Samsung patents granted on 19 August 2014

209 US patents granted on 19 August 2014 and assigned to Samsung

1 D711,607 Vacuum cleaner
2 D711,606 Vacuum cleaner
3 D711,605 Washing machine
4 D711,604 Vacuum cleaner
5 D711,450 Camera
6 D711,437 Shelf for refrigerator
7 D711,436 Basket
8 D711,435 Refrigerator
9 D711,430 Blu-ray disk player
10 D711,429 Blu-ray disk player
11 D711,428 AV player
12 D711,404 Generated image for a display screen or portion thereof
13 D711,381 Input pen for electronic device
14 D711,372 Electronic device
15 D711,363 Case for electronic device
16 D711,360 Mobile terminal
17 D711,358 Antenna for repeater
18 D711,343 Mobile phone
19 D711,335 Mobile terminal
20 D711,333 TV receiver
21 8,813,210 Enhancing network controls in mandatory access control computing environments
22 8,813,106 Method and system for electronic commerce using internet protocol television (IPTV) and mobile terminal
23 8,813,102 Method and apparatus for generating mashup graph, and method and apparatus for recommending mashup service
24 8,813,098 Universal serial bus host controller driver over a network
25 8,813,084 Broadcast receiving apparatus and scheduling method thereof
26 8,813,073 Compiling apparatus and method of a multicore device
27 8,813,064 Image forming apparatus, service system and method of installing open services gateway initiative (OSGI)-based service
28 8,812,992 Touch screen panel to input multi-dimension values and method for controlling touch screen panel
29 8,812,942 Interleaving apparatuses and memory controllers having the same
30 8,812,933 Memory system and operating method thereof
31 8,812,928 Memory device and memory control unit
32 8,812,906 Method for system recovery and apparatus supporting the same
33 8,812,847 System and method for authenticating a resource-constrained client
34 8,812,807 Nonvolatile memory device and operating method thereof
35 8,812,775 System and method for controlling nonvolatile memory
36 8,812,773 Method of merging blocks in a semiconductor memory device, and semiconductor memory device to perform a method of merging blocks
37 8,812,771 Data storage system with complex memory and method of operating the same
38 8,812,675 Method for multi-point cooperation considering delay in a wireless communication system
39 8,812,636 Network management apparatus and method based on simple network management protocol
40 8,812,619 Network scanner and method of providing uniform resource locator
41 8,812,441 Migration apparatus which convert database of mainframe system into database of open system and method for thereof
42 8,812,317 Signal processing apparatus capable of learning a voice command which is unsuccessfully recognized and method of recognizing a voice command thereof
43 8,812,293 Apparatus and method for changing language in mobile communication terminal
44 8,812,141 System, medium and method of encoding/decoding multi-channel audio signals
45 8,812,044 Apparatus and method for controlling data transmission rate in broadband wireless communication system
46 8,812,042 Method and system for interrupted floor recovery in push-to-talk over cellular network
47 8,812,016 Method and system of determining position information of user equipment in a wireless communication environment
48 8,811,990 Method and apparatus for performing measurement on neighboring cells in a mobile communication system
49 8,811,984 Area-based access control method for terminals which carry out M2M communications in a wireless communication system
50 8,811,955 Push-to-all (PTA) service facilitating selective data transmission
51 8,811,916 Dual-standby terminal with a plurality of low-noise amplifiers and method for operating wireless communication unit thereof
52 8,811,908 Method and apparatus for expanding wireless rear speaker in home theater system
53 8,811,891 Apparatus and method for setting transmit power of a compact base station in a wireless communication system
54 8,811,877 Induction heating type fusing device and image forming apparatus employing the same
55 8,811,868 Fusing unit and image forming apparatus employing the same
56 8,811,744 Method for determining frontal face pose
57 8,811,659 Object detection method and apparatus
58 8,811,610 Method, medium, and system for encrypting and/or decrypting information of microarray
59 8,811,549 Apparatus and method for automatically controlling gain in portable communication system
60 8,811,503 System for generating space frequency block code relay signal and method thereof
61 8,811,488 Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding motion vector
62 8,811,479 Method and apparatus for encoding residual block, and method and apparatus for decoding residual block
63 8,811,474 Encoder and encoding method using coded block pattern estimation
64 8,811,452 Method and apparatus for parallel processing turbo decoder
65 8,811,420 System and method for contention-based channel access for peer-to-peer connection in wireless networks
66 8,811,415 Routing apparatus and network apparatus
67 8,811,375 Multimedia apparatus and synchronization method thereof
68 8,811,357 Method and apparatus for transferring information on station in wireless mesh network
69 8,811,323 Apparatus and method for discontinuous data reception in wireless communication system
70 8,811,313 Apparatus and method for enabling low latency transmissions in the uplink of a communication system
71 8,811,305 Device and method for transmitting random access preamble
72 8,811,304 Digital broadcast transmitter, digital broadcast receiver, and methods for configuring and processing streams thereof
