Information storage medium storing graphic data and apparatus and method of processing the graphic data
23 7,945,100 Apparatus and method for detecting secure document
24 7,945,054 Method and apparatus to reproduce wide mono sound
25 7,945,045 Device and method for generating chaotic signal
26 7,945,010 Apparatus and method for compensating for phase jump of reference signal in digital phase-locked loop/frequency-locked loop
27 7,945,001 Apparatus and method for receiving data in a wireless communication system using bit interleaving, symbol interleaving and symbol mapping
28 7,944,990 System and method for transmitting and receiving data in a communication system
29 7,944,975 Inter-frame prediction method in video coding, video encoder, video decoding method, and video decoder
30 7,944,970 Apparatus and method for displaying 3-dimensional graphics
31 7,944,908 Method for setting output bit rate for video data transmission in a WiBro system
32 7,944,898 Wireless communication method and apparatus
33 7,944,897 Method and system for addressing channel access unfairness in IEEE 802.11n wireless networks
34 7,944,879 Resource allocating apparatus and method in multihop relay wireless communication system
35 7,944,874 Method and apparatus for transmitting control frame to hidden node in wireless LAN
36 7,944,833 End-to-end QoS interoperation apparatus and method in heterogeneous network environment
37 7,944,824 Terminal of portable internet system and method of transmitting uplink data in terminal
38 7,944,810 Receiving apparatus and method for single carrier frequency division access system
39 7,944,809 Method of controlling data transmission mode in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing wireless relay system and apparatus using the method
40 7,944,805 Method of and apparatus for recording data on write-once disc and write-once disc therefor
41 7,944,782 metallic waveguide having tapered c-shaped aperture, method of fabricating the waveguide, light delivery module including the waveguide, and heat assisted magnetic recording head having the waveguide
42 7,944,759 Semiconductor memory device including floating body transistor
43 7,944,753 Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) cell and methods for forming and reading the same
44 7,944,747 Flash memory device and method for programming flash memory device having leakage bit lines
45 7,944,741 Apparatus and systems using phase change memories
46 7,944,682 Gasket, screen spacer, and display device with gasket and screen spacer
47 7,944,641 Overshoot duration range selection in a hard disk drive
48 7,944,629 Camera lens assembly
49 7,944,597 Electrochromic materials and electrochromic devices using the same
50 7,944,539 Liquid crystal display device
51 7,944,537 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display
52 7,944,535 Liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
53 7,944,528 Liquid crystal display apparatus
54 7,944,523 Liquid crystal display device comprising a first conductive adhesive member arranged on the first connector to connect the first connector to the shield case
55 7,944,515 Liquid crystal display and panel therefor
56 7,944,510 Broadcast receiving apparatus for capturing broadcast signal and method thereof
57 7,944,506 Caption presentation method and apparatus using same
58 7,944,498 Multi-focal camera apparatus and methods and mediums for generating focus-free image and autofocus image using the multi-focal camera apparatus
59 7,944,481 Apparatus and method for processing 3D video signal
60 7,944,458 Digital-analog converter, data driver, and flat panel display device using the same
61 7,944,444 3D image processing apparatus and method
62 7,944,440 Liquid crystal display device and method of reducing a discharge time of a liquid crystal capacitor thereof
63 7,944,418 Data driving circuits capable of displaying images with uniform brightness and driving methods of organic light emitting displays using the same
64 7,944,405 Dual display device
65 7,944,377 Method, medium and apparatus for quantization encoding and de-quantization decoding using trellis
66 7,944,320 Electromagnetic bandgap structure and printed circuit board including multi-via
67 7,944,311 Feedback biasing for cascode amplifiers
68 7,944,296 Low power mode amplification with a transformer output matching and a virtual ground
69 7,944,293 Systems and methods for an adaptive bias circuit for a differential power amplifier
70 7,944,267 Leakage current detection circuit and leakage current comparison circuit
71 7,944,244 Multi-functional logic gate device and programmable integrated circuit device using the same
72 7,944,232 Output circuit having variable output voltage swing level
73 7,944,228 Mother substrate, substrate for display panel and method of manufacturing display panel
74 7,944,143 Organic light-emitting display device with frit seal and reinforcing structure bonded to frame
75 7,944,140 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
76 7,943,998 Nonvolatile memory devices having stacked structures and methods of fabricating the same
77 7,943,985 Oxide semiconductor thin film transistors and fabrication methods thereof
78 7,943,978 Semiconductor device
79 7,943,976 CMOS image sensor and manufacturing method thereof
80 7,943,970 Method of detecting bio-molecules using the same field effect transistor on the gate sensing surface
81 7,943,951 Light emitting device package
82 7,943,939 Thin film transistor array panel and methods for manufacturing the same
83 7,943,934 Thin film transistor array panel and method for manufacturing the same
84 7,943,931 Array substrate having a supporter for a data pad, and display apparatus having the array substrate
85 7,943,929 Thin film transistor and method of fabricating the same
86 7,943,926 Nonvolatile memory device and nonvolatile memory array including the same
87 7,943,918 Multi-layer phase-changeable memory devices
88 7,943,864 Printed circuit board having electromagnetic bandgap structure
89 7,943,858 Thin film capacitor, thin film capacitor-embedded printed circuit board and manufacturing method of thin film capacitor
90 7,943,856 Composition for producing printed circuit board and printed circuit board using the same
91 7,943,562 Semiconductor substrate cleaning methods, and methods of manufacture using same
92 7,943,519 Etchant, method for fabricating interconnection line using the etchant, and method for fabricating thin film transistor substrate using the etchant
93 7,943,502 Method of forming a phase change memory device
94 7,943,492 Method of forming nitride film and nitride structure
95 7,943,455 CMOS image sensors and methods of fabricating the same
96 7,943,440 Fabrication method of thin film device
97 7,943,369 DNA detection device and manufacturing method thereof
98 7,943,348 Method and apparatus for amplifying nucleic acids
99 7,943,290 Method of forming fine pattern using azobenzene-functionalized polymer and method of manufacturing nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device using the method of forming fine pattern
100 7,943,272 Metal catalyst and fuel cell employing electrode including the same
101 7,943,257 Electrolyte solvent and rechargeable lithium battery
102 7,943,251 Rechargeable battery having safety vent
103 7,943,088 Biochemical analyzer and method of controlling internal temperature of the biochemical analyzer
104 7,942,968 Catalyst enhanced chemical vapor deposition apparatus
105 7,942,716 Frit sealing system and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display device
106 7,942,714 Method of manufacturing field emission device
107 7,942,685 Lamp socket, display apparatus including the same, and method of assembling lamp
108 7,942,643 Device and method for pumping fluids employing the movement of gas bubbles in microscale
109 7,942,550 Light emitting device and backlight unit including the same
110 7,942,506 Inkjet printer head and method to manufacture the same
111 7,942,335 Radio frequency system and password management method in radio frequency system
112 7,942,026 Washing machine having balancer
113 7,942,023 Drum type washing machine
114 7,941,896 Upright vacuum cleaner capable of adjusting height of suction port assembly