Samsung patents granted on 18 September 2007

90 US patents granted on 18 September 2007 and assigned to Samsung

1 7,272,840 Objective lens driving apparatus used with an optical pickup
2 7,272,837 Disk tray for disk drive adopting resonator and disk drive having the same
3 7,272,421 Wireless earphone charging adapter
4 7,272,401 Apparatus and method for determining position information of user equipment
5 7,272,399 Method of recovering dropped call in mobile communication system
6 7,272,383 System and method for controlling a mobile terminal using a digital signature
7 7,272,380 User authentication method and apparatus
8 7,272,362 Multi-sector in-building repeater
9 7,272,345 Power coupling device and image forming apparatus having the same
10 7,272,341 Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
11 7,272,340 Image forming apparatus
12 7,272,329 Image forming apparatus with developing units detachable from a mounting portion
13 7,272,318 Passive optical network employing multi-carrier code division multiple access
14 7,272,316 Wavelength-division-multiplexed optical source and passive optical network system employing the same
15 7,272,311 Optical ring network for burst data communication
16 7,272,132 Wireless communication apparatus and method capable of adjusting beacon period
17 7,272,120 System and method for dynamic allocation and simultaneous operation of forward packet data and supplemental channels in EV-DV network
18 7,272,106 Optical information storage medium
19 7,272,103 Laser power monitor device, optical pickup including the same, and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus including the same
20 7,272,090 Device and method for compensating for tilt
21 7,272,087 Circuit and method for detecting address in pre-groove (ADIP) signal in wobble detection system of optical disc apparatus
22 7,272,086 Method of overwriting data in write-once information storage medium and data recording and/or reproducing apparatus for write-once information storage medium
23 7,272,050 Non-volatile memory device and erase method of the same
24 7,272,049 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having uniform operational characteristics for memory cells
25 7,272,048 Nonvolatile memory device controlling common source line for improving read characteristic
26 7,272,047 Wordline voltage generating circuit including a voltage dividing circuit for reducing effects of parasitic capacitance
27 7,272,033 Magnetic film structure using spin charge, a method of manufacturing the same, a semiconductor device having the same, and a method of operating the semiconductor device
28 7,271,973 Flying height compensation for up/down bit error rate trend difference
29 7,271,968 Head protection circuit of hard disk drive
30 7,271,958 Diffractive light modulator
31 7,271,949 Multi-wavelength light source and wavelength division multiplexing system using the same
32 7,271,890 Method and apparatus for inspecting defects
33 7,271,867 Contact for semiconductor and display devices
34 7,271,857 Method for manufacturing a liquid crystal display
35 7,271,852 Digital television receiver with automatic gain control unit and method
36 7,271,851 Adaptive color transient improvement
37 7,271,800 Apparatus for driving plasma display panel performing address-display mixing driving scheme
38 7,271,786 Module for determining the driving signal timing and a method for driving a liquid crystal display panel
39 7,271,785 Organic electroluminescence display panel and display apparatus using thereof
40 7,271,705 Mobile communication terminal and method for providing progressive alarm function
41 7,271,678 Apparatus and method for generating frequencies
42 7,271,653 Amplifier with a voltage-controlled quiescent current and output current
43 7,271,637 Circuit and method of controlling a delay of a semiconductor device
44 7,271,629 Buffer circuit having electrostatic discharge protection
45 7,271,553 Deflection circuit to control base current of output transistor
46 7,271,541 Surface light source with hollow electrode component for use in liquid crystal display devices
47 7,271,540 Plasma display panel with bus electrodes having light-absorbing portion and method for forming the same
48 7,271,539 Plasma display panel
49 7,271,531 Surface light source device, method of manufacturing the same and back light unit having the same
50 7,271,520 Piezo actuator driving circuit
51 7,271,492 Photo mask set for forming multi-layered interconnection lines and semiconductor device fabricated using the same
52 7,271,456 Semiconductor devices including stress inducing layers
53 7,271,436 Flash memory devices including a pass transistor
54 7,271,430 Image sensors for reducing dark current and methods of fabricating the same
55 7,271,412 Active matrix organic light emitting device having series thin film transistor, and fabrication method therefor
56 7,271,408 Semiconductor device test patterns and related methods for precisely measuring leakage currents in semiconductor cell transistors
57 7,271,399 Manipulator assembly in ion implanter
58 7,271,373 Microwave oven
59 7,271,236 Preparation method of polyester resin
60 7,271,100 Slurry composition, polishing method using the slurry composition and method of forming a gate pattern using the slurry composition
61 7,271,084 Reinforced solder bump structure and method for forming a reinforced solder bump
62 7,271,080 Electrically erasable programmable read only memory (EEPROM) cells and methods of fabricating the same
63 7,271,061 Method of fabricating non-volatile memory
64 7,271,059 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
65 7,271,055 Methods of forming low leakage currents metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors and related MIM capacitors
66 7,271,038 Methods of forming ruthenium film by changing process conditions during chemical vapor deposition and ruthenium films formed thereby
67 7,270,936 Negative resist composition comprising hydroxy-substituted base polymer and Si-containing crosslinker having epoxy ring and a method for patterning semiconductor devices using the same
68 7,270,886 Spin-on glass composition and method of forming silicon oxide layer in semiconductor manufacturing process using the same
69 7,270,637 Device for and method of measuring blood flow using bio-photon emission
70 7,270,576 Modular battery with connector interconnecting terminals of adjacent unit cells
71 7,270,521 Variable capacity rotary compressor with pressure adjustment device
72 7,270,467 Backlight assembly and flat panel display apparatus having the same
73 7,270,466 Reflector for back light assembly and back light assembly using the same
74 7,270,290 Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus and driving method thereof
75 D551,403 Vacuum cleaner
76 D551,286 Development device for laser printer
77 D551,275 Monitoring camera
78 D551,274 Digital camera
79 D551,260 Refrigerator
80 D551,241 Graphic user interface for a cellular phone
81 D551,226 Portable information terminal
82 D551,201 Portable telephone
83 D551,199 Cellular phone
84 D551,198 Digital video recorder
85 D551,194 Projection television receiver
86 D551,186 LCD television
87 D551,185 Portable satellite broadcasting receiving terminal
88 D551,183 Front portion of a set top box
89 D551,180 Light-emitting diode
90 D550,982 Stand