Samsung patents granted on 17 November 2015

199 US patents granted on 17 November 2015 and assigned to Samsung

1 D743,658 Hose for cleaner
2 D743,657 Hose for cleaner
3 D743,656 Hose for cleaner
4 D743,649 Cleaner
5 D743,647 Robot cleaner
6 D743,645 Robot cleaner
7 D743,644 Robot cleaner
8 D743,642 Handle for home appliance
9 D743,583 LED lamp
10 D743,558 Medical ultrasound system
11 D743,539 Blood collection device
12 D743,482 Printer
13 D743,473 Camera
14 D743,471 Lens for camera
15 D743,470 Camera
16 D743,464 Camera
17 D743,427 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
18 D743,426 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
19 D743,425 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
20 D743,417 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
21 D743,416 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface
22 D743,387 Mobile phone
23 D743,386 Mobile phone
24 D743,385 Stand for television
25 D743,380 Speaker
26 D743,379 Speaker
27 D743,378 Speaker
28 D743,375 Speaker
29 D743,372 Speaker
30 D743,360 Television receiver
31 9,192,071 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
32 9,192,067 Docking station
33 9,192,050 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
34 9,192,032 Lighting apparatus, lighting control system, and method of controlling the lighting apparatus
35 9,192,010 Dimming control apparatus, light system driving apparatus and dimming control method
36 9,191,967 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving scheduling assignments in a communication system
37 9,191,957 Apparatus and method for selecting best beam in wireless communication system
38 9,191,930 Transmission of acknowledgement information in adaptively configured TDD communication systems
39 9,191,887 Method for providing relay network, mobile router and network relay system using the same
40 9,191,861 Tethering method and mobile device adapted thereto
41 9,191,860 Apparatus and method for estimating size of map message in broadband wireless communication
42 9,191,850 Method and apparatus for measuring radio resource use per traffic class in a wireless communication system
43 9,191,808 Method, device and system for providing presence function in enterprise mobility system
44 9,191,802 Method and apparatus for managing subscriber information in mobile communication system including femtocell
45 9,191,791 Electronic device and method for extracting incoming/outgoing information and managing contacts
46 9,191,706 Display apparatus and scheduled viewing setting method using the same
47 9,191,696 Reception device and program for reception device
48 9,191,678 Apparatus and method of restoring image
49 9,191,677 Method and apparatus for encoding image and method and appartus for decoding image
50 9,191,663 Organic light emitting display panel
51 9,191,656 Display apparatus and controlling methods thereof
52 9,191,599 Correlated double sampling circuit and image sensor including the same
53 9,191,572 Image sensor and image processing apparatus using the same
54 9,191,566 Image pickup apparatus, method for image pickup and computer-readable recording medium
55 9,191,555 Image capture device and signal compensating method of image capture device
56 9,191,501 Method and system for managing contact information in a universal plug and play home network environment
57 9,191,491 Method and communication terminal apparatus for displaying function in communication
58 9,191,484 Apparatus and method for writing message in mobile terminal
59 9,191,480 Method for performing alarm function and electronic device thereof
60 9,191,474 Shielding structure for use in an electronic device
61 9,191,418 Method and terminal for applying background skin in internet protocol network
62 9,191,254 Method and apparatus for detecting envelope using difference between sampling signals
63 9,191,222 Method for providing notifications for multi-media broadcast/multicast service
64 9,191,204 Encryption key distribution method in mobile broadcasting system and system for the same
65 9,191,166 Apparatus and method for defining timing reference for secondary cells in a secondary timing advance group
66 9,191,156 Apparatus and method using matrix network coding
67 9,191,132 Broadcast retransmitting method, and broadcast retransmitting apparatus, broadcast output apparatus, and broadcast retransmitting system using the same
68 9,191,040 Apparatus and method for radio frequency transmission
69 9,191,032 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving packet in broadcasting and communication system
70 9,191,027 Data compression devices, operating methods thereof, and data processing apparatuses including the same
71 9,191,015 Temperature controlled oscillator and temperature sensor including the same
72 9,190,861 Battery pack and method of controlling the same
73 9,190,851 Calibration and assignment processes in wireless power transfer systems
74 9,190,849 Apparatus and method for performing wireless charging
75 9,190,714 Antenna device for a portable terminal
76 9,190,713 Antenna device for portable terminal
