Samsung patents granted on 19 February 2008

116 US patents granted on 19 February 2008 and assigned to Samsung

1 D562,512 Handle for vacuum cleaner
2 D562,378 Photo printer
3 D562,360 Handle
4 D562,335 Television receiver having indicated image design displayed thereon
5 D562,334 Television receiver having indicated image design displayed thereon
6 D562,310 Bluetooth headset
7 D562,309 Headset
8 D562,306 Door-phone for home network
9 D562,297 Mobile phone
10 D562,296 Mobile phone
11 D562,294 Cellular phone
12 D562,293 Cellular phone
13 D562,291 Cellular phone
14 D562,290 Mobile phone
15 D562,289 Mobile phone
16 D562,288 Mobile phone
17 D562,287 Mobile phone
18 D562,284 Portable phone
19 D562,283 Portable phone
20 D562,282 Mobile phone
21 D562,280 Portable phone
22 D562,279 Portable phone
23 D562,278 Portable phone
24 D562,264 Switch for home network
25 D562,057 Microwave oven
26 D562,056 Microwave oven
27 7,334,246 Optical pickup apparatus for optical disc drive having an improved receiving unit
28 7,334,245 Optical disk apparatus
29 7,334,175 Method for driving retransmission timer in mobile telecommunications system using radio link protocol
30 7,334,169 Generation of test mode signals in memory device with minimized wiring
31 7,334,137 Memory interface systems that couple a memory to a memory controller and are responsive to a terminal voltage that is independent of supply voltages for the memory and the memory controller
32 7,334,121 Flash memory system including a duplicate booting program and apparatus and method for protecting the same flash memory
33 7,334,073 Method of and apparatus for interfacing buses operating at different speeds
34 7,334,066 Computer system providing endian information and method of data transmission thereof
35 7,334,053 Method and system for detecting state of disc drive
36 7,333,969 Apparatus and method for synthesizing emotions based on the human nervous system
37 7,333,802 Internet access control method in a mobile communication terminal with a built-in web browser
38 7,333,782 Automatic gain controller for achieving high signal-to-noise ratio and low power loss, and a transmitting apparatus and method for use with a mobile communication terminal having the automatic gain controller
39 7,333,764 Paper guide and electrophotographic forming apparatus having the same
40 7,333,763 Developer collecting apparatus and an image forming apparatus having the same
41 7,333,745 Power supply device and electronic apparatus employing the same
42 7,333,673 Method and apparatus for image detail enhancement without zigzagged edge artifact
43 7,333,631 Landmark, apparatus, and method for effectively determining position of autonomous vehicles
44 7,333,630 Method and apparatus for detecting film image using grouping
45 7,333,579 Robust symbol timing recovery circuit for telephone line modem
46 7,333,559 Digital predistorter for a wideband power amplifier and adaptation method
47 7,333,551 Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving data in a mobile communication system using space-time trellis code
48 7,333,549 Method and apparatus for estimating a signal sequence in a MIMO-OFDM mobile communication system
49 7,333,546 Coding apparatus and method in a CDMA mobile communication system
50 7,333,544 Lossless image encoding/decoding method and apparatus using inter-color plane prediction
51 7,333,543 Motion vector estimation method and apparatus thereof
52 7,333,541 Variable square-wave drive device
53 7,333,472 Internet protocol telephony exchange system and call control method thereof
54 7,333,463 Method and system for transmitting data using a safety channel in a broadband wireless access system
55 7,333,427 Router system and method of duplicating forwarding engine
56 7,333,417 Information storage medium and method and apparatus for recording data on and/or reading data from the same
57 7,333,404 Actuator for mobile optical recording/reproducing apparatus
58 7,333,387 Device and method for selecting 1-row and 2-row activation
59 7,333,378 Memory device that recycles a signal charge
60 7,333,373 Charge pump for use in a semiconductor memory
61 7,333,367 Flash memory devices including multiple dummy cell array regions
62 7,333,322 Display apparatus
63 7,333,297 Method and apparatus supporting a slider having multiple deflection rails in a negative pressure pocket for a hard disk drive
