Samsung patents granted on 19 June 2012

107 US patents granted on 19 June 2012 and assigned to Samsung

1 RE43,477 Method for sharing hybrid resources in a wireless independent network, a station for the method, and a data format for the method and the station
2 D662,270 Vacuum cleaner
3 D662,107 Digital television with a graphical user interface
4 8,205,256 Apparatus for detecting intrusion code and method using the same
5 8,205,231 Apparatus and method managing personal schedule and providing overlapping broadcasting programs
6 8,205,229 Broadcasting receiving apparatus and control method thereof
7 8,205,228 Apparatus and method for dynamically managing user’s favorite channels
8 8,205,226 System and method of dynamically allocating advertisement according to audience rating
9 8,205,224 Image signal processing apparatus and control method for selecting a rating system thereof
10 8,205,220 Optical disc drive with shielding member to prevent entry of dust
11 8,205,219 Disk player including a multifunctional sensor and driving method thereof
12 8,205,159 System, method and medium organizing templates for generating moving images
13 8,205,135 Memory system and command handling method
14 8,205,128 Apparatus and method for hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) in wireless communication system
15 8,205,126 System and method for wireless communication of uncompressed video using selective retransmission
16 8,205,119 Method and apparatus for performing external device’s diagnostic functions in host computer
17 8,205,013 Method and system for aggregating the control of middleware control points
18 8,204,918 Image forming apparatus, image forming system and file managing method thereof
19 8,204,893 Apparatus for processing time-base data and method thereof
20 8,204,839 Apparatus and method for expressing behavior of software robot
21 8,204,743 Apparatus and method for concealing frame erasure and voice decoding apparatus and method using the same
22 8,204,686 Scheduling method using portable terminal and navigation terminal
23 8,204,556 Hinge device for portable terminal
24 8,204,478 System for setting security in wireless network system using cluster function and method of controlling the same
25 8,204,449 Method and apparatus for signaling user equipment status information for uplink packet transmission in a soft handover region
26 8,204,436 Apparatus and method for controlling bluetooth in portable terminal
27 8,204,434 Data transmission system for transmitting data via relay having multiple antennas
28 8,204,430 Image forming apparatus
29 8,204,383 Wireless communication interface for portable wireless terminal
30 8,204,361 Information storage medium storing text-based subtitle, and apparatus and method for processing text-based subtitle
31 8,204,345 Method of manufacturing printed circuit board for optical waveguides
32 8,204,320 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using large transformation unit
33 8,204,250 Audio processing system and method
34 8,204,234 Apparatus and method for generating binaural beat from stereo audio signal
35 8,204,215 Method and apparatus for encrypting data
36 8,204,151 Methods and apparatus to generate multiple antennas transmit precoding codebook
37 8,204,150 Apparatus and method for reducing peak-to-average power ratio in a wireless communication system
38 8,204,147 Methods to index the preambles in the bandwidth request channel
39 8,204,142 Precoder and precoding method in a multi-antenna system
40 8,204,141 Apparatus and method for cyclic delay diversity in multiple-antenna wireless communication system
41 8,204,135 Digital broadcasting transmission/reception system utilizing mull packet and TRS code to improve receiving performance and signal processing method thereof
42 8,204,132 H.264 decoder equipped with multiple operation units and method for decoding compressed image data thereof
43 8,204,130 Video encoding apparatus and method
44 8,204,127 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image by using multiple reference-based motion prediction
45 8,204,120 Method for intra prediction coding of image data
46 8,204,108 Apparatus and method for detecting letter box, and MPEG decoding device having the same
47 8,204,051 Apparatus and method for queuing delay-sensitive packets for transmission on heterogenous links
48 8,204,023 CQI reporting method and apparatus for mobile telecommunication system
49 8,204,012 System and method for using frequency resource in communication system
