Samsung patents granted on 18 October 2011

169 US patents granted on 18 October 2011 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE42,850 Method for sharing hybrid resources in a wireless independent network, a station for the method, and a data format for the method and the station
2 D647,266 Pipe for vacuum cleaner
3 D647,132 Color laser printer
4 D647,131 Laser printer
5 D647,130 Color laser complex
6 D647,123 Glasses for watching 3D image
7 D647,093 Wireless mouse
8 D647,076 Mobile phone
9 D646,902 Digital picture frame
10 8,042,059 System for providing multiple window environments in a mobile computing system and method thereof
11 8,042,058 Portable device having rotatable input buttons and method of operating the same
12 8,042,020 Data error correction circuit, integrated circuit for data error correction, and method of performing data error correction
13 8,042,018 Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving ACK/NACK in a frequency division multiple access system
14 8,042,015 High-speed semiconductor memory test device
15 8,041,916 Data storage device and method of operating the same
16 8,041,903 Processor and method for controlling memory
17 8,041,885 Memory system and method with flash memory device
18 8,041,878 Flash file system
19 8,041,861 Memory device communicating with a host at different speeds and managing access to shared memory
20 8,041,828 Method and system for distributed streaming service of portable devices
21 8,041,366 Apparatus and method for managing message in a mobile communication system
22 8,041,357 Apparatus and method for reallocating segments in broadband wireless communication system
23 8,041,345 Method and apparatus for determining reconnection time point for packet service
24 8,041,297 Method for supporting peer-to-peer communication in a wireless communication system
25 8,041,286 Image forming apparatus
26 8,041,261 Image forming apparatus with a light scanning lamp blocking device, operating method thereof and a cartridge usable with the image forming apparatus
27 8,041,242 Image forming apparatus and image forming method thereof
28 8,041,236 Fixing unit controlling apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
29 8,041,223 Method and apparatus for establishing system delay time and frame length in time division duplexing system
30 8,041,222 Radio over fiber link apparatus of time division duplex scheme
31 8,041,192 Image receiving apparatus for transmitting data to and receiving data from removable PVR device and data transmission and reception method thereof
32 8,041,144 Apparatus and method for improving visibility of an image in a high illuminance environment
33 8,041,134 Apparatus to provide block-based motion compensation and method thereof
34 8,041,034 Multi-streaming apparatus and multi-streaming method using temporary storage medium
35 8,040,990 Method and apparatus for estimating sampling frequency offset, and sampling timing recovery loop including the apparatus
36 8,040,987 Channel estimating apparatus and method for use in a broadband wireless communication system
37 8,040,980 Log likelihood ratio calculation method, transmit signal detection method, and receiver
38 8,040,960 Method for transmitting signal in wireless communication system
39 8,040,952 Scalable multi-view image encoding and decoding apparatuses and methods
40 8,040,950 Method and apparatus for effectively compressing motion vectors in multi-layer structure
41 8,040,946 Audio/video data synchronization apparatus for transmitting uncompressed audio/video data
42 8,040,917 Apparatus and method for upgrading codec
43 8,040,908 Method and apparatus for reducing transmission delay of down-link frame in wireless communication system
44 8,040,856 System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed high definition video data using a beamforming acquisition protocol
45 8,040,851 Method and system of reducing handover time in mobile IP network
46 8,040,840 Method of merging cells in cognitive radio
47 8,040,830 Apparatus and method for negotiating frame offset between base station and relay station in broadband wireless communication system using multi-hop relay scheme
48 8,040,826 Apparatus and method for supporting relay service in a multi-hop relay broadband wireless access communication system
49 8,040,766 Method and apparatus for compensating for defect of storage medium
50 8,040,736 Non-volatile memory device, computing system and wordline driving method
51 8,040,733 Non-volatile memory device and method of operating the same
52 8,040,730 Nonvolatile memory device
53 8,040,726 Flash memory device and layout method of the flash memory device
54 8,040,725 Flash memory device and method for adjusting read voltage of flash memory device
55 8,040,720 Phase-change memory device including biasing circuit
56 8,040,719 Nonvolatile memory devices having bit line discharge control circuits therein that provide equivalent bit line discharge control
57 8,040,716 Controlling a variable resistive memory wordline switch
