Samsung patents granted on 19 February 2013

152 US patents granted on 19 February 2013 and assigned to Samsung

1 D676,554 Medical X-ray collimator
2 D676,483 Combined printer, copy machine, scanner and fax machine
3 D676,409 Mobile phone
4 D676,408 Mobile terminal
5 D676,407 Mobile terminal
6 D676,406 Mobile communication terminal
7 D676,405 Mobile communication terminal
8 D676,403 Mobile communication terminal
9 D676,402 Mobile communication terminal
10 D676,401 Mobile communication terminal
11 D676,399 Mobile phone
12 D676,378 Charger for mobile communication terminal
13 D676,371 Vehicle mount
14 8,381,227 System and method of inter-connection between components using software bus
15 8,381,085 Semiconductor memory device and data processing method thereof
16 8,381,073 System-on-a-chip storing chip data and/or security data and method of processing chip data and/or security data for a device
17 8,381,056 Apparatus and method for handling data error in data transmission system including relay station
18 8,380,992 Device and method for security key exchange and system pertaining to same
19 8,380,980 System and method for providing security in mobile WiMAX network system
20 8,380,977 Peer-to-peer communication method for near field communication
21 8,380,970 Apparatus and method to drive devices in order to enable rapid booting
22 8,380,945 Data storage device, memory system, and computing system using nonvolatile memory device
23 8,380,867 Method of transmitting/receiving streaming data in communication system including server and mobile communication terminal, and communication system therefor
24 8,380,518 Device, method, and medium for generating audio fingerprint and retrieving audio data
25 8,380,517 Multi-layered speech recognition apparatus and method
26 8,380,444 Methods of measuring concentration of component in biochemical sample and estimating reliability of test result
27 8,380,384 Apparatus and method for localizing mobile robot
28 8,380,261 Sliding-type mobile terminal with a sliding cradle, sliding guide module thereof and mechanism for mounting sliding guide module
29 8,380,260 Method for reproducing music file of mobile communication terminal and mobile terminal implementing the same
30 8,380,257 Swing-type mobile communication terminal and swing device thereof
31 8,380,212 Apparatus and method for transmission of dynamic feedback channel information in a MIMO system
32 8,380,197 System and method for allocating a channel quality information channel in a communication system
33 8,380,179 System and method for learning based device management
34 8,380,100 Fusing device
35 8,380,088 Image forming apparatus
36 8,380,082 Method and apparatus for outputting visibility frame in visible light communication system providing multiple communication modes
37 8,380,081 Method and apparatus for channel allocation in a visible light communication system
38 8,380,054 Information storage medium with structure for multi-angle data, and recording and reproducing apparatus therefor
39 8,379,984 Method of controlling digital image processing apparatus for face detection, and digital image processing apparatus employing the method
40 8,379,966 Apparatus and method for recognizing position of mobile robot
41 8,379,878 Pre-coding method for providing diversity gain in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system and transmission apparatus and method using the pre-coding method
42 8,379,859 Method and apparatus for ciphering data in wireless communication system
43 8,379,842 Cryptographic methods including Montgomery power ladder algorithms
44 8,379,781 Apparatus and method for adaptive receive signal decoding based on channel variation in communication system
45 8,379,755 RF transmitter with adaptive digital filtering
46 8,379,738 Methods and apparatus to improve performance and enable fast decoding of transmissions with multiple code blocks
47 8,379,714 Digital broadcast transmitter/receiver having improved receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
48 8,379,713 Method and apparatus for displaying video data
49 8,379,712 Image search methods for reducing computational complexity of motion estimation
50 8,379,695 Apparatus and method for receiving signal using rake receiver and equalizer in wireless communication system
51 8,379,691 Method and apparatus for estimating channel in mobile communication network
52 8,379,673 Digital broadcasting transmitter, turbo stream processing method thereof, and digital broadcasting system having the same
53 8,379,657 Method and apparatus for setting up uplink common bearer in wireless communication network
54 8,379,653 Remote access method in network environment comprising NAT device
55 8,379,621 Method for address assignment in ad-hoc network
56 8,379,614 Method of determining transmission rate of control response frame for acknowledging data receipt in wireless LAN
57 8,379,595 Method and apparatus for securing quality of service of data communication
58 8,379,594 Device and method to play back contents according to reception sensitivity
59 8,379,570 Method and apparatus for performing discontinuous reception operation by connected mode user equipment in a mobile communication system
60 8,379,561 Multiple relay based multiple input multiple output communication system
61 8,379,556 Method and apparatus for managing power of WLAN module in portable terminal
62 8,379,550 Location based femtocell device configuration and handoff
63 8,379,533 Universal plug and play method and apparatus to provide remote access service
64 8,379,510 Decoding apparatus and method in a broadband wireless access communication system
65 8,379,480 Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
66 8,379,477 Sub-word-line driving circuit, semiconductor memory device having the same, and method of controlling the same
67 8,379,476 Semiconductor memory device for reducing ripple noise of back-bias voltage and method of driving semiconductor memory device
68 8,379,470 Semiconductor memory devices, controllers, and semiconductor memory systems
69 8,379,462 Memory device having reduced standby current and memory system including same
70 8,379,460 Trim circuit and semiconductor memory device comprising same
71 8,379,456 Nonvolatile memory devices having dummy cell and bias methods thereof
72 8,379,441 Variable resistance memory and memory system including the same
73 8,379,426 Solid state device products, intermediate solid state devices, and methods of manufacturing and testing the same
74 8,379,406 Package and method for manufacturing the same
75 8,379,368 Method for manufacturing lithium ion capacitor and lithium ion capacitor manufactured using the same