73 8,811,301 Method of transmitting ACK/NACK bit supporting HARQ in mobile communication system supporting multi user MIMO
74 8,811,269 Transmission of scheduling assignments in multiple operating bandwidths
75 8,811,267 Communication system for supporting primary user and secondary user
76 8,811,260 Communication device and relay device
77 8,811,259 Method for configuring Wireless Local Area Network in Wireless Metropolitan Area Network and wireless communication system supporting the same
78 8,811,218 Method and device for allocating persistent resource in mobile communication system
79 8,811,146 System and method for the placement of rank information in a physical uplink shared channel
80 8,811,140 Recordable optical disc, recording device, and recording method
81 8,811,139 Photo detecting element, and optical pick-up and disc drive including the same
82 8,811,111 Memory controller with reduced power consumption, memory device, and memory system
83 8,811,094 Non-volatile multi-level memory device and data read method
84 8,811,088 Method of reading memory cells with different threshold voltages without variation of word line voltage and nonvolatile memory device using the same
85 8,811,087 Non-volatile memory device and related read method
86 8,811,086 Flash memory device and programming method thereof
87 8,811,080 Flash memory system and word line interleaving method thereof
88 8,811,069 Memory device and systems including the same
89 8,811,062 Variable resistance memory device and method of manufacturing the same
90 8,811,055 Semiconductor memory device
91 8,811,044 Power supply device, control integrated circuit thereof, and method of controlling power supply device
92 8,811,012 Slim-type portable device
93 8,810,959 Disk drive spindle motor with core support having angled sloping part of decreased thickness
94 8,810,958 Base plate having filter fixing protrusion for hard disk drive and hard disk drive including the same
95 8,810,932 Imaging lens system
96 8,810,929 Imaging lens unit
97 8,810,926 Imaging lens
98 8,810,895 Electrophoretic display device
99 8,810,894 Electrophoretic display device
100 8,810,887 Ink for electrochromic device and electrochromic device and method of manufacturing the same
101 8,810,816 Electronic document having a component of an integrated display and a component of an electronic circuit formed on a common substrate and a method of manufacture thereof
102 8,810,761 Liquid crystal display
103 8,810,755 Display panel and liquid crystal display comprising the same
104 8,810,750 Backlight unit and display device including the same
105 8,810,748 Liquid crystal display with light emitting diode backlight assembly and liquid crystal display thereof
106 8,810,745 Liquid crystal display
107 8,810,744 Liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
108 8,810,738 Display apparatus and multi display apparatus having the same
109 8,810,714 Camera system with auto-focus function and control method thereof
110 8,810,690 Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus and digital photographing apparatus using the same
111 8,810,676 Analog to digital converters, image sensor systems, and methods of operating the same
112 8,810,632 Apparatus and method for generating a three-dimensional image using a collaborative photography group
113 8,810,630 Video processing apparatus, content providing server, and control method thereof
114 8,810,624 Apparatus and method for configuring screen for video call using facial expression
115 8,810,612 Display device and memory arranging method for image data thereof
116 8,810,606 Display device and driving method thereof
117 8,810,605 Adaptive video processing apparatus and method of scaling video based on screen size of display device
118 8,810,602 Image processing apparatus, medium, and method
119 8,810,594 Four color display device and method of converting image signal thereof
120 8,810,585 Method and apparatus for processing vertex
121 8,810,583 Apparatus and method for creating animation from web text
122 8,810,564 Apparatus and method for reducing three-dimensional visual fatigue
123 8,810,552 Scan driving device and driving method thereof
124 8,810,500 Power-applying module, backlight assembly, and display apparatus having the same
125 8,810,498 Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
126 8,810,497 Signal control device, liquid crystal display having the same and signal control method using the same
127 8,810,496 Liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
128 8,810,490 Display apparatus
129 8,810,485 Display device and method of driving the same
130 8,810,484 Organic light emitting display
131 8,810,459 Antenna device of mobile terminal
132 8,810,444 Analog-to-digital converting circuit and accumulation circuit including the same
133 8,810,351 Chip-type coil component
134 8,810,321 Oscillator auto-trimming method and semiconductor device using the method
135 8,810,318 Power amplifier
136 8,810,312 Apparatus and method for improving performance in Doherty amplifier
137 8,810,279 Pseudo-static domino logic circuit and apparatuses including same
138 8,810,213 Power control method and apparatus for tracking maximum power point in a photovoltaic system
139 8,810,201 Battery management system and battery management method
140 8,810,139 Display device and emitting driver for the same
141 8,810,114 Optical unit and organic light emitting diode display having the same
142 8,810,094 Linear vibration motor
143 8,810,089 Hydrodynamic bearing assembly and motor including the same