58 8,040,714 Multilevel nonvolatile memory device using variable resistance
59 8,040,679 Plasma display apparatus having segmented chassis base
60 8,040,656 Array variable capacitor apparatus
61 8,040,636 Hard disk drive
62 8,040,632 Grounding structure of TMR and GMR heads with a flying on-demand heater
63 8,040,630 Method and apparatus for estimating touchdown of a slider in a hard disk drive
64 8,040,628 Synchronous writing with timing error detection in bit patterned media disk drives
65 8,040,593 Transflective display apparatus using dielectrophoresis and method of manufacturing the transflective display apparatus
66 8,040,545 Method and system for printing content according to print capabilities of image forming apparatuses using a device
67 8,040,484 Liquid crystal display panel having a constant cell gap and method of making the same
68 8,040,479 Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel therefor
69 8,040,477 Array substrate, liquid crystal display panel, and method of manufacturing the same
70 8,040,474 Mold and method of manufacturing display device
71 8,040,471 Liquid crystal display including color filters, and manufacturing method thereof
72 8,040,457 Side mold, backlight assembly having the same, method thereof, and liquid crystal display having the backlight assembly
73 8,040,455 Display device and information processing device having the same
74 8,040,449 Thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method of the same
75 8,040,447 Method of driving display device comprising electrically connecting a control capacitor to the second pixel electrode and changing the voltage of the first pixel electrode by changing a voltage of a first storage line
76 8,040,446 Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
77 8,040,444 Display device, method of manufacturing the same and mask for manufacturing the same
78 8,040,442 Light guide plate and liquid crystal display having the same
79 8,040,435 Apparatus for detecting synchronization
80 8,040,434 Information storage medium containing subtitles and processing apparatus therefor
81 8,040,371 Three-dimensional display device and driving method thereof
82 8,040,365 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
83 8,040,363 Organic light emitting display with user brightness control and method of driving the same
84 8,040,342 Image compensation apparatus and method
85 8,040,314 Driving apparatus for liquid crystal display
86 8,040,307 2D/3D liquid crystal display device and method for driving the same
87 8,040,303 Organic light emitting display
88 8,040,302 Display with multiple pixels sharing a data line and driving method thereof
89 8,040,300 Demultiplexer and display device using the same
90 8,040,298 Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof
91 8,040,297 Emission control driver and organic light emitting display having the same
92 8,040,296 Plasma display device and driving apparatus thereof
93 8,040,294 Plasma display apparatus
94 8,040,293 Shift register and organic light emitting display using the same
95 8,040,262 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding metadata
96 8,040,224 Apparatus and method for controlling vibration in mobile terminal
97 8,040,201 Substrate having a structure for suppressing noise generated in a power plane and/or a ground plane, and an electronic system including the same
98 8,040,196 Digitally controlled oscillator
99 8,040,179 Apparatus and method for estimating power for amplifier
100 8,040,075 Illumination apparatus for adjusting color temperature and brightness and illumination system including the same
101 8,040,072 Power supply and plasma display including the same
102 8,040,055 Organic light emitting diode display device having organic layers of varying thickness
103 8,040,051 Organic light emitting display and method of manufacturing the same
104 8,040,050 AC driven light emitting device
105 8,040,018 Piezoelectric transformer type high-voltage power apparatus and image forming apparatus
106 8,039,972 Printed circuit board and method thereof and a solder ball land and method thereof
107 8,039,961 Composite carbon nanotube-based structures and methods for removing heat from solid-state devices
108 8,039,953 System and method using self-assembled nano structures in the design and fabrication of an integrated circuit micro-cooler
109 8,039,939 Embedded wiring board, semiconductor package including the same and method of fabricating the same
110 8,039,937 Method of forming semiconductor chips, the semiconductor chips so formed and chip-stack package having the same
111 8,039,928 Chip stack package
112 8,039,919 Memory devices having a carbon nanotube
113 8,039,905 Semiconductor device
114 8,039,902 Semiconductor devices having Si and SiGe epitaxial layers
115 8,039,900 Stacked semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
116 8,039,896 Semiconductor memory device with vertical channel formed on semiconductor pillars
117 8,039,895 Transistors having a channel region between channel-portion holes and methods of forming the same
