Samsung patents granted on 18 November 2014

194 US patents granted on 18 November 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D718,008 Vacuum cleaner
2 D717,852 Digital camera
3 D717,839 Refrigerator
4 D717,819 Display screen or portion thereof for a graphical user interface
5 D717,817 Display screen or portion thereof with transitional graphical user interface
6 D717,806 Keyboard
7 D717,805 Display device
8 D717,799 Digital clipboard reader
9 D717,792 Notebook computer
10 D717,791 Notebook computer
11 D717,790 Notebook computer
12 D717,789 Notebook computer
13 D717,788 Notebook computer
14 D717,787 Portable computer
15 D717,762 Telephone set
16 D717,755 Television receiver
17 D717,754 Television receiver
18 D717,752 TV receiver
19 D717,751 TV receiver
20 D717,750 TV receiver
21 D717,581 Microwave oven
22 8,893,291 Security through metadata orchestrators
23 8,893,225 Method and apparatus for secure web widget runtime system
24 8,893,166 Method of surveying watching of image content, and broadcast receiving apparatus and server employing the same
25 8,893,057 Method for changing and rotating a mobile terminal standby screen
26 8,892,901 Method and apparatus for encrypting user data
27 8,892,842 Memory systems and methods of operating the same
28 8,892,803 Interrupt on/off management apparatus and method for multi-core processor
29 8,892,695 Remote input devices
30 8,892,663 Apparatus and method for establishing partnership with a peer-to-peer (P2P) service based on gossip
31 8,892,633 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving a user interface in a communication system
32 8,892,629 System and method for displaying a virtual meeting room
33 8,892,563 Storage medium including metadata and reproduction apparatus and method therefor
34 8,892,555 Apparatus and method for generating story according to user information
35 8,892,520 Storage device including a file system manager for managing multiple storage media
36 8,892,511 Apparatus and method for synchronizing data in connected devices
37 8,892,482 Managing multiple personal clouds and digital assets over multiple devices
38 8,892,476 Server for an image forming apparatuses which calculates charges according to printing usage amounts
39 8,892,440 Electronic device and control method thereof
40 8,892,436 Front-end processor for speech recognition, and speech recognizing apparatus and method using the same
41 8,892,425 Multi-layered speech recognition apparatus and method
42 8,892,257 Walking robot and method of controlling the same
43 8,892,250 Robot and recovery method thereof
44 8,892,176 Apparatus and method for reducing power consumption in multi antenna system
45 8,892,156 Mobile terminal having flat panel sound output unit and vibration generation method for the same
46 8,892,153 Method and apparatus for uplink power control using ranging signal in wireless communication system
47 8,892,151 Autonomous user equipment transmission power control in communication systems
48 8,892,150 Communication method of neighboring terminal and target terminal
49 8,892,098 Communication apparatus and method for dual-mode mobile terminal
50 8,892,097 Method for optimized high priority PLMN search and normal service scan in limited service
51 8,892,071 System for managing unregistered terminals with shared authentication information and method thereof
52 8,892,047 Communication terminal for changing channel and channel changing method thereof
53 8,892,045 Signal transmission method and system for transmitting signal by using interference control method and/or transmission power control method
54 8,892,039 Three-dimension (3D) glasses and method for controlling power and pairing thereof
55 8,892,038 Method for searching and connecting Bluetooth devices and apparatus using the same
56 8,892,032 Method and system for managing data in a near field communication network
57 8,891,953 Apparatus, medium, and method for photographing based on face detection
58 8,891,940 Method and apparatus for recording manufacturer information on a recording medium and for determining whether the manufacturer information is effective
59 8,891,935 Multi-video rendering for enhancing user interface usability and user experience
60 8,891,893 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using large transform unit
61 8,891,805 Speaker apparatus
62 8,891,782 Apparatus and method for sound focusing
63 8,891,674 Digital transmission system for transmitting additional data and method thereof
64 8,891,649 Apparatus and method for saving power consumption in broadband wireless communication system
65 8,891,648 System for transmitting and receiving channel state information
66 8,891,632 Method and apparatus for encoding video and method and apparatus for decoding video, based on hierarchical structure of coding unit
67 8,891,631 Method and apparatus for encoding video and method and apparatus for decoding video, based on hierarchical structure of coding unit
68 8,891,618 Method and apparatus for encoding video and method and apparatus for decoding video, based on hierarchical structure of coding unit