144 8,810,079 Battery pack and uninterruptible power supply having the same
145 8,810,067 Power supply apparatus
146 8,810,066 Power storage system and method of controlling the same
147 8,810,036 Semiconductor device and method forming patterns with spaced pads in trim region
148 8,810,014 Semiconductor package including conductive member disposed between the heat dissipation member and the lead frame
149 8,810,003 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
150 8,809,999 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of fabricating the same
151 8,809,997 E-fuse structures and methods of operating and manufacturing the same
152 8,809,993 Semiconductor device having isolation region
153 8,809,990 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
154 8,809,943 Three dimensional semiconductor memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
155 8,809,938 Three dimensional semiconductor memory devices
156 8,809,937 Semiconductor devices including device isolation structures and method of forming the same
157 8,809,932 Semiconductor memory device, method of fabricating the same, and devices employing the semiconductor memory device
158 8,809,930 Semiconductor memory devices
159 8,809,929 Microelectronic memory devices having flat stopper layers
160 8,809,926 Semiconductor memory devices including vertical transistor structures
161 8,809,901 Nanowire light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
162 8,809,893 Semiconductor light emitting device
163 8,809,889 Light emitting diode package and display apparatus including the same
164 8,809,888 Light emitting element with improved light extraction efficiency, light emitting device comprising the same, and fabricating method of the light emitting element and the light emitting device
165 8,809,873 Display device
166 8,809,865 Display device
167 8,809,864 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
168 8,809,863 Thin-film transistor array substrate, organic light-emitting display having the same, and method of manufacturing the organic light-emitting display
169 8,809,844 Foldable thin film transistor
170 8,809,842 Donor film, method for manufacturing organic light emitting diode display using the same, and organic light emitting diode display manufactured by using the method
171 8,809,840 Organic light emitting device
172 8,809,839 Organic semiconductor polymer, transistor including an organic semiconductor polymer and methods of fabricating the same
173 8,809,838 Organic light emitting diode display
174 8,809,796 Lag compensating X-ray detector and method of driving the same
175 8,809,717 Touch panel
176 8,809,467 Organic layer composition and liquid crystal display using the same
177 8,809,226 Method of producing carrier for catalyst for oxidative dehydrogenation of n-butane, method of producing carrier-supported magnesium orthovanadate catalyst, and method of producing n-butene and 1, 3-butadiene using said catalyst
178 8,809,189 Method of forming through-silicon via using laser ablation
179 8,809,146 Semiconductor devices comprising a plurality of gate structures
180 8,809,122 Method of manufacturing flip chip package
181 8,809,084 Laser induced thermal imaging method and a method of fabricating organic light emitting display
182 8,808,963 Photoresist composition and method of manufacturing array substrate using the same
183 8,808,943 Membrane electrode assembly including porous catalyst layer and method of manufacturing the same
184 8,808,941 Naphthoxazine benzoxazine-based monomer, polymer thereof, electrode for fuel cell including the polymer, electrolyte membrane for fuel cell including the polymer, and fuel cell using the electrode
185 8,808,922 Electrode assembly and secondary battery using the same
186 8,808,919 Negative electrode active material, negative electrode having the same and lithium secondary battery
187 8,808,918 Rechargeable lithium battery
188 8,808,915 Rechargeable lithium battery
189 8,808,913 Composite positive electrode active material, electrode for lithium secondary battery including composite positive electrode active material, and lithium secondary battery
190 8,808,905 Cylinder type lithium ion secondary battery
191 8,808,904 Secondary battery with protective circuit module and secondary protective element assembly
192 8,808,902 Electrode assembly including ceramic layer disposed along the length of the positive electrode and secondary battery using the same
193 8,808,900 Cylindrical lithium ion secondary battery
194 8,808,887 Battery pack
195 8,808,886 Battery management system and method thereof, and power storage apparatus using the same
196 8,808,884 Electrode assembly and secondary battery including the same
197 8,808,880 Condensed-cyclic compound, organic light-emitting device comprising the same, and flat panel display apparatus
198 8,808,457 Apparatus for depositing a multilayer coating on discrete sheets
199 8,808,436 Absorption cell and manufacturing method thereof
200 8,808,406 Method of manufacturing secondary battery
201 8,807,836 Rotating device
202 8,807,830 Bio material test device and controlling method thereof
203 8,807,820 Display apparatuses
204 8,807,786 Illumination apparatus employing light-emitting device package
205 8,807,776 Backlight unit for dynamic image and display employing the same
206 8,807,678 Methods of driving an inkjet printing apparatus
207 8,807,025 Mesh for screen printing and method of forming patterns using the mesh for screen printing
208 8,806,731 Method of repairing a probe board
209 8,806,727 Method of forming a piezoelectric actuator of an inkjet head