77 9,190,672 Tubular solid oxide fuel cell including external current collector with plurality of connection portions
78 9,190,665 Crystalline iron phosphate doped with metal, method of preparing the same, and lithium composite metal phosphate prepared therefrom
79 9,190,664 Cathode active material composition, cathode prepared by using the same, and lithium battery including the cathode
80 9,190,646 Rechargeable battery
81 9,190,643 Battery pack
82 9,190,641 Rechargeable battery pack
83 9,190,640 Cover opening and closing apparatus for electronic appliances
84 9,190,638 Sealing case
85 9,190,637 Rechargeable battery
86 9,190,636 Rechargeable battery
87 9,190,635 Rechargeable battery having a short circuit plate
88 9,190,634 Rechargeable battery
89 9,190,633 Pouch type lithium secondary battery
90 9,190,631 Battery pack
91 9,190,627 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
92 9,190,624 Organic light emitting diode display
93 9,190,605 Nanopiezoelectric generator and method of manufacturing the same
94 9,190,594 Thermoelectric material having reduced thermal conductivity, and thermoelectric device and module including the same
95 9,190,593 Nano-complex thermoelectric material, and thermoelectric module and thermoelectric apparatus including the same
96 9,190,583 White light emitting device and display apparatus
97 9,190,563 Nanostructure semiconductor light emitting device
98 9,190,545 Optical device including three-coupled quantum well structure having multi-energy level
99 9,190,533 Three-dimensional nonvolatile memory devices including interposed floating gates
100 9,190,530 Thin film transistor in which the gate electrode has the same thickness as an insulating layer
101 9,190,523 Oxide semiconductor, thin film transistor including the same, and thin film transistor array panel including the same
102 9,190,495 Recessed channel array transistors, and semiconductor devices including a recessed channel array transistor
103 9,190,464 Nonvolatile memory devices with aligned trench isolation regions
104 9,190,461 Organic light-emitting display device
105 9,190,459 Organic light emitting diode display, manufacturing method thereof, and rotating device for circuit film
106 9,190,457 Organic light-emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
107 9,190,431 Thin-film transistor array substrate and method of fabricating the same
108 9,190,426 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
109 9,190,410 Semiconductor devices
110 9,190,407 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
111 9,190,404 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
112 9,190,402 Semiconductor device comprising capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
113 9,190,401 Stacked semiconductor packages
114 9,190,357 Multi chip package, manufacturing method thereof, and memory system having the multi chip package
115 9,190,338 Semiconductor package having a heat slug and a spacer
116 9,190,335 Apparatus and method for evaluating optical properties of LED and method for manufacturing LED device
117 9,190,305 System and method for managing information about wafer carrier in buffer
118 9,190,272 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
119 9,190,270 Low-defect semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
120 9,190,209 Dielectric ceramic composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor including the same
121 9,190,207 Multilayer ceramic electronic component having external electrodes which include a metal layer and conductive resin layer
122 9,190,163 Operating method of nonvolatile memory device and operating method of memory controller controlling the nonvolatile memory device
123 9,190,160 Memory device having variable read voltage and related methods of operation
124 9,190,155 Memory system
125 9,190,151 Three-dimensional nonvolatile memory and related read method designed to reduce read disturbance
126 9,190,143 Variable resistance memory device and related method of operation
127 9,190,120 Storage device including reset circuit and method of resetting thereof
128 9,190,103 Data storage medium having security function and output apparatus therefor
129 9,190,059 Electronic device and method for controlling power using voice recognition
130 9,190,056 Method and apparatus for correcting a word in speech input text
131 9,190,029 Display apparatus and method of controlling the same
132 9,190,022 Three-dimensional display device
133 9,190,015 List searching method and portable device using the same
134 9,190,008 Gate driving module, display apparatus having the same and method of driving display panel using the same
135 9,190,003 Display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
136 9,189,992 Pixel, display device comprising the same and driving method thereof
137 9,189,991 Organic light emitting display device having pixels and method of driving the same
138 9,189,990 Organic light emitting diode display
139 9,189,882 Method and apparatus for ray tracing in a 3-dimensional image system
140 9,189,835 Method and apparatus for robust estimation of non-uniform motion blur