69 8,891,612 Encoding and decoding multi-view video while accommodating absent or unreliable camera parameters
70 8,891,611 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving graphical data
71 8,891,610 Method and system for chroma partitioning and rate adaptation for uncompressed video transmission in wireless networks
72 8,891,609 System and method for measuring blockiness level in compressed digital video
73 8,891,559 Apparatus and method for notifying packet information using start frame delimiter
74 8,891,530 Multi-FA personal subscriber terminal and method of ordering protocol data unit thereof
75 8,891,523 Multi-processor apparatus using dedicated buffers for multicast communications
76 8,891,472 Method and apparatus for reporting channel state information in a wireless communication system
77 8,891,465 Digital broadcasting transmitter, digital broadcasting receiver, and methods for configuring and processing a stream for same
78 8,891,455 Synchronous spectrum sharing by dedicated networks using OFDM/OFDMA signaling
79 8,891,451 Method and system for wireless communication channel allocation in wireless networks
80 8,891,398 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving information through fast feedback channel in broadband wireless communication system
81 8,891,377 Packet receiving and transmitting method
82 8,891,329 Input buffer
83 8,891,324 Memory device from which dummy edge memory block is removed
84 8,891,316 Nonvolatile memory devices including notched word lines
85 8,891,315 Nonvolatile memory device and erase method thereof
86 8,891,307 Nonvolatile memory device and memory system including the same
87 8,891,300 Nonvolatile memory device, memory system having the same and block managing method, and program and erase methods thereof
88 8,891,290 Method and system for providing inverted dual magnetic tunneling junction elements
89 8,891,270 Voltage adjusting circuit and contactless card and contactless card system which include the same
90 8,891,226 Multilayer ceramic electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
91 8,891,182 Wide angle lens and photographing apparatus including the same
92 8,891,151 Electro-wetting color display
93 8,891,130 Print control terminal device, image forming apparatus, print control method, and image forming method
94 8,891,048 Liquid crystal display with integrated touch screen panel and driving method thereof
95 8,891,045 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the display substrate and display panel having the display substrate
96 8,891,039 Display module
97 8,891,031 Sensing device and method of sensing a light by using the same
98 8,891,004 Method and apparatus for driving camera
99 8,890,998 Focusing apparatus, focusing method and medium for recording the focusing method
100 8,890,938 Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
101 8,890,918 Mobile terminal for selectively storing video call data and video call data storing method therefor
102 8,890,881 Mapping method and video system for mapping pixel data included in the same pixel group to the same bank of memory
103 8,890,865 Image processing apparatus and method for subpixel rendering
104 8,890,861 Electrophoretic display aparatus and method of driving the same
105 8,890,833 Touch screen display device and method for controlling the same
106 8,890,830 Display device-integrated touch screen panel
107 8,890,829 Digitizer
108 8,890,828 Digitizer
109 8,890,810 Display apparatus and method for controlling cursor movement
110 8,890,807 Apparatus and method for controlling object
111 8,890,803 Gesture control system
112 8,890,786 Method of driving a display panel and display device
113 8,890,779 Organic light emitting display for varying the voltages of the cathode electrodes based on the magnitude of the signal data and driving method thereof
114 8,890,777 Organic light emitting display and method of driving the same
115 8,890,776 Display device
116 8,890,772 Glasses apparatus and power supply apparatus
117 8,890,647 Magnetic layer composition, multilayer type coil component, and method for manufacturing the same
118 8,890,589 Apparatuses for measuring high speed signals and methods thereof
119 8,890,586 Sawtooth wave generating circuit and switch mode power supply device having the same
120 8,890,569 Method and system for providing a nonvolatile logic array
121 8,890,536 Secondary battery with apparatus for checking the state of a service plug
122 8,890,533 Apparatus for inspecting light emitting diode package and inspecting method using the same
123 8,890,487 Method for reducing standby power and wireless device using the same
124 8,890,443 Backlight unit and method for controlling LED
125 8,890,431 LED driving apparatus and method
126 8,890,406 Flat panel display and method of fabricating the same
127 8,890,381 Spindle motor
128 8,890,367 Resonance power receiver that includes a plurality of resonators
129 8,890,333 Apparatus for stacked semiconductor chips
130 8,890,330 Semiconductor packages and electronic systems including the same
131 8,890,325 Heterojunction structures of different substrates joined and methods of fabricating the same