64 7,333,292 Seek servo control method for adapting to supply voltage variation and disk drive using the same
65 7,333,288 Method and apparatus for single written-in Repeatable Run-Out correction function used in multi-stage actuation control of hard disk drive
66 7,333,286 Method of writing a reference servo signal of hard disk drive and apparatus suitable therefor
67 7,333,285 Method of and apparatus for detecting actuator vibration in hard disc drive, and hard disc drive write control method of avoiding effect due to read/write head vibration
68 7,333,281 Method and apparatus to write and inspect servo information on a disc drive
69 7,333,272 Variable-focus lens and fabrication method thereof
70 7,333,171 Multi-domain liquid crystal display and a thin film transistor substrate of the same
71 7,333,168 Liquid crystal display apparatus
72 7,333,138 White balance adjustment apparatus and method for a digital image device
73 7,333,128 Laser shutting device and laser scanning unit employing the same
74 7,333,123 Thermal type image forming apparatus and method of removing jammed medium therefrom
75 7,333,122 Method of printing thermal media by aligning image
76 7,333,087 Method of adjusting pointing position during click operation and 3D input device using the same
77 7,332,980 System and method for a digitally tunable impedance matching network
78 7,332,955 High voltage generating circuit and semiconductor memory device having the same
79 7,332,954 Eased gate voltage restriction via body-bias voltage governor
80 7,332,949 High speed pulse based flip-flop with a scan function and a data retention function
81 7,332,945 Divider having dual modulus pre-scaler and an associated method
82 7,332,933 Circuit for compensating for the declination of balanced impedance elements and a frequency mixer
83 7,332,897 DC-DC converter
84 7,332,896 Apparatus and method for controlling supply voltage in multiple interface card
85 7,332,869 Power supply apparatus, backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
86 7,332,863 Plasma display panel (PDP)
87 7,332,855 Phosphor blends for wavelength conversion and white light emitting device using the same
88 7,332,852 One-way transparent optical system having light absorption elements and light refracting structures
89 7,332,787 Structure for realizing integrated circuit having schottky biode and method of fabricating the same
90 7,332,764 Metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitor and method of fabricating the same
91 7,332,745 Flat panel display device
92 7,332,743 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display
93 7,332,740 Memory device having molecular adsorption layer
94 7,332,739 Organic electroluminescent device using mixture of phosphorescent material as light-emitting substance
95 7,332,736 Article comprising gated field emission structures with centralized nanowires and method for making the same
96 7,332,698 Microwave oven
97 7,332,427 Method of forming an interconnection line in a semiconductor device
98 7,332,412 Structure of strained silicon on insulator and method of manufacturing the same
99 7,332,409 Methods of forming trench isolation layers using high density plasma chemical vapor deposition
100 7,332,404 Method of fabricating capacitor having metal electrode
101 7,332,400 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a gate structure with low parasitic capacitance
102 7,332,386 Methods of fabricating fin field transistors
103 7,332,233 Iridium compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
104 7,332,008 Cyclone dust collecting apparatus and a vacuum cleaner having the same
105 7,331,815 Connector for a display apparatus
106 7,331,694 Illuminating unit and projection type image display apparatus using the same
107 7,331,680 Illumination unit and projection type image display apparatus employing the same
108 7,331,679 Reflection unit having a mirror array, and projection display system employing the same
109 7,331,577 Apparatus to guide printing sheet for use in an image forming device
110 7,331,575 Printer and method for feeding sheets in a printer
111 7,331,566 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
112 7,331,516 Portable terminal having movable keypad
113 7,331,231 Apparatus and method for measuring micro mass using oscillation circuit
114 7,331,202 Drum-type washing machine with rotatable pulsator
115 7,331,193 Refrigerator
116 7,331,084 Dust collecting apparatus for cyclone type vacuum cleaner