141 9,189,665 Anti-collision coupling for contactless cards
142 9,189,616 Authentication method between client and server, machine-readable storage medium, client and server
143 9,189,592 Tester apparatus for obtaining forming limit diagram
144 9,189,564 Method and apparatus for providing user interface for internet service
145 9,189,546 Semantic client, semantic information management server, method of generating semantic information, method of searching semantic information, and computer program recording medium for performing the methods
146 9,189,471 Apparatus and method for recognizing emotion based on emotional segments
147 9,189,434 Universal serial bus device and method for controlling an idle-delay time thereof
148 9,189,384 Memory system and memory managing method thereof
149 9,189,383 Nonvolatile memory system and data processing method
150 9,189,358 Apparatus and method for verifying operating system of host device in portable terminal
151 9,189,328 Memory controller and method of operating the same
152 9,189,277 Method and system for dynamically parallelizing application program
153 9,189,269 Apparatus and method for performing multi-tasking in portable terminal
154 9,189,182 Method and apparatus for activating device
155 9,189,174 Nonvolatile memory device and method of operating the same
156 9,189,127 Apparatus and method of user-based mobile terminal display control using grip sensor
157 9,189,113 Capacitive touch panel sensor synchronized with display driving operation and touch panel display device having the same
158 9,189,105 Touch sensor
159 9,189,100 Touch screen panel with integrated touch and data drivers
160 9,189,066 Touch panel and electronic device including the same
161 9,189,061 Apparatus and method for processing split view in portable device
162 9,189,027 Foldable display device
163 9,188,999 Voltage regulator, voltage regulating system, memory chip, and memory device
164 9,188,955 Method and apparatus for fast generation of three-dimensional (3D) hologram
165 9,188,953 Acousto-optic device having nanostructure, and optical scanner, optical modulator, and display apparatus using the acousto-optic device
166 9,188,950 Detachable toner cartridge and image forming apparatus including the same
167 9,188,944 Image forming apparatus
168 9,188,934 Power supply apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same, and method thereof
169 9,188,928 Cover opening and closing unit and image forming apparatus including the same
170 9,188,867 Solution composition for passivation layer, thin film transistor array panel, and manufacturing method for thin film transistor array panel
171 9,188,851 Pattern mask and method of manufacturing thin film pattern using pattern mask
172 9,188,814 Display device and method of manufacturing the same
173 9,188,802 Display device integrated with touch screen
174 9,188,788 3-dimensional displaying apparatus and method for driving 3-dimensional displaying apparatus
175 9,188,786 Optical compensation film
176 9,188,774 Microelectrofluidic device and method of driving the same
177 9,188,769 Zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
178 9,188,762 Camera module
179 9,188,729 Prism sheet, backlight unit including the same, and method of manufacturing the same
180 9,188,711 Light guide plate and light-emitting assembly having the same
181 9,188,662 Beam splitter for 3D camera, and 3D image acquisition apparatus employing the beam splitter
182 9,188,607 Substrate and method for manufacturing the same, and probe card
183 9,188,382 Refrigerator
184 9,188,377 Ice maker and method, and refrigerator having the same
185 9,188,300 Light emitting device assembly and headlamp including the same
186 9,187,846 Microarray package device and method of manufacturing the same
187 9,187,817 Mask assembly for thin film vapor deposition and manufacturing method thereof
188 9,187,694 Phosphor and method for preparing same
189 9,187,625 Method of preparing high refractive nanoparticles, nanoparticles prepared by the method, and photonic crystal device using the nanoparticles
190 9,187,622 Composite binder for battery, and anode and battery including the composite binder
191 9,187,595 Method for manufacturing biodegradable copolymer by split-injecting aromatic dicarboxylic acid compound
192 9,187,375 Dielectric ceramic composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor containing the same
193 9,187,348 Electrode for capacitive deionization device and capacitive deionization device having the electrode
194 9,187,332 Graphene sheet, graphene base including the same, and method of preparing the graphene sheet
195 9,186,910 Printing apparatus
196 9,186,797 Force sensing apparatus and robot arm including the same
197 9,186,127 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus and method of controlling output of ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
198 9,186,062 System and method for providing 2-dimensional computerized- tomography image corresponding to 2-dimensional ultrasound image
199 9,186,030 Robot cleaner, maintenance station, and cleaning system having the same