Samsung patents granted on 17 October 2006

68 US patents granted on 17 October 2006 and assigned to Samsung

1 D530,301 Portable phone
2 D530,300 Portable phone
3 D530,297 Cellular phone
4 D530,296 Cellular phone
5 D530,295 Cellular phone
6 7,124,423 Disk cartridge to protect an information area of a disk from being contaminated
7 7,124,421 Lead screw adjustment structure of disc drive
8 7,124,346 Apparatus for transmitting and receiving wireless data and method thereof
9 7,124,250 Memory module device for use in high-frequency operation
10 7,124,238 Folding USB flash memory device for providing memory storage capacity
11 7,124,026 Method and apparatus for estimating time delay of GPS receiver in hybrid navigation system
12 7,123,944 Apparatus and method for controlling auxiliary pilot channel in a CDMA2000 wireless network
13 7,123,932 Apparatus for stabilizing transmission power of broadband code division multiple access type mobile communication terminal
14 7,123,870 Intermediate transfer belt of image forming apparatus for sending initial printing position, apparatus using the image transfer belt, and method thereof
15 7,123,861 Contactable charging type charging device for image formation apparatus, and method of manufacturing the same
16 7,123,859 Image forming apparatus reducing adhesion of residual toner to a photosensitive conductor
17 7,123,830 WDM self-healing optical ring network
18 7,123,679 Counter having improved counting speed
19 7,123,654 Method and apparatus to encode a moving image with fixed computational complexity
20 7,123,633 Method for maintaining mode-locked state of fabry-perot laser irrespective of temperature change and WDM light source using the same method
21 7,123,568 Optical recording medium on which a wobble signal having header information is recorded, an apparatus and method of recording wobble signal, and an apparatus and method of reproducing the wobble signal
22 7,123,564 Recording medium for storing write protection information and write protection method thereof
23 7,123,561 Device that records on an optical disc and method thereof
24 7,123,559 Optical disc having uniform structure
25 7,123,540 Semiconductor device having delay-locked loop and test method thereof
26 7,123,528 Flash memory device having column predecoder capable of selecting all column selection transistors and stress test method thereof
27 7,123,520 Buffer circuit and memory system for selectively outputting data strobe signal according to number of data bits
28 7,123,505 Method of reading information in a magnetic memory by a reversible resistance change in a magnetic tunnel junction
29 7,123,489 Variable-frequency flyback converter with synchronous rectification function
30 7,123,475 AC/DC adapter and notebook computer using the same
31 7,123,474 Damping apparatus
32 7,123,449 Air bearing slider for disk drive
33 7,123,438 Front panel assembly of disk drive having door locking means and disk drive incorporating the same
34 7,123,437 Recording apparatus enabling replacement of disk cartridge
35 7,123,428 Method of screening hard disk drive
36 7,123,406 Reflective semiconductor optical amplifier light source
37 7,123,329 Liquid crystal display with a wide viewing angle using a compensation film
38 7,123,279 Thermal transfer printing method and apparatus
39 7,123,224 Liquid crystal display and method of modifying gray signals for the same
40 7,123,223 Liquid crystal display adaptive to viewing angle
41 7,123,219 Driving apparatus of plasma display panel
42 7,123,058 Signal detecting circuit and method therefor
43 7,123,006 Sensing apparatus having fluxgate and control method thereof
44 7,122,967 Field emission display and driving device thereof
45 7,122,964 Lamp and method of manufacturing the same
46 7,122,959 Organic electroluminescent display
47 7,122,942 Electrostatic RF MEMS switches
48 7,122,871 Integrated circuit field effect transistors including channel-containing fin having regions of high and low doping concentrations
49 7,122,850 Semiconductor device having local interconnection layer and etch stopper pattern for preventing leakage of current
50 7,122,773 Magnetron for microwave ovens and method of forming same
51 7,122,771 Wall mounted-type microwave oven
52 7,122,732 Apparatus and method for separating music and voice using independent component analysis algorithm for two-dimensional forward network
53 7,122,478 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using a polysilicon etching mask
54 7,122,468 Methods of fabricating integrated circuit conductive contact structures including grooves
55 7,122,441 Method of fabricating a plurality of ferroelectric capacitors
56 7,122,431 Methods of fabrication metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors having buffer regions below source and drain regions
57 7,122,426 Method of fabricating cell of nonvolatile memory device with floating gate
58 7,122,417 Methods for fabricating metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors using gate sidewall spacers
59 7,122,276 Pouch type secondary battery with safety vent
60 7,122,271 Battery unit and lithium secondary battery employing the same
61 7,121,799 Turbofan and mold manufacturing the same
62 7,121,719 Radio-thermometer system and method for measuring electromagnetic energy radiated from an interior of a human body using the same
63 7,121,710 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
64 7,121,650 Piezoelectric ink-jet printhead
65 7,121,640 Method and apparatus for aligning image of ink-jet printer
66 7,121,492 Reel cover of magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus, and a method of manufacturing thereof
67 7,121,334 Refrigerator and control method thereof
68 7,121,308 Fuel supply device for direct methanol fuel cells