Samsung patents granted on 19 August 2008

74 US patents granted on 19 August 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D575,301 Video image display for portable phone
2 D575,299 Video image display for monitor
3 D575,259 Mobile phone
4 D575,256 Portable phone
5 D575,247 Television
6 7,415,720 User authentication system and method for controlling the same
7 7,415,685 Method of verifying the power off effect of a design entity at register transfer level and method of modeling the power off effect
8 7,415,648 Method and system for testing a network interface
9 7,415,590 Integrated circuit having a memory cell array capable of simultaneously performing a data read operation and a data write operation
10 7,415,451 Cycle referencing management method and apparatus, parsing method and apparatus, and recording medium storing a program to implement the same
11 7,415,293 Method for saving battery power consumption by controlling the display of a portable telephone
12 7,415,292 Charging cradle for seating portable device both horizontally and vertically
13 7,415,251 Apparatus and method for improving efficiency of a power amplifier having a high peak-to-average power ratio
14 7,415,234 Image fixing device of an image forming apparatus
15 7,415,205 Wavelength division multiplexed self-healing passive optical network using wavelength injection method
16 7,415,203 Method and apparatus for controlling automatic exposure in a camera
17 7,415,190 Optical recording medium to display stored command along with content, and apparatus and method to play the same
18 7,415,172 Diffractive waveguide-spatial optical modulator
19 7,415,090 Method and device for loop timing recovery based on maximum constellation signal
20 7,415,020 Packet classification apparatus and method using field level tries
21 7,415,019 Apparatus and method for collecting active route topology information in a mobile ad hoc network
22 7,415,004 Method for providing voice over internet protocol call service
23 7,414,957 Optical disc having uniform structure
24 7,414,956 Optical disc
25 7,414,939 Method of and apparatus for managing disc defects using temporary defect management information (TDFL) and temporary defect management information (TDDS), and disc having the TDFL and TDDS
26 7,414,937 Information storage medium having multiple storage layers with optical power control areas, and recording apparatus to record data with respect to information storage medium
27 7,414,915 Memory device with reduced word line resistance
28 7,414,911 Cascade wake-up circuit preventing power noise in memory device
29 7,414,890 Semiconductor device including a high voltage generation circuit and method of a generating high voltage
30 7,414,882 Magnetic memory devices having rotationally offset magnetic storage elements therein
31 7,414,849 Plasma display apparatus
32 7,414,808 Apparatus and method for adaptively adjusting recording density of a disk utilizing a trapezoidal shaped magnetic head
33 7,414,767 Semiconductor optical device and semiconductor optical package using the same
34 7,414,763 Contact image sensor fixing device
35 7,414,759 Scanner linearity tester
36 7,414,684 Transmissive and reflective type liquid crystal display
37 7,414,680 Liquid crystal display apparatus and tablet personal computer having the same
38 7,414,619 Display unit and control method thereof
39 7,414,599 Organic light emitting device pixel circuit and driving method therefor
40 7,414,597 Plasma display panel driving circuit
41 7,414,551 Encoding and decoding methods and apparatuses for recording system
42 7,414,505 High frequency inductor having low inductance and low inductance variation and method of manufacturing the same
43 7,414,490 Dual-band voltage-controlled oscillator using bias switching and output-buffer multiplexing
44 7,414,455 Digital temperature detection circuit for semiconductor device
45 7,414,441 Output buffer circuit
46 7,414,373 Discharge lamp driving circuit and method of driving a discharge lamp
47 7,414,365 Plasma display panel
48 7,414,362 Display panel
49 7,414,324 Wafer structure with mirror shot
50 7,414,317 BGA package with concave shaped bonding pads
51 7,414,303 Lead on chip semiconductor package
52 7,414,295 Transistor and method of operating transistor
53 7,414,279 Semiconductor device with improved overlay margin and method of manufacturing the same
54 7,414,270 Side-emitting LED package having scattering area and backlight apparatus incorporating the LED lens
55 7,414,264 Poly crystalline silicon semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
56 7,414,233 Pixel circuit with surface doped region between multiple transfer transistors and image sensor including the same
57 7,414,213 Manufacturing method of keypad for mobile phone and keypad manufactured thereby
58 7,414,204 Display device and heat dissipating means therefor
59 7,413,959 Semiconductor device including a planarized surface and method thereof
60 7,413,950 Methods of forming capacitors having storage electrodes including cylindrical conductive patterns
61 7,413,943 Method of fabricating gate of fin type transistor
62 7,413,921 Method of manufacturing image sensor
63 7,413,920 Double-sided etching method using embedded alignment mark
64 7,413,836 Electrophotographic photoreceptor containing asymmetrical naphthalenetetracarboxylic acid diimide derivative as electron transporting material in a charge generating layer and electrophotographic image forming apparatus employing the photoreceptor
65 7,413,817 4,4′-Bis(carbazol-9-yl)-biphenyl based silicone compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
66 7,413,707 Microchip assembly
67 7,413,452 Interconnector, method for manufacturing a plasma display device using the same, and a plasma display device with the same
68 7,413,420 Linear compressor and method of producing the same
69 7,413,314 Optical system with iris controlled in real time
70 7,413,277 Method for controlling nozzle position in image forming apparatus
71 7,412,982 Cleaning probe and megasonic cleaning apparatus having the same
72 7,412,750 Floorcloth attached suction brush for vacuum cleaner
73 7,412,748 Robot cleaning system
74 7,412,740 Method for controlling and sensing an unbalance condition based on sensed laundry weight