76 8,379,315 Teleconverter lens system and photographing apparatus including the same
77 8,379,290 Active matrix electrochromic device array and method of manufacturing the same
78 8,379,287 Surface plasmon polariton modulator
79 8,379,284 Micro shutter device and method of manufacturing the same
80 8,379,282 Light scanning unit and method of detecting scanning synchronization signal
81 8,379,275 Scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the same
82 8,379,265 Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus employing the image reading apparatus
83 8,379,244 Network printing system, network communication method to print information, and host and image forming device to perform network communications
84 8,379,179 Flat panel display having particular compensating parts for a thickness difference between sealants
85 8,379,176 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
86 8,379,165 Optical plate, backlight assembly and display device having the optical plate
87 8,379,149 Display apparatus and control method thereof
88 8,379,148 Digital broadcasting transmitter, digital broadcasting receiver, and methods thereof
89 8,379,144 Battery cover structure including an antenna unit and photographing apparatus including the same
90 8,379,127 Pixel sensor array including comparator and image sensor including the same
91 8,379,095 Method and apparatus for determining presence of user’s hand tremor or intentional motion
92 8,379,094 Apparatus and method for obtaining motion adaptive high dynamic range image
93 8,379,093 Recording and reproduction apparatus and methods, and a recording medium storing a computer program for executing the methods
94 8,379,073 Method for storing data of video telephony call in mobile terminal and system thereof
95 8,379,067 Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
96 8,379,050 Rendering apparatus, method and medium
97 8,379,046 Method and apparatus for rendering
98 8,379,038 Color display apparatus and method therefor
99 8,379,013 Method, medium and apparatus rendering 3D graphic data
100 8,379,011 Driving device, display apparatus having the same and method of driving the display apparatus
101 8,379,008 Organic light emitting display device and power supply unit for the same
102 8,379,004 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
103 8,378,998 Electronic device, control method thereof and electronic control system including the same
104 8,378,991 Method of detecting a touch position and touch panel for performing the same
105 8,378,975 Touch pad and electronic device having the same
106 8,378,959 Method of dimming light sources, light source apparatus for performing the method, and display apparatus having the light source apparatus
107 8,378,953 Display device compensating primary image data to increase a response speed of the display
108 8,378,948 Driving circuit and organic light emitting diode display device including the same
109 8,378,947 Systems and methods for temporal subpixel rendering of image data
110 8,378,943 Signal processing device for liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display including the signal processing device
111 8,378,936 Display apparatus and method of driving the same
112 8,378,933 Pixel and organic light emitting display device using the same
113 8,378,931 Pixel and organic light emitting display device
114 8,378,807 Bluetooth communication method and system
115 8,378,757 Resonator using carbon nano substance and method of manufacturing resonator
116 8,378,749 Systems and methods for adaptive bias circuits for a power amplifier
117 8,378,744 Multi-mode power amplifier
118 8,378,698 Integrated circuit testing apparatus and method
119 8,378,637 Self-discharge circuit for secondary battery, and secondary battery including the same
120 8,378,569 Organic light emitting diode display having improved strength by preventing the exfoliation of a sealant
121 8,378,568 White light emitting diode with yellow, green and red light emitting phosphors
122 8,378,500 Stacked semiconductor device including a serial path
123 8,378,497 Contact structures and semiconductor devices including the same
124 8,378,452 Wafer level package having cylindrical capacitor and method of fabricating the same
125 8,378,440 Back-lit image sensor and method of manufacture
126 8,378,402 CMOS image sensors including backside illumination structure and method of manufacturing image sensor
127 8,378,395 Methods of fabricating field effect transistors having protruded active regions
128 8,378,353 Organic light emitting diode display device and method of manufacturing the same
129 8,378,352 Organic light-emitting display device and manufacturing method of the same
130 8,378,349 Organic light emitting display apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
131 8,378,342 Oxide semiconductor and thin film transistor including the same
132 8,378,202 Portable communication device capable of virtually playing musical instruments
133 8,378,198 Method and apparatus for detecting pitch period of input signal
134 8,377,817 Three dimensional semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
135 8,377,748 Method of manufacturing cooling fin and package substrate with cooling fin
136 8,377,698 8-hydroxyquinoline acetamide compound, 8-hydroxy quinoline thioamide compound and use thereof
137 8,377,626 Methods of forming a pattern using negative-type photoresist compositions
138 8,377,614 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and method of manufacturing display panel
139 8,377,613 Reflective photomask and method of fabricating the same
140 8,377,610 Membrane-electrode assembly for a fuel cell and a fuel cell system including the same
141 8,377,592 Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, and method of preparing the same
142 8,377,582 Cooling apparatus of a battery module
143 8,377,325 Etchant for metal wiring and method for manufacturing metal wiring using the same
144 8,377,206 Apparatus and method of forming semiconductor devices
145 8,376,802 Organic electroluminescent display device and manufacturing method thereof
146 8,376,556 Focus unit fastening device for projector
147 8,376,482 Refrigerator
148 8,376,350 Paper feeding device and image forming apparatus having the same
149 8,376,017 Flexible substrate bonding and debonding apparatus
150 8,375,875 LNG carrier having an LNG loading and unloading system
151 8,375,769 Method for SINR measurement with controlling residual gain in HSPA/HSDPA system and apparatus thereof
152 8,375,507 Vacuum cleaner with detachable cord reel unit