50 8,204,011 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving packet data between a node B and A UE using HARQ in a mobile communication system
51 8,203,973 Method and system for providing a PoC box service in a PoC system
52 8,203,971 Group communication in a mobile ad-hoc network
53 8,203,904 Semiconductor memory device and layout structure of sub-word line control signal generator
54 8,203,890 Data output buffer whose mode switches according to operation frequency and semiconductor memory device having the same
55 8,203,881 Nonvolatile memory device, method of operating nonvolatile memory device and memory system including nonvolatile memory device
56 8,203,878 Non-volatile memory devices and programming methods for the same
57 8,203,863 Nonvolatile memory cells and nonvolatile memory devices including the same
58 8,203,860 Semiconductor memory device having driver for compensating for parasitic resistance of data input-output pads
59 8,203,834 Flat panel display apparatus
60 8,203,795 Macro-lens system and photographing apparatus having the same
61 8,203,778 Electrophoretic display device and method for manufacturing same
62 8,203,687 Display substrate and liquid crystal display panel having the same
63 8,203,682 Display substrate, method of manufacturing the same and display panel having the display substrate
64 8,203,678 Liquid crystal display with protruding sub-pixel electrode
65 8,203,674 Manufacturing thin film transistor array panels for flat panel displays
66 8,203,672 Composite polarizing sheet and liquid crystal display comprising the same
67 8,203,666 Backlight assembly, display device having the backlight assembly and method of manufacturing the same
68 8,203,662 Vertical channel thin-film transistor and method of manufacturing the same
69 8,203,639 Method for resetting time-based CMOS image sensor
70 8,203,599 3D image display apparatus and method using detected eye information
71 8,203,582 Subpixel rendering with color coordinates’ weights depending on tests performed on pixels
72 8,203,572 Organic light emitting display device and processing method of image signals thereof
73 8,203,567 Graphics processing method and apparatus implementing window system
74 8,203,551 Televisions with reduced power consumption
75 8,203,539 Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
76 8,203,523 Method and apparatus for selectively applying input gamma dithering
77 8,203,516 Liquid crystal display
78 8,203,508 Plasma display device and driving method thereof
79 8,203,490 Multi-band antenna apparatus
80 8,203,477 Analog-to-digital conversion and implementations thereof
81 8,203,469 Signal encoding apparatus and method of radio frequency identification reader
82 8,203,467 Apparatus, method, and medium for expanding number of input channels
83 8,203,449 RF-ID tag reading system for using password and method thereof
84 8,203,399 Transformer capable of removing harmonic components
85 8,203,355 Circuit board having bypass pad
86 8,203,288 Light emitting diode array driving apparatus
87 8,203,278 Power supply for light emitting diode display
88 8,203,264 Flat panel display and method of fabricating the same
89 8,203,211 Nonvolatile memory devices having a three dimensional structure
90 8,203,207 Electronic device packages and methods of formation
91 8,203,170 Nitride semiconductor light emitting diode
92 8,203,165 Ceramic package for headlamp and headlamp modul having the same
93 8,203,164 Light emitting diode package
94 8,203,141 Organic light-emitting device
95 8,203,135 Semiconductor device including uniform contact plugs and a method of manufacturing the same
96 8,203,130 Image sensor module, method of manufacturing the same, camera module including the same and electronic device including the camera module
97 8,203,091 Switch assembly and air conditioner having the same
98 8,202,764 Method of manufacturing semiconductor package
99 8,202,758 Thin film transistor array panel and method of manufacturing the same
100 8,202,751 Flip-chip light emitting diodes and method of manufacturing thereof
101 8,202,746 Method of manufacturing LED package for formation of molding member
102 8,202,664 Membrane electrode assembly, fuel cell stack and fuel cell system
103 8,202,660 Fuel cell system including fuel processor and managing method thereof
104 8,202,648 Prismatic lithium ion battery
105 8,202,369 Method and apparatus for controlled transient cavitation
106 8,202,140 Wafer polishing carrier apparatus and chemical mechanical polishing equipment using the same
107 8,201,324 Method of manufacturing electronic component embedded circuit board