Samsung patents granted on 18 January 2011

97 US patents granted on 18 January 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 D631,080 Projector
2 D631,077 Camcorder
3 D631,041 Web book
4 D631,040 Net book
5 D631,037 Wireless headset
6 D631,034 Earphone
7 D631,029 Mobile phone
8 D631,028 Mobile phone
9 D631,026 Mobile phone
10 D631,009 Charging holder for a mobile phone
11 7,874,004 Method of copying and reproducing data from storage medium
12 7,873,935 Method of manufacturing a mask
13 7,873,914 Multi-layer focusing method and apparatus therefor
14 7,873,876 Image forming device to perform a system diagnosis and method thereof
15 7,873,858 Clock signal generation device and method
16 7,873,826 Routing voice over internet (VoIP) call
17 7,873,822 System comprising electronic device and external device storing boot code for booting system
18 7,873,778 Apparatus for storing page data
19 7,873,777 Flash memory system, host system for programming the flash memory system, and programming method thereor
20 7,873,769 Micro controller unit (MCU) capable of increasing data retention time and method of driving the MCU
21 7,873,753 Memory subsystem capable of accessing a plurality of memory bank identifications and method thereof
22 7,873,747 Device and method for transmitting data
23 7,873,673 Method and system for data aggregation in a sensor network
24 7,873,396 Portable terminal with hinge stopper
25 7,873,395 Headset
26 7,873,364 Apparatus and method for accounting in wireless communication system
27 7,873,331 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for multi-path orthogonal recursive predistortion
28 7,873,305 Developing unit and image forming apparatus having the same
29 7,873,292 Image forming apparatus and transfer method thereof
30 7,873,289 Image forming apparatus and method to control a velocity ratio thereof
31 7,873,242 Information storage medium storing graphic data and apparatus and method of processing the graphic data
32 7,873,103 Digital broadcast transmitter/receiver having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
33 7,873,072 System and method for digital multimedia broadcasting confinement service
34 7,873,050 Apparatus and method for downlink packet scheduling in base station of a portable internet system
35 7,873,044 Method for transmitting/receiving data in a communication system
36 7,873,026 Apparatus and method for scheduling data in a modem
37 7,872,932 Method of precharging local input/output line and semiconductor memory device using the method
38 7,872,925 Wired-or typed page buffer having cache function in a nonvolatile memory device and related method of programming
39 7,872,917 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and memory system including the same
40 7,872,909 Memory device and memory data read method
41 7,872,908 Phase change memory devices and fabrication methods thereof
42 7,872,876 Multi-layered printed circuit board
43 7,872,869 Electronic chip module
44 7,872,779 Image reading apparatus including driving module
45 7,872,724 Color filter substrate and liquid crystal display panel comprising the same
46 7,872,717 Liquid crystal display device having multiple alignment areas and method of manufacturing the same
47 7,872,712 Array substrate comprising a pixel electrode including concave patterns having convex patterns in central portions of the concave pattern, method of manufacturing the same, and display panel having the same
48 7,872,700 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
49 7,872,699 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
50 7,872,697 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display capable of achieving an inversion drive
51 7,872,690 Apparatus and method for improving channel change speed in digital broadcasting reception terminal
52 7,872,661 Image bearing structure and method to detect a defect in the image bearing structure
53 7,872,658 Method and apparatus for generating characteristic data of illumination around image display device
54 7,872,622 Liquid crystal display
55 7,872,621 Color LED driver
56 7,872,615 Apparatus and method for driving a plasma display panel
57 7,872,595 Method and apparatus for inputting an alphabet character in a terminal with a keypad
58 7,872,538 Impulse generation circuit
59 7,872,504 Inverter and logic device comprising the same
60 7,872,483 Circuit board having bypass pad
61 7,872,419 Plasma display panel capable of reducing the defect rate of a dielectric layer and method of manufacturing the same
62 7,872,302 Semiconductor device having vertical transistor formed on an active pattern protruding from a substrate
63 7,872,299 Nonvolatile memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
64 7,872,295 Method of making flash memory cells and peripheral circuits having STI, and flash memory devices and computer systems having the same
65 7,872,290 Recess transistor (TR) gate to obtain large self-aligned contact (SAC) open margin
66 7,872,288 Organic light-emitting display device
67 7,872,276 Vertical gallium nitride-based light emitting diode and method of manufacturing the same
68 7,872,271 Flip-chip light emitting diodes and method of manufacturing thereof
69 7,872,266 Semiconductor light emitting diode and method for manufacturing the same
70 7,872,256 Organic light emitting display and fabrication method of the same
71 7,872,250 Phase-change ram and method for fabricating the same
72 7,872,249 Nonvolatile memory device and methods of operating and fabricating the same
73 7,872,202 Inputting device
74 7,871,949 Glass plate with glass frit structure
75 7,871,921 Methods of forming interconnection structures for semiconductor devices
76 7,871,914 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices with enlarged recessed gate electrodes
77 7,871,906 Storage nodes including a phase chang layer and methods of manufacturing and operating the same, phase change memory devices and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
78 7,871,897 Method of forming shallow trench isolation regions in devices with NMOS and PMOS regions
79 7,871,891 Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices including capacitor support pads
80 7,871,890 Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices having resistors
81 7,871,875 Fin field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
82 7,871,872 Method of manufacturing thin film transistor having lightly doped drain regions
83 7,871,866 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having transition metal oxide layer and related device
84 7,871,845 Nitride-based semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
85 7,871,829 Metal wiring of semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
86 7,871,757 Laser induced thermal imaging apparatus and laser induced thermal imaging method
87 7,871,749 Electrophotographic developing agent
88 7,871,736 Polymer membrane for fuel cell, method of preparing same, and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell comprising same
89 7,871,725 Secondary battery with enhanced ability to prevent leakage
90 7,871,724 Cylindrical rechargeable battery and method of forming the same
91 7,871,545 Hybrid composite including carbon nanotube and carbide-derived carbon, electron emitter including the hybrid composite, method of preparing the electron emitter, and electron emission device including the electron emitter
92 7,871,482 Method of manufacturing multilayer ceramic substrate
93 7,871,160 Ink circulation apparatus and inkjet printer including the same
94 7,871,144 Inkjet image-forming apparatus and method thereof
95 7,871,067 Paper cassette feeder for easily removing paper jam and image forming apparatus having the same
96 7,870,678 Hybrid sensor module and sensing method using the same
97 7,870,645 Hinge device and mobile apparatus having the same