118 8,039,889 Non-volatile memory devices including stepped source regions and methods of fabricating the same
119 8,039,876 Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistors having a recessed gate electrode
120 8,039,856 Light emitting diode module for line light source
121 8,039,850 White light emitting device
122 8,039,841 Organic light emitting diode display
123 8,039,839 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of fabricating the same
124 8,039,829 Contact structure, a semiconductor device employing the same, and methods of manufacturing the same
125 8,039,828 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
126 8,039,772 Microwave resonance plasma generating apparatus and plasma processing system having the same
127 8,039,762 Printed circuit board having a buried solder bump and a circuit layer flush with an insulating layer
128 8,039,761 Printed circuit board with solder bump on solder pad and flow preventing dam
129 8,039,759 Method for manufacturing a printed circuit board with a thin film capacitor embedded therein having a dielectric film by using laser lift-off, and printed circuit board with a thin film capacitor embedded therein manufactured thereby
130 8,039,753 Flexible printed circuit board
131 8,039,643 Organic memory device using iridium organometallic compound and fabrication method thereof
132 8,039,567 Alternating copolymers of phenylene vinylene and biarylene vinylene, preparation method thereof, and organic thin film transistor comprising the same
133 8,039,520 Electrolyte membrane comprising nanocomposite ion complex, manufacturing method thereof, and fuel cell including the same
134 8,039,414 Method for preparing metal catalyst and electrode
135 8,039,372 Methods of manufacturing variable resistance non-volatile memory devices including a uniformly narrow contact layer
136 8,039,350 Methods of fabricating MOS transistors having recesses with elevated source/drain regions
137 8,039,345 Methods of forming semiconductor devices
138 8,039,344 Methods of forming a capacitor structure and methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
139 8,039,325 Methods of fabricating semiconductor device having capacitorless one-transistor memory cell
140 8,039,321 Electrical fuse, semiconductor device having the same, and method of programming and reading the electrical fuse
141 8,039,298 Phase changeable memory cell array region and method of forming the same
142 8,039,297 Plasma treating methods of fabricating phase change memory devices, and memory devices so fabricated
143 8,039,296 Organic thin film transistor array panel and manufacturing method thereof
144 8,039,274 Multi-chip package semiconductor device and method of detecting a failure thereof
145 8,039,196 Method of forming fine patterns using a block copolymer
146 8,039,192 Transfer substrate, method of manufacturing the same and method of manufacturing an organic electroluminescent element
147 8,039,174 Flexible fuel cell
148 8,039,173 Catalyst for a fuel cell, a method for preparing the same, a membrane-electrode assembly for a fuel cell including the same, and a fuel cell system including the same
149 8,039,172 Cathode catalyst for a fuel cell, and a membrane-electrode assembly for a fuel cell and a fuel cell system comprising the same
150 8,039,166 Polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cell, method of manufacturing the same, and fuel cell employing the same
151 8,039,164 Polymer membrane, membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell, and fuel cell system including same
152 8,039,159 Fuel cell having actuator controlling unit and method of operating the same
153 8,039,141 Battery module
154 8,039,134 Can type secondary battery and method of manufacturing circuit board for the secondary battery
155 8,039,123 Phosphorescent heteronuclear copper(I)-iridium(III) complex and organic electroluminescence device using the same
156 8,039,120 Organic electroluminescence device and method of manufacturing the same
157 8,039,054 Layer deposition methods
158 8,038,943 Method of detecting bio-molecules using field effect transistor without fixing probe bio-molecules on the gate sensing surface
159 8,038,919 Method of manufacturing film antenna using sputtering process
160 8,038,508 Apparatus for polishing a wafer and method for detecting a polishing end point by the same
161 8,038,495 Organic light-emitting display device and manufacturing method of the same
162 8,038,494 Organic electroluminescent device and method of manufacturing the same
163 8,038,359 Printing medium supply device and image forming apparatus having the same
164 8,038,263 Piezoelectric inkjet head
165 8,038,071 Smart card system and driving method thereof
166 8,038,061 Voting by peers with limited resources
167 8,037,605 Piezoelectric inkjet printhead and method of manufacturing the same
168 8,037,588 Back-up table for chip mounter
169 8,037,584 Printed circuit board, method of manufacturing the same, and apparatus for perforating via holes