Samsung patents granted on 19 January 2010

98 US patents granted on 19 January 2010 and assigned to Samsung

1 D608,369 Transitional image for a mobile phone
2 D608,363 Video image display for portable phone
3 D608,331 Mobile phone
4 D608,330 Mobile phone
5 D608,329 Mobile phone
6 D608,323 Mobile phone
7 D608,314 TV receiver
8 D608,311 LCD television set
9 D608,310 Set top box
10 7,650,441 Electronic apparatus with device capable of simultaneously reading and writing and method thereof
11 7,650,278 Digital signal encoding method and apparatus using plural lookup tables
12 7,650,235 Telematics system using image data and method for directing a route by using the same
13 7,650,203 Foot structure for humanoid robot and robot with the same
14 7,650,169 Method of raising schedule alarm with avatars in wireless telephone
15 7,650,167 Mobile communication apparatus and method including base station and mobile station having multi-antenna
16 7,650,107 Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
17 7,650,106 Pressure roller for an image forming apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
18 7,650,097 Slide shutter and toner supplying apparatus having the same
19 7,650,088 Apparatus and method for recognizing error of toner sensor for developing device
20 7,650,063 Method and apparatus for reproducing AV data in interactive mode, and information storage medium thereof
21 7,650,043 Method of reducing blocking artifacts from block-coded digital images and image reproducing apparatus using the same
22 7,649,995 Method and device for authenticating MS that has an R-UIM by using CAVE algorithm
23 7,649,831 Multi-user MIMO feedback and transmission in a wireless communication system
24 7,649,818 Optical recording apparatus and method for searching for recording power of the same
25 7,649,817 Method and apparatus for recording and/or reproducing data
26 7,649,797 Self-refresh control circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
27 7,649,785 Flash memory device and related high voltage generating circuit
28 7,649,784 Memory cell programming methods capable of reducing coupling effects
29 7,649,775 Flash memory device applying erase voltage
30 7,649,760 Semiconductor memory device having dummy sense amplifiers and methods of utilizing the same
31 7,649,706 Apparatus, medium, and method controlling flying height of a magnetic head of a disk drive
32 7,649,705 Data read retry with read timing adjustment for eccentrity of disc in data storage device
33 7,649,697 Optical lens, optical module having the same, and backlight assembly having the same
34 7,649,672 MEMS structure and method of fabricating the same
35 7,649,657 Adaptive method and apparatus for adjustment of pixels in a color gamut based on a reference target color
36 7,649,652 Method and apparatus for expanding bit resolution using local information of image
37 7,649,608 Driving chip, display device having the same, and method of manufacturing the display device
38 7,649,605 Distortion resistant touch-sensitive display panel with common electrode connected to a common voltage line via a connection electrode and multiple contact holes
39 7,649,600 Liquid crystal display device having OCB mode liquid crystal layer
40 7,649,599 Liquid crystal display provided with compensation film
41 7,649,596 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same, and transflective liquid crystal display with the same
42 7,649,594 Photo-luminescent liquid crystal display
43 7,649,593 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display having the same
44 7,649,591 Optical member, method of fabricating the same and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
45 7,649,590 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display having the same
46 7,649,586 Display device with floating transistor elements on alternating data lines
47 7,649,578 Array substrate and display panel having the same with particular sensor electrodes
48 7,649,563 Digital photographing apparatus that adaptively displays icons and method of controlling the digital photographing apparatus
49 7,649,557 Apparatus for processing a digital image signal and methods for processing a digital image signal
50 7,649,542 Apparatus and method for forming image by detecting thermal print head type
51 7,649,527 Image display system with light pen
52 7,649,519 Source drivers having controllable output currents and related display devices and methods
53 7,649,514 Data driving circuit, organic light emitting diode (OLED) display using the data driving circuit, and method of driving the OLED display
54 7,649,509 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
55 7,649,507 Plasma display panel device, white linearity control device and control method thereof
56 7,649,490 Method, and apparatus for measuring distance using radio frequency signal
57 7,649,431 Band pass filter
58 7,649,398 Level shifter with single input and liquid crystal display device using the same
59 7,649,389 Delay locked loop circuit, semiconductor device having the same and method of controlling the same
60 7,649,380 Logic circuits with electric field relaxation transistors and semiconductor devices having the same
61 7,649,338 Method for compensating state of charge of battery and battery management system using the same
62 7,649,318 Design for a plasma display panel that provides improved luminance-efficiency and allows for a lower voltage to initiate discharge
63 7,649,317 Plasma display panel with an improved electrode structure
64 7,649,315 Plasma display panel
65 7,649,314 Plasma display panel
66 7,649,313 Structure for stabilizing drive pulses and plasma display device using the same
67 7,649,312 Display device with improved hole injection efficiency and method of making the same
68 7,649,308 Electron emission device and method for manufacturing the same
69 7,649,250 Semiconductor package
70 7,649,248 Stack package implementing conductive support
71 7,649,246 Tab package connecting host device element
72 7,649,240 Semiconductor memory device with vertical fuse
73 7,649,208 Light emitting diode package including monitoring photodiode
74 7,649,202 Transistor, method of fabricating the same, and light emitting display comprising the same
75 7,649,192 Nano wires and method of manufacturing the same
76 7,649,156 Laser annealing apparatus for processing semiconductor devices in inline manner
77 7,649,124 Simulated moving bed adsorptive separation process using a plurality of adsorption chambers in parallel and crystallizer and device used therein
78 7,648,883 Phosphorous doping methods of manufacturing field effect transistors having multiple stacked channels
79 7,648,881 Non-volatile memory devices with charge storage insulators and methods of fabricating such devices
80 7,648,875 Methods for forming DRAM devices including protective patterns and related devices
81 7,648,874 Method of forming a dielectric structure having a high dielectric constant and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having the dielectric structure
82 7,648,866 Method of manufacturing driving-device for unit pixel of organic light emitting display
83 7,648,854 Methods of forming metal oxide layers, methods of forming gate structures using the same, and methods of forming capacitors using the same
84 7,648,849 Nitride semiconductor light emitting diode having mesh DBR reflecting layer
85 7,648,838 Cell lysis method by immobilized metal-ligand complex
86 7,648,794 Lithium secondary battery and a cap assembly therefor
87 7,648,790 Electrolyte for fuel cell and fuel cell employing the same
88 7,648,777 Blue electroluminescent compound and organic electroluminescent device using the same
89 7,648,654 Nonaqueous conductive nanoink composition
90 7,648,652 Polymer electrolyte and fuel cell employing the same
91 7,648,556 Method for manufacturing nickel nanoparticles
92 7,648,405 Method of manufacturing an organic electroluminescent device with an encapsulating substrate
93 7,648,254 Backlight for liquid crystal display using light emitting diode
94 7,648,244 Illuminating unit and projection-type image display apparatus employing the same
95 7,648,243 Stereoscopic projection system
96 7,648,215 Ink-jet head mount and ink-jet printing apparatus using the same
97 7,648,134 Paper supply device and image forming apparatus having the same
98 7,648,099 Handheld power cord arranging device for vacuum cleaner