132 8,890,317 Organic light emitting display device and manufacturing method thereof
133 8,890,294 Stack semiconductor package and manufacturing the same
134 8,890,282 Integrated circuit devices including through-silicon via (TSV) contact pads electronically insulated from a substrate
135 8,890,267 Method and system for providing magnetic junctions having a graded magnetic free layer
136 8,890,228 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
137 8,890,212 Normally-off high electron mobility transistor
138 8,890,188 Light emitting device surrounded by reflection wall and covered with fluorescent film
139 8,890,184 Nanostructured light-emitting device
140 8,890,179 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
141 8,890,171 Method of fabricating single-layer graphene
142 8,890,165 Method of forming polycrystalline silicon layer, thin film transistor, organic light emitting diode display device having the same, and methods of fabricating the same
143 8,890,163 Semiconductor device including metal silicide layer and method for manufacturing the same
144 8,890,155 Display device
145 8,890,151 Organic light-emitting display apparatus
146 8,890,148 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
147 8,890,141 Oxide semiconductor transistors and methods of manufacturing the same
148 8,890,139 Solution composition for passivation layer, thin film transistor array panel, and manufacturing method for thin film transistor array panel
149 8,890,138 Optical touch panel and method of fabricating the same
150 8,890,135 Organic light emitting display device with insulating layer formed as multi-layered structure
151 8,890,134 Organic photoelectric material and organic photoelectric device and image sensor
152 8,890,132 Organic light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
153 8,890,125 Display apparatus and organic light emitting display apparatus
154 8,890,123 Semiconductor composition including a semiconducting polymer
155 8,890,069 Method for detecting defect of substrate
156 8,890,067 Inspection system using scanning electron microscope
157 8,890,012 Portable terminal having side key
158 8,889,994 Single-layered printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof
159 8,889,981 Photoelectric device
160 8,889,560 Methods of forming fine patterns for semiconductor device
161 8,889,552 Semiconductor device having dual metal silicide layers and method of manufacturing the same
162 8,889,551 Depositing device and method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display using the same
163 8,889,543 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
164 8,889,539 Recess gate transistor
165 8,889,448 Method of fabricating a light-emitting element
166 8,889,442 Flexible semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
167 8,889,437 Light-emitting device, light-emitting device package, method of manufacturing light-emitting device, and method of packaging light-emitting device
168 8,889,376 Fusion protein binding specifically to constant region of antibody, method of preparing the fusion protein, and method of isolating antibody using the fusion protein
169 8,889,310 Fuel cell system and driving method for the same
170 8,889,308 Fuel cell system and driving method for the same
171 8,889,299 Positive active material and method of preparing same and rechargeable lithium battery including same
172 8,889,292 Rechargeable battery
173 8,889,286 Secondary battery and method of fabricating secondary battery
174 8,889,279 Battery pack
175 8,889,271 Compound containing a 5-membered heterocycle and organic light-emitting diode using same, and terminal for same
176 8,889,270 Organic light-emitting device
177 8,889,267 Organic light emitting device
178 8,889,214 Deposition amount measuring apparatus, depositing apparatus including the same, and method for manufacturing light emitting display
179 8,889,085 Microfluidic channel for removing bubbles in fluid
180 8,889,078 Porous oxide catalyst and method of preparing the porous oxide catalyst
181 8,889,032 Metal wire etchant and method of forming metal wire using the same
182 8,888,547 Organic light-emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
183 8,888,369 Thin structure rotating device having improved impact resistance
184 8,888,356 Backlight assembly and display apparatus having the same
185 8,888,354 Backlight assembly with uniform light distribution
186 8,888,351 Backlight assembly and display apparatus including the same
187 8,888,350 Light source assembly and backlight assembly having the same
188 8,888,244 Inkjet printing apparatus and method of forming nozzles
189 8,888,243 Inkjet printing devices for reducing damage during nozzle maintenance
190 8,887,842 Arm-wheel type vehicle
191 8,887,772 Fuel injection apparatus, fuel injection system and fuel injection method
192 8,887,663 Method and apparatus for fabrication of carbon nanotubes using an electrostatically charged substrate and liner
193 8,887,569 Inertial sensor and method of manufacturing the same
194 8,887,425 Display device and method for manufacturing the same